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Headlines for Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Safety, RIMPAC Humanitarian Assistance


Focus on Service

Hera. Speak her name and most think of the infamous Greek goddess and wife of Zeus; but now thousands of years after ancient Greece, her name has a new meaning. Meet the HERA X and her crew.

Blended Retirement

Pay and Benefits

For anyone who has ever served 16 years in the military and left with nothing but a DD-214, the new blended retirement option being offered to Sailors beginning Jan. 1, 2017 would have been a huge help.

From Sailors to Civilians

Your Career

Sailors all join the Navy for different reasons. Some join to make a career out of the military, others for college money or just to get away from home. No matter the reason a Sailor joined, the process starts and ends with a piece of paper.

Five things you need to know

Your Career

Since the repeal of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy the DoD has continued to make changes to further the advancement of equality within its ranks. Service members are now be able to openly serve as their preferred gender.

From Son To Shipmate

Focus on Service

For some, a family legacy of military service is a historical connection, with today's service members carrying on the tradition from a relative who may have served during World War II or before.

5 Things You Need to Know: PCS Delays

Around The Fleet

Sailors are experiencing delays for PCS moves. Here's what CNP wants YOU to know!

From Humble Beginnings

History and Heritage

Our nation was founded with the blood, sweat and tears of our founding fathers and the men and women they led. After our independence our nation was built and made even stronger by the families who immigrated to the new nation, the United States of America.