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  • Naval War College Seeking Papers on Women, Peace, Security

    The U.S. Naval War College is issuing a 'call for papers' in preparation for its third annual Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Conference Series held in Newport, Rhode Island, April 16-17, 2015. Individuals who have an interest or experience in issues pertaining to WPS are encouraged to submit papers. Submission guidelines can be found at
  • Register to Vote Absentee

    To vote absentee, you need to register and request your absentee ballot. provides an online tool to walk you through the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) - the form that you can use to register and request your ballot. Go to, select your State from the drop-down and register to vote, request an absentee ballot or update your voter information to start the process of completing a FPCA.
  • Sailors Should Prepare for Advancement Exams

    Sailors should review bibs and study rate training manuals now for the NWAE in Sept. Exam dates are: Sept. 4 for E6; Sept. 11 for E5, and Sept. 18 for E4. Security Clearances are required by the Navy Advancement Manual (BUPERSINST 1430.16F). The Final Multiple Score computation has changed: to learn more:
  • Cybersecurity and your government computer: Peer-to-Peer Networks are Prohibited

    Both DoD and Navy policy expressly prohibit the use of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software applications on government computers(e.g., Shareaze and BitTorrent). P2P software creates P2P networks, which directly link computers to one another, enabling users to share files while circumventing security controls & network defenses thus allowing malware and cyber intrusions...or worse. Don't jeopardize the mission & your career.
  • CNO Releases Navigation Plan

    The Navy's top leader released a detailed plan Tuesday that highlights the U.S. Navy's intended track and investments for the next five fiscal years. Directions and earlier Navigation Plans, which can be found on his leadership page. To view the CNO's Navigation Plan, visit
  • Gain Career Knowledge through PACT Designation

    The Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) program provides unique career opportunities for some first-term Sailors through apprentice-level formal and on-the-job training within a 24-month period. For more information visit
  • NPTU JAGMAN Investigation

    On February 3, 2014, a Sailor assigned to the Moored Training Ship (MTS 626) at the Nuclear Power Training Unit (NPTU) in Charleston, South Carolina reported that an examination key was compromised.
  • CNO Releases Navigation Plan

    CNO released a detailed plan Tuesday that highlights the U.S. Navy's intended track and investments for the next five fiscal years. 2015-2019 Navigation Plan defines how the Navy will use its resources to safely and effectively pursue the vision detailed in Sailing Directions. Read the CNO's Navigation Plan here:
  • NPC to No Longer Screen PRIMS, Stop Reviewing PFA

    Upon release of an upcoming promotion NAVADMIN, Navy Personnel Command (NPC) will no longer screen PRIMS for officers and has stopped reviewing master and senior Chief Boards for missing Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) data or failures of their most recent PFA.
  • FY 2015 Senior Enlisted Continuation Board To Convene Oct. 27

    The fiscal year 2015 (FY-15) performance-based Senior Enlisted Continuation board will convene Oct. 27 according to a Navy message released Aug. 14. The board will look at certain performance indicators detailed in the board precept and on NPC's continuation page
  • Sailors May Be Eligible for Tuition Assitance (TA) Earlier

    Commanding Officers and officers-in-charge may now approve waivers to the one-year on board the first permanent duty station requirment for Sailors to be eligible for TA. See NAVADMIN 190/14 for details. Contact a Navy College Office or the Virtual Education Center for more information.
  • ASBP Provides Needed Blood, Products

    Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP), provides quality blood products for service members, veterans and their families in both peace and war. The blood and blood products are used for patients of all ages for many reasons from cancer patients to those with battlefield injuries. To find out more about the ASBP, visit the ASBP website at
  • Message Clarifies Medical Record Disposition

    Sailors need to take an active role in getting their medical and dental records to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) at retirement or separation, according to a Navy message released Aug. 19. For more information, read NAVADMIN 187/14 at

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  • 1942 - USS Iowa (BB 61) is launched at the New York Navy Yard. Commissioned in Feb. 1943, Iowa serves in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean during World War II and now serves as a museum battleship at Los Angeles, Calif.

    1944 - USS Stingray (SS 186), after being depth charged and "lightly worked over while reconnoitering the designated spot" lands a party of one Filipino officer, 14 men and 60 percent of the supplies earmarked for delivery to guerilla forces at Saddle Rock, Mayaira Point, on northwest shore of Luzon. Heavy Japanese shipping in the vicinity compels Stingray's departure before all stores land.

    1944 - PV aircraft sink Japanese vessel, Tensho Maru, between Odomari, southwest of Sakhalin and
    Onnekotan Island, Kuril Islands.

    1945 - Units of the Pacific Fleet enter Japanese waters for the first time during World War II, to prepare for the formal Japanese surrender on Sept. 2, 1945.

    1959 - While off Cape Canaveral, Fla., USS Observation Island (EAG 154) makes the first shipboard launch of a Polaris missile.

    2007 - Vice Adm. Adam M. Robinson, Jr., MC, USN, becomes the first African-American to be appointed as Surgeon General of the US Navy.