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  • Update on the Navywide Effort to Prevent Sexual Assault

    In a new blog, Rear Adm. Rick Snyder, director, 21st Century Sailor Office, addresses efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault. He describes how we'll continue to change the Navy's culture to one that's intolerant of crimes like sexual assault and other behaviors that hurt our readiness. Read the blog at
  • November is Warrior Care Month

    Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus named November 2014 Warrior Care Month in ALNAV message 076/14. Join Navy Wounded Warrior -- Safe Harbor, the Navy's wounded warrior support program, in saluting our seriously wounded, ill and injured shipmates this month. Visit to learn more.
  • CNO's Latest "Conversation with a Shipmate"

    CNO Adm. Jonathan Greenert released another episode of "Conversation with a Shipmate." In this video, CNO discusses what our Navy's cyber warriors do and why their mission is important, the future of the Information Dominance Corps, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Watch "Conversation with a Shipmate" on Direct-to-Sailor, or on CNO's leadership page:
  • Navy's New CAP Policy-- 5 Things You Need to Know

    Chief of Naval Personnel announced updates to the Command Advancement Program (CAP). These changes are based on Fleet feedback, empower the command triad to advance their top Sailors and are in alignment with ongoing performance-based initiatives. There five things Sailors should know about policy changes. For more information, visit
  • Wearing Ball Caps: What You Need to Know

    Optional wear of the Navy and command ball caps was authorized Sept. 1 with Navy Working Uniforms (Type I, II and III) as well as with flight suits, coveralls, Flame Resistant Variant (FRV) coveralls and the Navy physical training uniform. The Uniform Matters Office released five things Sailors should know it that can be found visiting
  • Navy Ends Standard Transfer Orders

    The Navy announced the cancellation of Standard Transfer Orders. According to NAVADMIN 244/14, the NSIPS module must be used for all orders for transferring Sailors for BRAC and unit moves, decommissionings, overseas extensions, and enlisted separations. NPC will write all other PCS orders. Units not supported by a PSD or a Customer Service Detachment have until Oct. 31 to start using the NSIPS order writing module.
  • Naval War College Seeking Papers on Women, Peace, Security

    The U.S. Naval War College is issuing a 'call for papers' in preparation for its third annual Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Conference Series held in Newport, Rhode Island, April 16-17, 2015. Individuals who have an interest or experience in issues pertaining to WPS are encouraged to submit papers. Submission guidelines can be found at
  • NEX Offers Optional Collar Closure for Service Dress Whites

    Male officer and chief service dress white (SDW) coats can now be fitted with a single metal hook and eye closure at Navy Exchange (NEX) tailor shops that will improve the collar neck closure, according to the Navy's Uniform Matters Office. The SDW coat hook and eye closure is optional and now available for alteration through the NEX at a cost of $13.50.
  • Advancement Exam Information

    NAVADMIN 248/14 announced the March 2015 (Cycle 227) Navy-Wide Advancement Exam (NWAE). Dates are: E6 - March 5, 2015; E5 - March 12, 2015; and E4 - March 19, 2015. Sailors who have received a "Denied Final - Active" from Career Waypoints (CWAY) as of the December 2014 application rack and stack are ineligible for the Cycle 227 NWAE. For more information, read the message at
  • Placement vs. Detailing

    Detailers often receive questions regarding Placement concerns, which is different from Detailing. Placement is your command's advocate for getting Sailors with the NEC, on time, to meet your manning requirements. For more information visit:
  • Cybersecurity Workforce Must Maintain Accreditation

    NAVADMIN 250/14 reiterates the requirement for all Navy Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF) personnel to hold valid cybersecurity baseline credentials and complete 40 hours of continuing education each year. Failure to complete this requirement places the employee at risk for removal from the CSWF position requiring credentials. For more information, read the message at
  • Verify School Accreditation Prior to Applying for TA

    Sailors working on completing a degree should ensure their school has the appropriate type of accreditation or it could cost them money later. Use the College Navigator on the U.S. Department of Education website at for help, or visit the education professionals at Navy College Offices.
  • Overseas Screening FAQs

    Confused by the Overseas Screening process? Visit Navy Personnel Command's Overseas Screening Page for FAQs and more:
  • Record Management Video

    If you're getting ready for a Navy selection board, check your Official Military Personnel File, or OMPF, for accuracy. You will then know what needs to be submitted to your record to update it and what you will need to send to the board for them to review. Watch this video for more information:
  • Post 9-11 GI Bill Eligibility

    The Post 9-11 GI Bill is an education benefit for veterans that meet specific criteria. You are eligible with 90 days of qualified active duty service after 9/11/2001 if you were separated with an honorable discharge. Find out more information in this video:
  • On the Minds of the CT Detailers

    From the CT detailers: If you would like to be released for a special screening, please communicate this intention 12 months from your PRD; EWTGU billets are available in Norfolk and San Diego; various RMC billets are available; CTM RMC and EWTGU billets are intended for Fleet experienced Sailors. For more information, talk to your career counselor or detailer.
  • Maintain Your Security Clearance

    Your security clearance can impact your career. Keep accurate records so that it is an easy process and talk to your security manager if you have questions. Watch this video for more information:

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  • 1803 - The frigate Philadelphia runs aground near Tripoli while pursuing an enemy vessel in shallow water. As a result, the Tripolitans send a large gunboat force and attack Philadelphia. Stuck fast and listing, she is defenseless and Capt. William Bainbridge surrenders. Under Commodore Edward Preble's orders, Lt. Stephen Decatur leads a mission to burn Philadelphia early the following year.

    1863 - 52 midshipmen begin instruction at the Confederate States Naval Academy. Lt. H. W. Parker, Navy of the Confederate States (CSN), is superintendent of the "Floating Academy" housed on board CSS Patrick Henry at Drewry's Bluff on the James River.

    1941 - German submarine U 562 sinks USS Reuben James (DD 245) as she escorted Convoy HX 156, killing 115 of her crew. Reuben James is the first U.S. ship lost to enemy action in World War II.

    1956 - The U.S. Navy lands seven men in an R4D Skytrain on the ice at the South Pole. They are the first men to stand on the South Pole since Capt. Robert F. Scott in 1912.

    1966 - While serving as boat captain and patrol officer on board River Patrol Boat (PBR) 105 in Vietnam, Boatswain's Mate 1st Class James E. Williams and his crew are taken under fire, facing a superior number of enemy vessels. Williams leads his men to sink 65 enemy craft and inflict numerous casualties among the enemy. He is awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions. USS James E. Williams (DDG 95) is named in his honor.

    1972 - While participating in a daring operation against enemy forces in the Republic of Vietnam, Engineman 1st Class Michael E. Thornton and Lt. Thomas R. Norris come under fire from a numerically superior force. Calling in for support and engaging the enemy, Norris is wounded by enemy fire. Learning that his lieutenant is down, Thornton bravely rushes through a hail of fire, fights off two enemy soldiers, and succeeds in removing Norris. Inflating Norris' lifejacket, Thornton then tows him seaward for approximately two hours until they are picked up by support craft. Thornton is later awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.