List of Homeports

Homeports and the Ships Assigned

The following is an alphabetical list of the various homeports. Please note that ships stationed overseas in Italy and Japan are forward deployed in those ports, not homeported there. Within each homeport listing is an alphabetical list of ships and their mailing addresses. Ships which are named for individuals are listed by the first name of that individual. For example, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is listed under the "D" rather than the "E". Ships that are USNS are those operated with a civilian master and crew by the Military Sealift Command.
PCU PortlandLPD-27
USNS ComfortT-AH 20**FPO AE 09566-4008
USS AlabamaSSBN 731FPO AP 96698-2108
USS ConnecticutSSN 22FPO AE 09566-2302
USS Henry M. JacksonSSBN 730FPO AP 96698-2105
USS Jimmy CarterSSN 23FPO AP 96669-2300
USS KentuckySSBN 737FPO AP 96698-2126
USS LouisianaSSBN 743FPO AA 34091-2144
USS MaineSSBN 741FPO AA 34092-2138
USS MichiganSSGN 727FPO AP 96698-2096
USS NebraskaSSBN 739FPO AA 34092-2132
USS NevadaSSBN 733FPO AP 96698-2114
USS OhioSSGN 726FPO AP 96698-2093
USS PennsylvaniaSSBN 735FPO AP 96628-2121
USS SeawolfSSN 21FPO AE 09587-2301
USS John C. StennisCVN 74FPO AP 96615-2874
USS NimitzCVN 68FPO AP 96620-2820
USNS Choctaw CountyJHSV 2
USNS Fall RiverJHSV 4
USNS MillinocketJHSV 3
USNS SpearheadJHSV 1
USS Emory S. LandAS 39FPO AE 09545-2610
USS FordFFG 54FPO AP 96665-1508
USS IngrahamFFG 61FPO AP 96668-1515
USS MomsenDDG 92FPO AP 96672-1307
USS Rodney M. DavisFFG 60FPO AP 96663-1514
USS ShoupDDG 86FPO AP 96678-1300
USS Mount WhitneyLCC 20FPO AE 09517-3310
USS AnnapolisSSN 760FPO AE 09564-2416
USS CaliforniaSSN 781
USS DallasSSN 700FPO AE 09567-2380
USS HartfordSSN 768FPO AE 09573-2424
USS MississippiSSN 782
USS MissouriSSN 780
USS New HampshireSSN 778
USS New MexicoSSN 779
USS PittsburghSSN 720FPO AE 09582-2400
USS ProvidenceSSN 719FPO AE 09582-2399
USS San JuanSSN 751FPO AE 09587-2407
USS SpringfieldSSN 761FPO AE 09587-2417
USS ToledoSSN 769FPO AE 09588-2425
USS ChicagoSSN 721FPO AP 96662-2401
USS Frank CableAS 40FPO AP 96657-2615
USS Key WestSSN 722FPO AP 96683-2402
USS Oklahoma CitySSN 723FPO AE 09581-2403
USS AlaskaSSBN 732FPO AP 96698-2111
USS FloridaSSGN 728FPO AP 96698-2099
USS GeorgiaSSGN 729FPO AP 96698-2102
USS MarylandSSBN 738FPO AA 34092-2129
USS Rhode IslandSSBN 740FPO AA 34092-2135
USS TennesseeSSBN 734FPO AA 34093-2117
USS WyomingSSBN 742FPO AA 34093-2141
USS Carter HallLSD 50FPO AE 09573-1738
USS Gunston HallLSD 44FPO AE 09573-1732
USS HurricanePC 3FPO AE 09573-1962
USS Oak HillLSD 51FPO AE 09573-1739
USS TortugaLSD 46FPO, AP 96679-1734
