Naval Hospital Jacksonville

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  • Lt. Cmdr. Jason Hwang, a family medicine physician on Naval Hospital Jacksonville's Medical Home Port Red Team, checks a sailor's lungs during a general exam. The Navy Medical Corps celebrates its 147th birthday on March 3. Navy physicians serve from the sea to the battlefield, all the way to the halls of Congress and the White House. They serve in the aviation and undersea medical communities, and as astronauts exploring the frontiers of space.  U.S. Navy photo by Jacob Sippel (Released)  180208-N-AW702-003
  • Cmdr. Jason Henry, a radiologist at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, reviews an MRI. The Navy Medical Corps is comprised of physicians over 25 specialties, 200 subspecialties, and 4,400 active and reserve sailors.  U.S. Navy photo by Jacob Sippel (Released)  180208-N-AW702-009
  • A Sailor nurses her five-month-old baby at Naval Branch Health Clinic Jacksonville's new lactation pod. The lactation pod can seat two; either two mom-and-baby couplets, or a nurse to assist mom. Naval Hospital Jacksonville was the first hospital on Florida's First Coast certified as "Baby Friendly" by World Health Organization and United Nations Children's Fund.  U.S. Navy photo by Jacob Sippel (Released)  180130-N-AW702-001
  • Capt. David Collins, commanding officer of Naval Hospital Jacksonville, discusses career opportunities in Navy Medicine during a question-and-answer session with 80 Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts students at the hospital's Science, Service, Medicine and Mentoring (S2M2) kick-off event Nov. 14. S2M2's mission is to nurture students' commitment to science and medicine in a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment.  U.S. Navy photo by Yan Kennon, Naval Hospital Jacksonville (Released)  171114-N-SD610-001
  • Charlene Rees, Naval Hospital Jacksonville's regional health promotion coordinator, discusses tobacco use at the hospital's Wellness Center. Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. Each year, more than 480,000 users die from tobacco and another 41,000 die from secondhand smoke.  Navy Medicine recognizes tobacco's devastating effect on the health and readiness of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps team, and provides tools and resources to help. Stop by the Wellness Center today.  U.S. Navy photo by Jacob Sippel, Naval Hospital Jacksonville (Released)  171020-N-AW702-006
  • Chief Hospital Corpsman Kristin Ferri, assigned to Naval Hospital Jacksonville, passes through the sideboys and is welcomed to the Chief's Mess during a ceremony at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. The chief petty officer pinning ceremony is part of a long-standing tradition that honors years of hard work, service, and leadership. Chiefs are expected to guide their junior Sailors and uphold the legacy of the chief petty officer.  U.S. Navy photo by Jacob Sippel, Naval Hospital Jacksonville (Released)  170915-N-AW702-003
  • Lt. Allison Wessner, a pediatrician at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, conducts a check-up on a patient. Wessner was selected as the 2017 Navy recipient of the Oustanding Young Pediatrician Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics' Uniformed Services Chapter East.  U.S. Navy photo by Jacob Sippel, Naval Hospital Jacksonville (Released)  170803-N-AW702-001
  • Capt. William Todd, executive officer of Naval Hospital Jacksonville, speaks to family medicine residents and interns during the hospital's Family Medicine Residency Program graduation held June 30 at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. The hospital hosts the Navy's oldest and largest Family Medicine Residency Program, and it has earned numerous awards for scholarly activity, teaching, and clinical training.   U.S. Navy photo by Jacob Sippel, Naval Hospital Jacksonville (Released)  170630-N-AW702-003


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