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Headlines for Thursday, April 17, 2014

In today's episode of All Hands Update, we'll update you on the fire aboard USS Hue City and we'll talk about SECNAV's upcoming All Hands Call April 29.

Results are Out!

Advancements and Promotions

Advancement Results for Reserve E-8 and E-9

Searching for Buried Treasure

History and Heritage

What most of us see as a rock, Kate Morrand sees as a piece of history.

Three Things Sailors Need to Know About SRBs

Pay and Benefits

The Navy announces updates to Selective Reenlistment Bonuses


History and Heritage

The youngest CNO changed the face of the Navy

Ask the Master Chief

Uniform Matters

Our Navy uniforms are a central part of our everyday life.

Teaching Sailors to Change People's Lives

Your Career

How the Navy's recruiting school turns fleet Sailors into recruiters

Sailor Meets Bone Marrow Recipient

Health and Fitness

Sailor Meets Bone Marrow Recipient