USS Whidbey IslandLSD 41FPO AE 09591-1729
USS Monsoon PC 4
USS ChinookPC 9FPO AE 09566-1968
USS DevastatorMCM 6FPO AA 34090-1926
USS DextrousMCM 13FPO AE 09567-1933
USS FireboltPC 10FPO AE 09569-1969
USS GladiatorMCM 11FPO AA 34091-1931
USS SentryMCM 3FPO AA 34093-1923
USS SiroccoPC 6FPO AE 09587-1965
USS SquallPC 7FPO AE 09587-1966
USS ThunderboltPC 12FPO AE 09588-1971
USS TyphoonPC 5FPO AE 09588-1964
USS WhirlwindPC 11FPO AE 09591-1970
USS Tempest PC 2
USS CarneyDDG 64FPO AA 34090-1282
USS De WertFFG 45FPO AA 34090-1499
USS FarragutDDG 9934091-1211
USS Fort McHenryLSD 43
USS GettysburgCG 64FPO AA 34091-1184
USS HalyburtonFFG 40FPO AA 34091-1495
USS Hue CityCG 66FPO AA 34091-1186
USS Philippine SeaCG 58FPO AA 34091-1178
USS Robert G. BradleyFFG 49FPO AA 34090-1503
USS RooseveltDDG 80FPO AA 34092-1297
USS Samuel B. RobertsFFG 58FPO AA 34092-1512
USS SimpsonFFG 56FPO AA 34093-1510
USS TaylorFFG 50FPO AA 34093-1504
USS The SullivansDDG 68FPO AA 34093-1287
USS VicksburgCG 69FPO AA 34093-1189
USS ShamalPC 13
USS TornadoPC 14
USS ZephyrPC 8
USS Abraham LincolnCVN 72FPO AP 96612-2872
AvalonDSRV 2
CutthroatLSV 2
John Warner SSN 785
Matthew C. PerryT-AKE 9
MV C-Champion
MV C-Commando
MV CAPT Steven L. BennettT-AK 4296
MV Dolores Chouest
MV HOS Bluewater
MV HOS Greystone
MV VADM K.R. WheelerT-AG 5001
MysticDSRV 1
North DakotaSSN 784
SS CurtissT-AVB 4
SS PFC Eugene A. ObregonT-AK 3006FPO AE 09581-7253
SS WrightT-AVB 3
USNS 1st Lt. Baldomero LopezT-AK 3010FPO AP 96671-7224
USNS 1st Lt. Harry L. MartinT-AK 3015FPO AE 09578-4061
USNS 1st Lt. Jack LummusT-AK 3011FPO AP 96671-4116
USNS 2nd Lt. John P. BoboT-AK 3008FPO AE 09565-7254
USNS Alan ShepardT-AKE 3
USNS Amelia EarhartT-AKE 6
USNS Arctic T-AOE 8
USNS BenavidezT-AKR 306
USNS BenavidezT-AKR 306
USNS Big Horn T-AO 198FPO AE 09565-4072
USNS Bob HopeT-AKR 300FPO AE 09573-4042
USNS Bob HopeT-AKR 300
USNS BowditchT-AGS 62FPO AE 09565-4000
USNS BridgeT-AOE 10FPO AP 96661-3040
USNS BrittinT-AKR 305
USNS BrittinT-AKR 305
USNS Bruce C. HeezenT-AGS 64
USNS Carl BrashearT-AKE 7
USNS Charles DrewT-AKE 10
USNS CharltonT-AKR 314
USNS CharltonT-AKR 314
USNS Cornhusker StateT-ACS 6
USNS DahlT-AKR 312
USNS DahlT-AKR 312FPO AP 96663-4057
USNS Effective T-AGOS 21FPO AP 96664-4031
USNS FisherT-AKT 301
USNS FisherT-AKR 301
USNS Flickertail StateT-ACS 5
USNS Gem StateT-ACS 2
USNS GillilandT-AKR 298
USNS GillilandT-AKR 298FPO AE 09570-4050
USNS Gopher StateT-ACS 4FPO AP 96666-4134
USNS GordonT-AKR 296
USNS GordonT-AKR 296FPO AE 09570-4028
USNS Grand Canyon StateT-ACS 3
USNS GrappleT-ARS 53
USNS Guadalupe T-AO 200FPO AP 96666-4030
USNS Gunnery Sgt. Fred W. StockhamT-AK 3017
USNS Henry J. KaiserT-AO 187FPO AE 09576-4086
