USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) Story Archive

Paint by 77  (13 June 2017)
Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) (GHWB) took part in a canvas painting night, hosted by GHWB's Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) team, June 3.
The Wright Way to Paint  (13 June 2017)
ABE3 Cyiah Wright has made new friends and a name for herself among the embarked helicopter squadrons aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) after painting murals on the bulkhead outside Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 70's ready room and on one of their chiefs desks.
GHWB Frocks 359 Sailors  (13 June 2017)
Three hundred forty-eight Sailors from the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) (GHWB) and 11 Sailors from PCU Gerald Ford (CVN 78) were frocked to the next pay grade during a ceremony on the flight deck, May 29.
GHWB Holds Morale Day  (13 June 2017)
Sailors embarked aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) took a break from normal operations to enjoy a leisurely Morale Day, May 28.
Games Galore  (19 June 2017)
After a long day underway, finding ways to wind down and relax becomes crucial to mission readiness and self-care.
GHWB Celebrates 119 Years of the Navy Corpsman  (21 June 2017)
You see them on the deckplates during a medical emergency, when you feel sick, when you need a wisdom tooth pulled out, or if you are wounded.
GHWB Celebrates Father's Day  (21 June 2017)
The nation's first Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 when a Spokane, Washington, woman lobbied to establish an official equivalent to Mother's Day for male parents.
Clothes Call  (21 June 2017)
The Sailors in the ship's laundry room work tirelessly to ensure the Sailors aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) have clean uniforms to wear while on deployment.
War Party on the Hunt  (22 June 2017)
Outside of Ready Room 5, temporary home of the "Golden Warriors" of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 87, are themed decorations much like every squadron embarked aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77).

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