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Officer and Enlisted Submariners' are exposed to a broad range of both educational and operational training activities:

This school trains officers and enlisted personnel in the basic knowledge and skills upon which operational commands can build competence and proficiency in operating and maintaining submarines and their systems. The Naval Submarine School is the single site for basic Enlisted Submarine School, Initial Skill training, (i.e., "A" schools) for the MM, ET, FT, and STS ratings as well as the Submarine Officer Basic and Advanced Courses. This school also provides functional, refresher, advanced and team training to maintain and increase proficiency in specific skills for homeported submarines.

This school provides basic instruction for officers in nuclear propulsion as well as fundamental enlisted rate training in the field of nuclear propulsion. In conjunction with Nuclear Power Training Unit, Ballston Spa, New York, and Nuclear Power Training Unit, Charleston, South Carolina, officer and enlisted personnel are provided with operational training on nuclear propulsion plants.

The Naval Postgraduate School Undersea Warfare Curriculum educates officers in engineering fundamentals, physical principles and analytical concepts that govern operational employment of undersea warfare sensors and weapons. Based on educational background, students may specialize in one of following areas:

Applications for the Undersea Warfare Curriculum are due in March and September of each calendar year.

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