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Headlines for Thursday, June 30, 2016

Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group conducted strike missions from the Mediterranean Sea in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Panama Canal Expansion Ceremony in Balboa, Panama took place. MAGIC CARPET, a new technology for making landing aircraft on a carrier easier, is being tested.

Security Reaction Force

Training and Education

"Security alert, security alert!" Almost every shipboard Sailor has heard this phrase blare from the 1MC at some point.

Into the Inferno

Training and Education

Trying to teach firefighting without having a fire, well, that's kind of like trying to teach someone to drive without having a car.

Career Development Team Guides Boxer Sailors To Success

Your Career

Find out what the USS Boxer is doing to help Sailors with important career decisions.

Modern Family


Nothing is more traditional than love and marriage not matter who you love.

Shift Focus

Focus on Service

Seven years ago, Joseph Derbak's focus was on his Marines. As a Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class serving in Afghanistan, he was out with his unit Sept. 25, 2009 when his life changed forever.

Paws from the Heart

Around The Fleet

The click click of nails across the floor, dogs panting and a cheerful, yet powerful voice giving commands can be heard as you head up the stairs of a converted barn.

Becoming a Napster

Training and Education

Before Napster was a bad word for the music industry, it was a term of endearment for students at the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS), in Newport, Rhode Island.

FY17 Active Duty Chief Quotas Released

Advancements and Promotions

Just over 18,000 active duty E-6 Sailors' records are going before the chief petty officer selection board that convened June 20 to select up to 3,786 for E-7 advancement.

Warrior Games 2016

Around The Fleet

The 2016 Warrior Games kicked off at West Point, New York, pitting wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans from all branches of the military against each other.