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Headlines for Friday, December 18, 2014

In today's edition of All Hands Update, Exercise Red Reef 2015 ends, and the Blue Angels announced their 2015 air show schedule.

Navy Entomologists : More Than Just Bug Nerds

Around The Fleet

Navy bug docs keep the creepy crawlies at bay

Jackey's Journey: Part II

Health and Fitness

Steroids and chemo complete, what's next?

Orion Recovery a Success

Around The Fleet

Highly integrated team of professionals recover crew module

Reprisals and Retaliation

Your Career

Five things you need to know

Navy Lauds Civilian Employers

Around The Fleet

Job flexibility allows Reservists to thrive

Donald Stratton

History and Heritage

USS Arizona Survivor

Seaman Roberto Mojica

Focus on Service

Find out how SN Roberto Mojica feels about being a casket bearer with the US Navy Ceremonial Guard

The Sound of Music

Around The Fleet

Navy Band is entertaining, educating and hiring