Submitting Flag Officer Biographies

A new, one-stop e-mail address has been created to better serve the flag officer community. Updated flag officer biographies may be sent to Biographies. Flag writers, etc., are encouraged to review the Flag Officer Biographies page on the Navy's official Web site to ensure currency and accuracy.

Submissions should be in a plain Word or plain text file (i.e. - no embedded symbols, graphics, or pictures). Portraits should be submitted as a separate .JPG file, a minimum of 5x7 at 300 dpi. Do not submit a new photo if it is the same as that already posted. Uncovered Portraits are preferred.

Please note that the Privacy Act and current Navy and DoD regulations prohibit the inclusion of family member information, and place and date of birth, in biographies posted to a publicly accessible Web site. Also, since the advent of word processing with different type styles available, it is requested that ship names be written in regular sentence case (i.e. - USS Dwight D. Eisenhower) vice in upper case (i.e. - USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER). In the process of coding, we will italicize the ship names.

Names of operations, numbered fleets, and groups should be written as follows: Operation Iraqi Freedom, U.S. 6th Fleet, or Fleet Hospital 5.

Please know that only landlubbers refer to serving in a ship. One serves aboard a ship but more preferably on a ship. And a ship should be referred to in the third person as "she" rather than "it."

We follow the Associated Press Style Guide for abbreviations in rank and for states. For example, Maryland is not MD but is Md. while California would be Calif. - we also abbreviate the states rather than spell it out. The word Admiral is always Adm. except for the first mention or in a title such as the Admiral Jones Award.

We do not distinguish between 0-7 and 0-8. The portrait will show if the flag officer is a one or two star. We do also post bios for those who have been selected for flag rank and note them as Rear Admiral (Select) for first reference then Rear Adm. (Sel) for rest of biography.