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Get Ready: 10 Tips for Sailors' Summer Moves  (24 April 2018)
Sailors moving this summer should start preparing now, said Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Household Goods (HHG) Director John E. Hilaman. "A good move doesn't just happen," he said, "it takes planning."
'Realm of the Possible' Revealed by Multi-Mission Unmanned Surface Vehicle  (20 April 2018)
An unmanned surface vehicle suddenly appeared on the Potomac River Test Range and, much like the ospreys that inhabit the area, it was on a mission to traverse the river - autonomously.
Center for Information Warfare Training Civilian Coaches, Mentors Youth Through Strikes  (18 April 2018)
Mike Marks, a retired Navy interior communications electrician and currently an associate customer technical representative with the Center for Information Warfare Training's N9 directorate, regularly volunteers his time to help mentor and coach youth through the sport of bowling.
Sustaining Excellence: George Washington Earns Fifth Consecutive Blue 'M'  (17 April 2018)
In an announcement from CNAL March 27, the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) was one of four east coast carriers to earn the medical Blue "M" award.
A Successful Failure: The Apollo 13 Mission   (17 April 2018)
Sometimes it may seem difficult to find victory in defeat, or success in failure. The Apollo 13 mission in 1970 was a historic example of exactly how such a thing is possible. Classified as a "successful failure" by NASA , the mission displayed the human ability to fight against all odds.
Holocaust Remembrance Fosters Familial Recollection at Naval Hospital Bremerton  (12 April 2018)
For Lt. Joseph Edouard, listening to Matthew Erlich share his mother's harrowing plight of concentration camp survival under the Nazis was more than a somber history lesson.
Boots, Birth, Beyond: Studying the Health of Military Children  (12 April 2018)
They may not come issued with a seabag, but children are an important part of military families. Healthy, resilient children and families contribute to the readiness of individual service members.
Research, Readiness, and Military Parents   (11 April 2018)
Just like their parents, military children reflect the diversity of the United States. And each is unique in his or her own way. Some are barefoot and bookish. Some are adventurous and artistic. Some are musical and mischievous. And some have special needs.
Retired Admiral Annie Andrews Inspires Audience at Navy Women's History Month Celebration  (11 April 2018)
Annie Andrews - the third woman to achieve the rank of rear admiral in the U.S. Navy - once encountered a novelty sticker that declared: "Well-behaved women rarely make history."
NSF Deveselu Sailors Visit Transylvania  (10 April 2018)
Sailors from Naval Support Facility Deveselu set out on Orthodox Easter weekend from the Southern agricultural farmland of Romania that borders Bulgaria to Transylvania, the famed county in the West for vampires penned by Bram Stoker's novel, "Dracula."
It's In The Blood: Father and Son Reunited at Sea  (9 April 2018)
Electricians Mate Fireman Alex Morton is a young U.S. Navy Sailor stationed aboard the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) with scuffed boots and paint-stained coveralls that showcase the hard work and long hours he, as a member of the hazardous materials team, puts into
Shipyard Training Reveals Your Personality Type, How to Effectively Engage with Others  (9 April 2018)
Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) training tends to focus on processes to illustrate or improve how work is conducted.
Wyoming Project Team: "7-4-2 Fighting For You"  (9 April 2018)
Preventing World War III is a tough job. It might sound overly dramatic, but that's exactly what the USS Wyoming (SSBN 742) project team is trying to do.
Psychrometer Handle Innovation Ensures Ergonomic Solution to Gathering Readings  (9 April 2018)
Code 133 Mechanical Inspectors teamed up with the Rapid Prototype Center (RPC) to develop a new extending handle for use in their psychrometer readings aboard submarines.
Historic Shipyard Building Keeps its Charm With a Modern-Day Twist  (9 April 2018)
One of the oldest buildings onboard Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Bldg. M-32, is being renovated to offer modernized office spaces for not only current shipyard employees, but for those way into the future.

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