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  • Navy Medicine Announces New Medical Career Opportunity for Enlisted Sailors

    Enlisted Sailors can seek a medical degree through the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2) at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Science in Bethesda, Md. The program is now open to applicants for the 2016 class. Five slots are given to Sailors in the 2016 EMDP2 cohort. The application deadline is Nov. 1 and selections will convene in December. For more go to
  • New Chiefs' Names to be Released Next Week

    Names of Sailors selected to advance to chief by the FY2016 E-7 selection board are scheduled to be posted to commands' BUPERS Online (BOL) accounts Wed., Aug. 5, with public release via NAVADMIN Thurs., Aug. 6 at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. The selection board is not required to fill all quotas; only the best and most fully qualified candidates are selected for advancement to chief.
  • CNP Weekly Wire Rundown: New Careers for SWOS, CNO's NAV Plan and more

    The Weekly Wire Rundown is a weekly video blog from the Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP), highlighting top stories affecting Sailors and their families. See this week's video at Subscribe to the print edition, @USNPeople Weekly Wire, by emailing For more CNP news visit
  • Are You Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables?

    Consuming the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily helps lower the risk of various chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Include these foods by planning meals around a vegetable main dish, or blending smoothies with fruit for a filling drink to take while on your way out for the day. To learn more about nutrition call your local Wellness Center or Health Promotions.
  • CNO Releases Navigation Plan 2016-2020

    Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert issues his latest Navigation Plan, drawn from Sailing Directions, which is a foundational document that describes in detail how a ship prepares for and safely and effectively conducts a journey. This year's Navigation Plan highlights Navy's key investments, supporting missions and functions. View here:
  • The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

    EFMP is a detailing tool that ensures military members are assigned to geographical reigons where the special needs of their dependents can be met. Enrollment is mandatory when a special need is identified. This enrollment will not hinder your career advancement or excuse you from serving your required sea shore rotation. To enroll in the program contact your local EFMP coordinator or your medical treatment facility.
  • Developing the DON's Innovation Agenda

    Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has identified the Department of the Navy's Innovation Vision with five key focus areas: Build the Naval innovation network; manage the talent of the DON workforce; transform how the DON uses information; accelerate new capabilities to the fleet and develop game-changing warfighting concepts. Check out SECNAV's innovation conversation at
  • New IDWO Instruction Released

    Information Dominance Warfare Officer (IDWO) Qualification instruction was updated to expand eligibility & outlines new requirements and procedures for executing out the program. Eligible officers will have acquired specific knowledge, skills and experience, and demonstrated proficiency at the professional level of which is necessary to perform specific duties. Download the full instruction at:
  • New Female Uniforms Help Standardize the Look of Sailors

    Some changes will be choker style dress whites for senior enlisted & officers and cracker-jack style dress blues with Dixie-cup covers for E6 and below. The Navy clothing textile and research facility is collecting data to update sizes, patterns and designs. Also in the works, pencil skirts in white & khaki, larger internal pockets for dress white and blue uniforms. The uniforms are expected to go on sale fall 2016.

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  • 1801 - The schooner, USS Enterprise, commanded by Lt. Andrew Sterett, encounters the Barbary corsair, Tripoli, west of Malta. After a three-hour battle, USS Enterprise broadsides the vessel, forcing Tripolis surrender.

    1921 - A high-altitude bombsight, mounted on a gyroscopically stabilized base was successfully tested at Torpedo Station, Yorktown, Va. This test was the first phase of Carl L. Nordens development of an effective high-altitude bombsight, which became known as the Norden Bombsight.

    1944 - PBY aircraft attacked Japanese convoy, sink ammunition ship, Seia Maru, in Taliaboe Bay, Soela Island. Also on this date, USS Puffer (SS 268) damages Japanese oiler, Sunosaki, northeast of Borneo.

    1946 - President Harry S. Truman approves legislation establishing the Office of Naval Research (ONR), charging ONR to "...plan, foster and encourage scientific research in recognition of its paramount importance as related to the maintenance of future naval power, and the preservation of national security..."

    1952 - During the Korean War, USS Carmick (DMS 33) is fired on by enemy shore guns in the vicinity of Songjin lighthouse. Returning fire, Carmicks battery fire silences the guns.

    1961 - Adm. George W. Anderson, Jr., takes office as the 16th Chief of Naval Operations, serving until Aug. 1, 1963. During Adm. Anderson's tenure as CNO, he oversaw the U.S. Navy's quarantine of Cuba, thus enabling the Kennedy administration to compel the Soviet Union to remove its nuclear weapons from the island.