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The threats that future submarines must face will drive the transformation from the submarines of today to the submarines of the future. They will be called upon to perform new missions to use their new capabilities while remaining forward deployed throughout the world.

With the proliferation of technology and advanced weapons systems, potential enemies will continue to develop the means to deny access to U.S. military forces in specific areas of the world. These countries will attempt to employ low-cost, readily available technologies in an asymmetric way to counter the advantage that U.S. forces otherwise have. Examples of these asymmetric threats can include the use of mines, diesel submarines with improved underwater endurance, anti-ship cruise missiles, and weapons of mass destruction.

Submarines of the future must be able to operate in an increasingly hostile littoral environment with increased capability in order to assure access for other U.S. naval and military forces. The submarine force is pursuing new initiatives in a wide range of areas in order to extend our reach and expand our capability in new as well as traditional mission areas. These future submarine force initiatives include:

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