USNS HensonT-AGS 63FPO AE 09573-4054
USNS ImpeccableT-AGOS 23
USNS John Ericsson T-AO 194FPO AP 96664-4071
USNS John LenthallT-AO 189FPO AE 09577-4091
USNS John McDonnellT-AGS 51FPO AE 09578-4013
USNS Kanawha T-AO 196FPO AE 09576-4075
USNS Keystone StateT-ACS 1
USNS Lance Cpl. Roy M. WheatT-AK 3016
USNS Laramie T-AO 203FPO AE 09577-4004
USNS Leroy Grumman T-AO 195FPO AE 09570-4095
USNS Lewis and ClarkT-AKE 1
USNS LoyalT-AGOS 22FPO AE 09577-4018
USNS Maj. Stephen W. PlessT-AK 3007FPO AE 09582-7209
USNS Mary SearsT-AGS 65
USNS MendoncaT-AKR 303
USNS MendoncaT-AKR 303
USNS MercyT-AH 19*FPO AP 96672-4090
USNS PathfinderT-AGS 60FPO AE 09582-4026
USNS Patuxent T-AO 201FPO AE 09582-4012
USNS Pecos T-AO 197FPO AP 96675-4099
USNS PFC Dewayne T. WilliamsT-AK 3009FPO AP 96683-7210
USNS PililaauT-AKR 304
USNS PililaauT-AKR 304
USNS PomeroyT-AKR 316
USNS PomeroyT-AKR 316
USNS RainierT-AOE 7
USNS Rappahannock T-AO 204FPO AP 96677-4027
USNS Red CloudT-AKR 313FPO AP 96677-4082
USNS Red CloudT-AKR 313
USNS Richard E. ByrdT-AKE 4
USNS Robert E. Peary T-AKE 5
USNS SacagaweaT-AKE 2
USNS SafeguardT-ARS 50
USNS Salvor T-ARS 52
USNS SeayT-AKR 302
USNS SeayT-AKR 302
USNS Sgt. Matej KocakT-AK 3005FPO AE 09576-7248
USNS Sgt. William R. ButtonT-AK 3012FPO AP 96661-7262
USNS ShughartT-AKR 295FPO AE 09587-4015
USNS ShughartT-AKR 295
USNS SislerT-AKR 311
USNS SislerT-AKR 311FPO AE 09587-4055
USNS SodermanT-AKR 317
USNS SodermanT-AKR 317
USNS SumnerT-AGS 61FPO AP 96678-4038
USNS SupplyT-AOE 6
USNS Tippecanoe T-AO 199FPO AP 96679-4040
USNS VictoriousT-AGOS 19FPO AP 96682-4014
USNS Wally Schirra T-AKE 8
USNS Walter S. DiehlT-AO 193FPO AP 96663-4020
USNS WatkinsT-AKR 315
USNS WatkinsT-AKR 315
USNS WatsonT-AKR 310
USNS WatsonT-AKR 310FPO AE 09591-4001
USNS YanoT-AKR 297FPO AE 09594-4070
USNS YanoT-AKR 297
USNS Yukon T-AO 202FPO AP 96686-4068
USNS ZeusT-ARC 7FPO AE 09595-4076
USS DeweyDDG 105
Washington ChambersT-AKE 11
MV TSGT John A. ChapmanT-AK 323
William McLeanT-AKE 12
PCU TripoliLHA 7
USNS Howard O. LorenzenT-AGM 25
USS AlbanySSN 753FPO AE 09564-2409
USS AnzioCG 68FPO AE 09564-1188
USS Arleigh BurkeDDG 51FPO AE 09565-1269
USS ArlingtonLPD 24
USS BainbridgeDDG 96
USS BarryDDG 52FPO AE 09565-1270
USS BataanLHD 5FPO AE 09565-1657
USS BoiseSSN 764FPO AE 09565-2420
USS BulkeleyDDG 84FPO AE 09565-1301
USS ColeDDG 67FPO AE 09566-1285
USS Donald CookDDG 75FPO AE 09566-1294
USS Dwight D. EisenhowerCVN 69FPO AE 09532-2830
USS ElrodFFG 55FPO AE 09568-1509
USS Forrest ShermanDDG 98FPO AE 09569-1214
USS George H.W. Bush CVN 77FPO AE 09513-2803
USS GonzalezDDG 66FPO AE 09570-1284
USS GravelyDDG 107
USS Harry S. TrumanCVN 75FPO AE 09524-2875
