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Air Force Container Ships - T-AK

Three container ships in the U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command's Prepositioning Program carry U.S. Air Force cargo: MV TSgt. John A. Chapman, MV CAPT Steven L. Bennett and MV MAJ Bernard F. Fisher.
These ships feature climate-controlled cocoons on their weather decks that allow them to carry approximately 50 percent more cargo, while protecting the additional cargo from the marine environment.
MV TSgt. John A. Chapman and MV CAPT Steven L. Bennett are owned and operated by Sealift, Inc., and are under charter to Military Sealift Command.
Point Of Contact
Office of Public Affairs
Military Sealift Command
Washington, DC 20398-5540
(202) 685-5055
General Characteristics, MV Buffalo Soldier Class
Builder: Chanters Navigation de la Ciotat.
Propulsion: Pielstick medium-speed diesel; 23,400 bhp; 1 shaft.
Length: 670 feet (204.35 meters).
Beam: 87 feet (26.54 meters).
Displacement: 40,357 long tons (41,002.71 metric tons) full load.
Speed: 16 knots (18.42 mph) maximum speed.
Crew: 19 civilians.
MV CAPT Steven L. Bennett (T-AK 4296), No homeport
General Characteristics, Multipurpose roll-on/roll-off ship
Builder: Chantier Naval de la Chotat Shipyard, France
Propulsion: Pielstick medium-speed diesel, 1 shaft
Length: 670 ft.
Beam: 87 ft.
Displacement: 26,378 tons
Draft: 34 feet, six inches
Speed: 16 knots
Crew: 21 civilan mariners working for a private company under charter to Military Sealift Command
MV TSGT John A. Chapman (T-AK 323), No homeport
Last Update: 26 August 2009