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  • CNP Weekly Wire Rundown: Changes to PCS, Absentee Voter Registration, E-7 Quotas Released

    The Weekly Wire Rundown is a weekly video blog from the Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP), highlighting top stories affecting Sailors and their families. See this week's video at Subscribe to the print edition, @USNPeople Weekly Wire, by emailing For more CNP news, visit
  • FY17 Active Duty Chief Quotas Released: Over 3,000 Active Duty Sailors to Put on Anchors

    Just over 18,000 active duty E-6 Sailors' records are going before the chief petty officer selection board that convened June 20 to select up to 3,786 for E-7. This year's opportunity is 20.87%, close to the 10-year average of 21.64%; lower than last cycle of 23.65%. High retention is the main driver of the drop in opportunity as the Navy advances to vacancies. View the full quota list at
  • New Leaders

    The DoD released the first of four online training courses that provides education about the military's new blended retirement system, which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2018. The first training course is specially designed for leaders, so they can understand the new blended retirement system before service members are introduced to it.
  • September 2016 E4-E6 Advancement Cycle Announced

    The September 2016 Navywide enlisted examinations (Cycle 232) testing dates for active duty, full time support and canvasser recruiter Sailors who are advancement eligible to the paygrades of E4-E6 have been announced in Naval Administrative Message (NAVADMIN) 083/16, released April 4. Bibliographies for the September exams have been posted and can be downloaded on the Navy Knowledge Online and Navy COOL websites.

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Story Number: NNS020418-36  Release Date: 4/18/2002 21:42:00

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  • 1776 - Army Col. William Moultries' troops defend Sullivans Island and Charleston, S.C. from an attack by British Commodore Sir Peter Parker and his fleet during the American Revolution. After a nine-hour battle with casualties mounting, Parker retreats. With Charleston saved, the fort is named in honor of Col. William Moultrie.

    1814 - The sloop of war USS Wasp commanded by Johnston Blakeley, comes across HMS Reindeer, commanded by William Manners, off Plymouth, England, and engages in battle. After the 19-minute battle, USS Wasp captures HMS Reindeer, taking her crew as prisoners, and burn her at sea.

    1869 - The Navys first surgeon-general William M. Wood is appointed, and serves until Oct. 25, 1871.

    1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated at Sarajevo, Bosnia. This act eventually leads to World War I.

    1918 - A detachment of Marines from USS Brooklyn lands at Vladivostok, Russia to protect the U.S. Consulate and to assist forces of other Allied nations in bringing order to the city during the early stages of the Russian Revolution.

    1919 - The Versailles Peace Treaty is signed, which ends World War I.

    1943 - USS Peto (SS 265) and USS Tunny (SS 282) sink Japanese hydrographic-meterological research ship Tenkai No.2 northeast of Mussau Island and a gunboat Shotoku Maru off the west coast of Rota, Mariana Islands.