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Advancements and Promotions

Advancement Quotas for Chief Released

4,170 Sailors Will Put On Anchors

The active duty fiscal year 2016 E7 selection board convened Monday, June 22 to review the records of over 17,600 active duty E6 Sailors to fill about 4,100 quotas for advancement to Chief Petty Officer.

Overall advancement opportunity is at 23.64 percent for this cycle, just a .45 percentage point drop from last cycle and above the 10-year average of 21.94 percent.

Quotas increased more than 200 from last year's board, but a combination of a larger inventory of E6 Sailors and more of those Sailors passing their E7 exam caused the slight reduction in opportunity this cycle.

The Navy advances to vacancies thus opportunity varies by rating, though advancement planners work to smooth overall opportunity across cycles.

This cycle, every rating has advancement opportunity with only Logistics Specialist group 1 (LS GRP1) advancing all eligible Sailors with opportunity at 100 percent.

To ensure only the best and most fully qualified candidates are selected, the selection board is not required to fill every quota.

Click HERE to view the full list of quotas and advancement opportunity by rating.
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