USS Iwo JimaLHD 7FPO AE 09574-1664
USS James E WilliamsDDG 95FPO AE 09578
USS Jason DunhamDDG 109
USS KauffmanFFG 59FPO AE 09576-1513
USS KearsargeLHD 3FPO AE 09534-1662
USS LaboonDDG 58FPO AE 09577-1276
USS Leyte GulfCG 55FPO AE 09570-1175
USS MahanDDG 72FPO AE 09578-1292
USS MasonDDG 87FPO AE 09578-1302
USS McFaulDDG 74FPO AE 09578-1293
USS Mesa VerdeLPD 19FPO AE 09578-1702
USS MinnesotaSSN 783
USS MitscherDDG 57FPO AE 09578-1275
USS MontereyCG 61FPO AE 09578-1181
USS MontpelierSSN 765FPO AE 09578-2421
USS New YorkLPD 21FPO AE 09579-1721
USS Newport NewsSSN 750FPO AE 09579-2406
USS NicholasFFG 47FPO AE 09579-1501
USS NitzeDDG 94FPO AE 09579-1200
USS NorfolkSSN 714FPO AE 09579-2394
USS NormandyCG 60FPO AE 09579-1180
USS Oscar AustinDDG 79FPO AE 09581-1298
USS PorterDDG 78FPO AE 09582-1296
USS RamageDDG 61FPO AE 09586-1279
USS RossDDG 71FPO AE 09568-1288
USS San AntonioLPD 17FPO AE 09587-1700
USS San JacintoCG 56FPO AE 09587-1176
USS ScrantonSSN 756FPO AE 09587-2412
USS StoutDDG 55FPO AE 09587-1273
USS Theodore RooseveltCVN 71FPO AE 09599-2871
USS TruxtunDDG 103FPO AE 09588-1309
USS Vella Gulf CG 72FPO AE 09590-1192
USS WaspLHD 1FPO AE 09556-1660
USS Winston S ChurchillDDG 81FPO AE 09591-1267
USS BremertonSSN 698FPO AP 96661-2378
USS BuffaloSSN 715FPO AP 96661-2395
USS ChafeeDDG 90FPO AP 96662-1305
USS CharlotteSSN 766FPO AP 96662-2422
USS CheyenneSSN 773FPO AP 96662-2429
USS ChosinCG 65FPO AP 96662-1185
USS Chung-HoonDDG 93FPO AP 96662-1302
USS City of Corpus ChristiSSN 705FPO AP 96678-2391
USS ColumbiaSSN 771FPO AP 96662-2427
USS ColumbusSSN 762FPO AP 96662-2418
USS GreenevilleSSN 772FPO AP 96666-2428
USS HawaiiSSN 776
USS HopperDDG 70FPO AP 96667-1289
USS HoustonSSN 713FPO AP 96667-2393
USS La JollaSSN 701FPO AP 96671-2381
USS Lake ErieCG 70FPO AP 96671-1190
USS LouisvilleSSN 724FPO AP 96671-2404
USS Michael MurphyDDG 112
USS North CarolinaSSN 777
USS O'kaneDDG 77FPO AP 96674-1295
USS OlympiaSSN 717FPO AP 96674-2397
USS Paul HamiltonDDG 60FPO AP 96667-1278
USS Port RoyalCG 73FPO AP 96675-1193
USS RussellDDG 59FPO AP 96677-1277
USS Santa FeSSN 763FPO AP 96678-2419
USS TexasSSN 775FPO AP 96679-2304
USS TucsonSSN 770FPO AP 96679-2426
USS AlexandriaSSN 757FPO AE 09564-2413
USS TopekaSSN 754FPO AP 96679-2410
USS VirginiaSSN 774FPO AE 09590-2303
USS West VirginiaSSBN 736FPO AA 34093-2123
USS AnchorageLPD 23
USS AlbuquerqueSSN 706FPO AE 09564-2386
USS AmericaLHA 6
USS ArdentMCM 12FPO AE 09564-1932
USS AshevilleSSN 758FPO AP 96660-2414
USS BenfoldDDG 65FPO AP 96661-1283
USS BoxerLHD 4FPO AP 96661-1663
USS Bunker HillCG 52FPO AP 96661-1172
USS Cape St. GeorgeCG 71FPO AE 09566-1191
