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General Characteristics
Builder: Col. George Claghorn, Edmond Harrt's Shipyard, Boston, MA.
Date Deployed: October 21, 1797.
Unit Cost: $302,718 (1797 dollars).
Propulsion: 42,710 sq. ft. of sail on three masts.
Length: 204 feet (62.16 meters) (billet head to taffrail); 175 feet at waterline (53.32 meters).
Height: Mast height: foremast, 198 feet (60.33 meters); mainmast, 220 feet (67.03 meters); mizzenmast, 172.5 feet (52.56 meters).
Beam: 43.5 feet (13.25 meters).
Displacement: 2,200 tons.
Speed: 13+ knots (approx. 14.95 miles per hour, 24 km. per hour).
Crew: 450 including 55 Marines and 30 boys (1797).
Armament: 32 24-pounder long guns; 20 32-pounder carronades; and, two 24-pounder bow chasers.
Landing/Attack Craft: One 36-ft. long boat; two 30-ft. cutters, two 28-ft. whaleboats; one 28-ft. gig; one 22-ft. jolly boat; and one 14-ft. punt. Anchors: Two main bowers (5300 lbs.); one sheet anchor (5400 lbs.); one stream anchor (1100 lbs.); and two kedge anchors (400 to 700 lbs).
Homeport: Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, MA.
Photo: USS Constitution makes her annual 4th of July “turnaround cruise”