More Than a Flag

What Does the Flag Mean to You?

"When I see this flag, it reminds me of how fortunate I am to be American. I could have been born in Rwanda, so could have you. We all could have been. But I had the good fortune to be born an American. It's the most important thing in my life."

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  1. Shmoo
    Keith November 10, 2013

    I see seven horizontal red stripes representing the blood shed to make this country free and keep it that way. I think of all the young men, including the women now, who died, and the sacrifices they made for us. I think, too of their families and how they gave up their sons and daughters that we can be and remain free, even when it means the freedom to criticize America and all she stands for; even when it means the freedom to vote for those whose popularity rather than their qualifications puts them in office. I see six white stripes representing the purity of thought and action in which the founding fathers used to establish this great nation. I think of the total of the thirteen stripes, representing the thirteen colonies and those brave men, women, and even children whose actions made this country into its own sovereign nation and gave us a constitution that endures today, a testimony to the genius of the authors and signers that it is still valid, even if ignored by some. I

  2. Shmoo
    Melvin Dilbert November 10, 2013

    I was not born in These United States of America's Soil; I am a Naturalized Citizen of These United States of America who Honorably served in These United States Navy and These United States Merchant Marine.

  3. Shmoo
    Sarah Crouch November 9, 2013

    Each time I see the flag I think of my Father. My Dad was a WWII veteran who served on the USS Miami. He passed away in 1984, at that time I was serving in the Army and attended his funeral in dress uniform. Members of the VFW were to be his pall bearers and fold the flag to present to the family. Fortunately for me they went to the wrong town and were not there to fold the flag for my Father. My Uncle (a Marine), my cousin serving in the Air Force, a friend of mine serving in the Army and myself folded the flag for my Father and I presented it to my brother, who also served as a Marine. I was given the biggest honor that day to be able to do this one last thing for my Father. So when I see the flag flying I think of my Father and all the other men and women who gave so much for this country. God Bless America and may the flag always proudly wave.

  4. Shmoo
    Michael R. Yablonski November 9, 2013

    In preparation for deployment to Viet Nam the USN had training known as Survival, Evasion, Escape and Resistance. The last week of the 4 week training was in the mountains of Calif. The last day was in a mock POW camp. 24 hours with the 'aggressor forces' sometime early in the next morning we were mustered out of sleeping area and in formation where they first played to anthem of the aggressors. We were then told to about face. A minute later they simultaneously told us to about face as they were raising the American flag and playing the national anthem. Tears of pride filled my eyes. Every time I hear the anthem and see the flag - sporting event whatever. It brings me back to that day. Fortunately I came back after 15 months in the Mekong Delta without the need to use the skills learned but never lost that pride I felt that day.

  5. Shmoo
    Scott November 9, 2013

    When I see the flag I think of my days in Vietnam , flag flying over our swift boat. Makes me proud to be a American. It also drape the coffins as our veterans leave this world. Never forget.

  6. Shmoo
    annie shirtz layman November 9, 2013

    AMEN....No one could have said it better. God Bless our US Military and their families. ---Navy Mom

  7. Shmoo
    Roy Mooney November 9, 2013

    It always makes me think of ALL the men and woman that have Served and given the Ultimate Sacrifice. It makes me think of ALL the men and woman that are Protecting my and our country every second of the day. It makes me think of how PROUD I and ALL the men and woman are SO proud to serve at anytime , every second of the day, WE are out there in the WHOLE world Protecting choice. Red ,White and Blue, Three of the PROUDEST colors in THE WHOLE World. I LOVE MY US of A. THANK YOU AMERICA, Roy

  8. Shmoo
    Tracie November 9, 2013

    When I see the flag my heart swells with pride. How lucky I was to be born free to worship as I want and to live in a place where myself and my children don't have to be scared to walk down the streets.

  9. Shmoo
    Cris Charboneau Steele November 9, 2013

    Well, since you asked... When I See the Flag For all the men who fought the fight, And walked the decks of ships at night; For all the men who went to war, And stormed the beaches of foreign shores. For all the men in combat boots. When I see the flag, I give a salute. For every pilot taking flak, And dodging guided missile tracks So someone in the world could be Pursuing happiness and liberty. For freedom’s sake they fought and bled, When I see the flag, I bow my head. For every man who gave his life. Left behind a child, a loved one, wife; For sons and daughters on patrol, Or sleeping in a dank foxhole. For every soldier fighting “over there”, When I see the flag I say a prayer. I remember when I see our flag To let my spirit soar and never sag. For so many of our bold and brave, Fought and died to see it wave. It flies because they did their part, So I lay my hand across my heart. Cris Charboneau Steele 13 Sept 2004

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