Hometown Media Outreach

The Navy's hometown media outreach program is crucial in telling our Navy story, as seen through our Sailor's eyes and personal experiences, to regional and local media markets across the United States. The key ingredient to this proactive media marketing effort is a Sailor's hometown tie and an interesting Navy headline. With that, print, radio and television editors across the nation can easily and immediately localize the story by interviewing a Sailor with a hometown tie.
NAVCO has established an array of hometown media outreach services and programs designed to assist Navy commands and activities with establishing, maintaining or enhancing their hometown media outreach programs. Descriptions for the services are listed here:

a. Editorial content production for home town media. NAVCO can produce print stories, still photos, video, radio and multimedia content for direct placement in Sailorsí home town media across America. NAVCO will deploy a small production team to a command or unit to research, develop and write Sailor feature stories, complete with accompanying photos, which will then be provided to media in participating Sailorsí home towns. NAVCO will provide each participating command media feedback reports with links to all coverage.

b. Direct contact interviews with home town media. NAVCO will broker phone interview opportunities between deployed Sailors and their home town media. To participate, commands must have telephone or internet connectivity, and participating Sailors must complete and submit a participation request via email as outlined at http://www.navy.mil/navco/media.html or complete the form below. Once submitted, NAVCO will solicit home town media interest in the interview opportunity and coordinate details with the command public affairs officer/POC. NAVCO will also provide each participating command media feedback reports with links to all coverage

c. Sharing of existing content in home town and namesake media. NAVCO's existing content
sharing service provides stories and photos produced by Navy commands around the Fleet to home town or namesake unit media. Key to this effort is the identification of home town or namesake information in stories and photo captions that are shared with navy.mil, posted on individual command websites and social media channels, or sent to navyoutreach@navy.mil. With this information, the materials are provided to media outlets in the featured Sailors' hometowns, or in the case of namesake units, to media in the namesake cities or states.

d. Radio call-in service. NAVCO has established a toll-free telephone line (1-855-OUR-NAVY) that allows deployed Sailors to record a 15-second greeting, which is then shared with radio outlets in the Sailorís home town. Greetings can be submitted in conjunction with a holiday or observance, such as Motherís Day or Armed Forces Day, or to support a sports franchise participating in a major sporting event. Strict adherence to a prescribed format and delivery are critical to ensure utility of the recordings for commercial radio stations.

If you'd like to participate in the Navy's direct contact interview program, cut and paste the below questions, with your answers, into an email from your navy.mil account and send it to NavyOutreach@navy.mil. We will use your information to market a story to media in your hometown. If we receive any interest, we will forward the reporters to your command PAO who will coordinate the interview.
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