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Have Questions About Your Career?

Navy Personnel Command offers a one-stop shop for Sailors who need answers.

Navy Feature Photo

Navy Feature Photo

The Navy Personnel Command (NPC) customer service center (CSC) is dedicated to providing information and support to Sailors and their families around the world. The CSC can answer a wide variety of career-related questions such as Navy programs and policies, pay and benefits, selection board questions, and service member locations.

Customer service agent Kathleen Lewelling said the service center is intended to be the Navy's "front door"

"We want everything to come through us, and if we can't answer the question, we provide the single point of contact that can," said Lewelling.

Lewelling, who has been a customer service agent for two and a half years, said the most common questions callers have are, "I'm no longer in the Navy; where can I find my service record or DD-214?"

But each May, the call center is inundated with Sailors calling to see if their chief selection board package arrived at NPC. The board packages are processed within 24 hours of arrival. Customer service agents can then confirm a Sailor's board package made it. That information can also be accessed through NPC's website.

Because CSC has access to all current NAVADMINs, they can answer questions about the PRT/PFA, reply to employment verifications, and even answer questions about the detailing process.

Navy Counselor 1st Class Tammy Scott, a career counselor assigned to USS WASP, said the CSC is helpful in answering Sailors questions about the detailing process.

"Some Sailors may think they need to talk directly to the detailer, and a lot of times that's just not the case," said Scott. "If there's something about maybe getting their PRD adjusted or a standard detailing question, the Sailor can call the CSC directly and the agent will find the answer."

If the agent is unable to answer the question, or feels that the Sailor needs to speak directly to their detailer, the agent will transfer the Sailor to their individual detailer.

Chief Personnel Specialist Lakisa Jones, a customer relations manager at NPC, said the CSC can also help Sailors decipher NAVADMINs.

"It's a very valuable tool. Sometimes an "and" or "or" in a NAVADMIN can throw a person off and they need clarification. That's what we're here for."

The CSC has approximately 35 representatives who assist Sailors and their family members. Together they receive 700 to 1,000 calls each day.

Agents stay busy, but for Lewelling, the job is also rewarding.

"I enjoy being on the phone because there is never a dull moment and each call is different. You learn something new every day," she said.

Lewelling remembered a distraught woman called the CSC. She had just lost her spouse of 51 years. She was very emotional and didn't know what she needed to do. Lewelling was able to give her all the information she needed to get her survivor benefits.

"She was so grateful," Lewelling said. "I like the customer service side of it. I like helping people."

The CSC website is

The call center is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST.

* 1-866-U-ASK-NPC or 1-866-827-5672

* DSN 882-5672

* TDD for Hearing Impaired: 1-866-297-1971

Sailors can email questions to

Fax Selection Board Packages to (901) 874-2043 or (901) 874-2044

NPC also answers questions on Facebook and Twitter: