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Navy MWR Digital Library

Training and Education

Sailors, their families and Navy civilians have FREE access to more than a quarter million ebooks and audiobooks through the Navy General Library Program's (NGLP) MWR OverDrive site.

Quotas Released

Advancements and Promotions

The fiscal year 2019 Full Time Support (FTS) senior chief and master chief selection board convened March 5 in Millington, Tennessee.

One Navy Team


He jumped down from the tree, bare feet crunching on the dense bed of jungle foliage, his young hands gripping freshly-picked fruit. He darted deeper through the deep green layers of trees to find water - a part of his morning routine. For a child growing up in the rural countryside of Trinidad, thi

Mindset Is Everything

Talking with Sailors

It's time for the main event: "MITCH 'THE SMASHIN' FROG' AGUIAR!"

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Pay and Benefits

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) was founded in 1904 by several naval officers, Navy wives and civilian friends who saw a need for formal and organized assistance for Sailors who fell on hard times.

Beyond His Wildest Dreams


As a young boy in the 1950s and early 1960s, Winston Scott scarcely dared to dream.

Remembering a Lost Hero:

History and Heritage

December 26, 1872, the day after Christmas - the weather in Norfolk was bitter cold, with sleet and a gale-force wind. Aboard USS Powhatan, a sidewheel steamer commissioned in 1852, it was particularly unpleasant, with a wet, slippery deck, and a dangerous pitch.

Passion to Serve

Focus on Service

Culinary Specialist 1st Class Frida Karani likes to say that a peaceful kitchen makes her nervous - and it shows.

Forged by Opportunity

Health and Fitness

Lagos, Nigeria, 1994: A father entrusts his beloved 15-year-old son to a close friend, knowing it will probably be years before they meet again, if ever. He will miss Sheu (pronounced SHEE-YOO), his son, but knows the opportunities that await in America are limitless. He takes Sheu by the shoulders,

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