V. Summary

This Posture Statement delivers two messages. First, today the Naval Services are actively and effectively supporting the Nation's national security strategy. Our operations in 1999 illustrate the scope and scale of Navy and Marine Corps action worldwide—and we have ample reason to believe the coming years will be just as demanding. Nevertheless, we face readiness and modernization challenges. With the help of the Administration and Congress, we are making progress in meeting these challenges.

Second, the security environment is changing in the face of new political, economic, and technological developments. In response, the Naval Services are transforming how we operate under future conditions. While the defining characteristics and attributes of naval forces will endure in the Information Age, emerging threats and opportunities will require new investments and capabilities if we are to realize our full potential.

In closing, we hope we have engendered the strong conviction that the Naval Services will continue to provide vital, indeed indispensable value to the nation's security. The balancing of present needs and future imperatives will always be a complex endeavor. With your help, we will continue to successfully meet the Nation's commitments by investing wisely in future force structure and capability.

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