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Navy's First Certified Emergency Manager Protects NAS Kingsville  (15 December 2017)
Dave Yeager says becoming a Certified Navy Emergency Manager was a goal he had for almost a decade.
Dedicated, Necessary, Purple: The ABFs  (14 December 2017)
Onboard the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD 1), there are Sailors, Marines, missile systems, small arms, boilers, screws, and radars. One of the major reasons all these different components exist is in order to get our aircraft from Point A to Point B.
Sailors making Sailors: Battle Stations-21  (12 December 2017)
Thick, acrid smoke chokes a compartment, diminishing recruits' visibility and confidence in equal measure.
A 'Century' of IAMD Warfare Tactics Instructors  (12 December 2017)
When Roman military power dominated Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, their primary instrument was the Roman Legion.
Ike Enters the Void  (11 December 2017)
"The whole purpose of the tank and void team is to go into the spaces that no one really knows exist, and no one ever goes into to; to inspect and see how these voids and tanks are holding up," said Chief Warrant Officer Richard Armstrong, Ike's Fire Marshal.
USS Pittsburgh (SSN 720) Completes Historic 1,000th Dive  (8 December 2017)
For USS Pittsburgh (SSN 720), making submarine history is just another day in the ship's long and storied tradition. On Nov. 15, USS Pittsburgh continued to add to history by completing its 1000th dive.
Forged by Our Past: Ready to Defend Our Ship, Our Country  (7 December 2017)
Dec. 7, 1941: a day America will never forget. An attack on the U.S. Navy Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor. More than 2,400 Americans lost their lives. Twenty-one ships were sunk or damaged. More than 300 aircraft were destroyed.
Brothers Serve Together Aboard Nimitz  (6 December 2017)
Deploying aboard an aircraft carrier typically means an extended period away from family and friends. But for two brothers, deployment actually brought them closer together.
Sailor in the Spotlight  (5 December 2017)
A Navy Sailor-of-the-Year embodies dedication and leadership both in a professional and personal manner. For one Sailor assigned to Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command dedication to career and leadership and the Navy mission was what set him apart.
Vice CNO Calls for Holodeck-like Training Tech at I/ITSEC  (5 December 2017)
Walking the show floor of the 2017 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference, Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Bill Moran saw a lot of fast-developing technology that impressed him.
American Indian Civil War General Honored at Dahlgren's Dual Observance   (1 December 2017)
A week before Navajo code talkers were recognized at the White House for their vital impact in World War II, Juanita Mullen recalled the day a Native American met Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee to end the American Civil War.
SSC Atlantic Teams with Industry to Augment In-House Engineering Efforts  (1 December 2017)
Providing information warfare solutions to warfighters effectively and affordably across five continents and seven time zones is a monumental task, but Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic is up to it.
Navy Chaplains Celebrate Guiding Navy Since Its Inception  (1 December 2017)
On Nov. 28, the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps celebrated its 242nd birthday as humbly and selflessly as they have stood their post since their creation, just 46 days after the Navy's inception.
USS Toledo Returns From Deployment  (1 December 2017)
A bright, unseasonably warm New England day and a pier full of eager friends and family at Naval Submarine Base New London welcomed the nuclear-powered, Los Angeles-class, fast attack submarine USS Toledo (SSN 769) and its crew home from a six-month deployment on Nov. 29,
Sailor Reflects on Year of Recruiting in America's Navy   (30 November 2017)
Gas Turbine System Technician (Mechanical) 1st Class Jalisa Green, a recruiter assigned to Navy Recruiting District San Antonio, shows that not shying away from hard work and responsibility does not go unnoticed.

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