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Training and Education

Joining the Ranks of My Family

One NJROTC cadet strives to follow in their footsteps

With the profile of a teen magazine cover model and blonde locks bound by a proper bun, Summerleigh Geimer is perfectly polished and positioned as she prepares to critique her peers.

At her command the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Cadet (NJROTC) formation snaps to attention. Geimer is not new to this life of order and discipline. In fact, if you ask her, she will tell you her blood runs Navy blue and gold; and the same goes for her family.

Geimer's father and grandfathers were naval officers. She and her siblings Phoenix, Montana and Winters were merit earning scouts and later each became Annapolis High School NJROTC cadets. She treads a similar path on her road to success.

"ROTC was kind of a tradition by the time I got to high school. I welcomed it openly," said Geimer. "We all have different hobbies and interests but being in the Navy and being in the NJROTC are something we can all talk about."

"I want to be in the Navy because I feel it has been instilled in me," said Geimer. "All my life it's just been: 'I want to be in the Navy. I want to be in the Navy.' People always ask me if I want to join the Navy just because my siblings did, but I feel at this point it's about more than my siblings."

She explained how learning the traditions and history of the Navy coupled with the family sea stories further ignited her passion and drive.

"My brother always told me to make officer my first choice," she said. "It just seems like such a great lifestyle. I look forward to traveling and seeing the world and helping people."

Phoenix said he would be honored to render a salute to his baby sister.

"We have a joke in our family that Summerleigh and I look very similar to each other, and with the same hairdo we'd be indistinguishable in photos," said Phoenix. "Obviously that's hyperbolic, but I think the similarities are more than skin deep. As much as she pretends she doesn't, she does seem to value my experiences and opinions."

Their father, Tod Geimer said he is proud of all of his children.

"If Summerleigh wants to go into the Navy I'm happy with that," said Todd. "I'm proud of all of my kids. I hope the Geimer legacy will be one of service and awareness of something greater than self. It doesn't have to be the Navy. I see the Navy as a vehicle to good things. I want service to others to continue through our generations."