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Blazing Path to Success  (31 August 2017)
Everyone knows the structure of a good story; the hero must overcome adversity and come out on top if they ever hope to lead a good life.
A Journalistic Endeavor  (31 August 2017)
Country music fills the room, a computer screen flashes with text as bells chime over the 1MC, letting Sailors know its chow time, but all of that is just background noise
A Virtual First for Orthopedics in Navy Medicine  (30 August 2017)
Cmdr. Joe Carney, division head for the Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) Complex Surgical Sports Team, sat in his small office as he examined his patient, a 29-year-old Army officer suffering from a Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI).
Mission: Maintenance  (27 August 2017)
How important is it to keep track of and document maintenance to aircraft and related materials on board an aviation capable naval warship?
CTF 1010/Naval Network Warfare Command  (25 August 2017)
Capt. Adam Lyons relieved Capt. William E. Chase III as Commander, Task Force 1010 (CTF1010) and Commanding Officer, Naval Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM) Aug. 17.
IET: First to the Scene  (25 August 2017)
An aircraft carrier at sea is a dangerous environment, with an emergency being only one mistake away. When a ship is in-port or in the shipyard, this threat does not go away.
The Handy Man Can  (25 August 2017)
In every walk of life there are people who go above and beyond what's asked of them; who take initiative and use creativity to solve problems others deem unsolvable. Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Handling) 3rd Class Daniel Booth, assigned to USS George Washington (CVN 73), is one such person.
GW Hosts Blood Drive for ASBP  (25 August 2017)
Sailors assigned to the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) hosted a blood drive July 28 at the ship's Floating Accommodation Facility (FAF) in support of the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP).
Sailors Making Sailors: RTC Chaplains, RPs Provide Spiritual Support to Recruits and Staff  (25 August 2017)
During their eight weeks of boot camp at Recruit Training Command, some recruits may find there is only one place while training that will remind them of home: the chapel.
Maps Help NAVFAC Southwest Planners Make Decisions  (23 August 2017)
If you have used Google Maps, then you already know something about Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
One NDW Sailor Selected for Advancement to Chief Petty Officer  (23 August 2017)
One Sailor assigned to Naval District Washington (NDW) was notified of his advancement to chief petty officer, August 3.
Beat the Heat  (21 August 2017)
A nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is arguably one of the most dangerous work places in the world. Aircraft loaded with ordnance are launched day and night in some of the most hostile areas of the world; but the enemy and workplace hazards aren't the only danger.
What's With the Heat!?  (21 August 2017)
Visible heat spans across the flight deck under the smoldering sun in the Arabian Gulf. A blanket of haze surrounds the ship and the minimal cloud coverage makes next to no difference.
Drenched: A First Timer's Perspective On Enduring The Arabian Gulf Heat   (21 August 2017)
"As I take a step in to the hangar bay of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68), my glasses and camera lens fogs up instantaneously."
Covering Up History Makes Room for the Future  (18 August 2017)
Since the 20th century America has seen many changes especially in the realm of warfare and technology.

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