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Information for Congressional Staffs


Navy OLA receives over 4,000 Constituent inquiries a year.  Navy OLA processes and responds to inquiries from Members of Congress.  In order to ensure your inquiry is processed properly, the following is required: a cover letter signed by the Member of Congress, a Privacy Release form, a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) form (DD2870) (if the issue is medically related), and a clear question or issue you would like the Navy to answer.


To ensure we can properly locate the individual for the inquiry, as much of the information below should be provided: Name, social security number, contact information, current command and/or command related to the inquiry. 


Normally, Congressional inquiries require a minimum of two weeks for a response.  For more time sensitive issues, Navy caseworkers can be reached at 703-614-3710.  If you have not heard a response after two weeks, contact the Navy caseworkers. 


The Navy's Office of Legislative Affairs coordinates Congressional inquiries. It is our top priority to respond to these inquiries promptly and accurately. Below is a review of the key entry points, phone numbers and fax numbers forCcongressional inquiries.


In order to facilitate as speedy a response as possible, all written inquiries must include a cover letter signed by the Member of Congress and applicable privacy waiver authorization, faxed to:


Chief of Legislative Affairs

FAX # (703) 614-7089.


After faxing, if desired, send the original to:


Chief of Legislative Affairs

1300 Navy Pentagon

Washington, DC 20350-1300.


You may receive assistance by calling the general correspondence telephone number: (703) 614-3710.

The following direct points of contact are provided if you need additional assistance with your Navy inquiry:

-- Director, Congressional Information and Public Affairs, (703) 695-0395

-- Deputy Director, (703) 695-9359


If you have an inquiry requiring an urgent response, please visit the appropriate Navy Liaison Office:


For Senate matters visit or contact:                 

Senate Liaison Office

Russell Senate Office Building

Room 182

Tel - (202) 685-6003 . Fax - (202) 685-6005.


For House matters visit or contact:   

House Liaison Office

Rayburn House Office Building

Room B324

Tel - (202) 225-7126. Fax - (202) 685-6077 



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