USS Carl VinsonCVN 70FPO AE 09566-2840
USS ChampionMCM 4FPO AA 34090-1924
USS ChancellorsvilleCG 62FPO AP 96662-1182
USS ClevelandLPD 7FPO AP 96662-1710
USS ComstockLSD 45FPO AP 96662-1733
USS CoronadoLCS 4
USS CowpensCG 63
USS DecaturDDG 73FPO AP 96663-1290
USS Dubuque LPD 8FPO AP 96663-1711
USS Fort WorthLCS 3
USS FreedomLCS 1
USS GaryFFG 51FPO AP 96666-1505
USS Green BayLPD 20FPO, AP 96666-1703
USS GridleyDDG 101
USS HalseyDDG 97FPO AP 96667-1308
USS HamptonSSN 767FPO AE 09573-2423
USS Harpers FerryLSD 49FPO AP 96667-1737
USS HigginsDDG 76FPO AP 96667-1291
USS HowardDDG 83FPO AP 96667-1274
USS IndependenceLCS 2
USS Jefferson CitySSN 759FPO AP 96669-2415
USS John Paul JonesDDG 53FPO AP 96669-1271
USS KiddDDG 100FPO AP 96670-1212
USS Lake ChamplainCG 57FPO AP 96671-1177
USS Makin IslandLHD 8FPO, AP 96672-1601
USS McCluskyFFG 41FPO AP 96672-1496
USS MiliusDDG 69FPO AP 96672-1286
USS Mobile BayCG 53FPO AP 96672-1173
USS New OrleansLPD 18FPO AP 96673-1701
USS PasadenaSSN 752FPO AP 96675-2408
USS Pearl HarborLSD 52FPO AP 96667-1740
USS PeleliuLHA 5FPO AP 96624-1620
USS PinckneyDDG 91FPO AP 96675-1306
USS PrebleDDG 88FPO AP 96675-1303
USS PrincetonCG 59FPO AP 96675-1179
USS Ronald ReaganCVN 76FPO AP 96616-2876
USS RushmoreLSD 47FPO AP 96677-1735
USS SampsonDDG 102FPO AP 96678-1303
USS San DiegoLPD 22
USS San FranciscoSSN 711FPO AP 96662-2385
USS ScoutMCM 8FPO AA 34093-1928
USS SpruanceDDG 111
USS SterettDDG 104FPO AP 96678-1310
USS StockdaleDDG 106
USS VandegriftFFG 48FPO AP 96682-1502
USS Wayne E. MeyerDDG 108
USS William P. LawrenceDDG 110
USS EssexLHD 2FPO AP 96643-1661
USS AshlandLSD 48FPO AE 09564-1736
USS Bonhomme RichardLHD 6FPO AP 96617-1656
USS ChiefMCM 14FPO AA 34090-1934
USS DenverLPD 9FPO AP 96663-1712
USS GermantownLSD 42FPO AP 96666-1730
USS PatriotMCM 7FPO AP 96675-1927
USS PioneerMCM 9FPO AA 34092-1929
USS WarriorMCM 10FPO AA 34093-1930
(YP 708)
PCU John FinnDDG 113
PCU Lyndon B. JohnsonDDG 1002
PCU Michael MonsoorDDG 1001
PCU Rafael PeraltaDDG 115
PCU Ralph JohnsonDDG 114
PCU Thomas HudnerDDG 116
PCU Zumwalt DDG 1000
USS SomersetLPD 25
BismarkJHSV 9
BrunswickJHSV 6
BurlingtonJHSV 10
Carson CityJHSV 7
TrentonJHSV 5
YumaJHSV 8
(YP 676, 681-692)
(YP 703-707)
USS AntietamCG 54
USS Blue RidgeLCC 19FPO AP 96628-3300
USS Curtis WilburDDG 54FPO AP 96683-1272
USS FitzgeraldDDG 62FPO AP 96665-1280
USS George Washington CVN 73FPO AE 09550-2873
USS John S McCainDDG 56FPO AP 96672-1274
USS LassenDDG 82FPO AP 96671-1299
USS McCampbellDDG 85FPO AP 96672-1275
USS MustinDDG 89FPO AP 96672-1304
USS ShilohCG 67FPO AP 96678-1187
USS StethemDDG 63FPO AP 96678-1281

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