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  • October is Energy Action Month

    It's time for all of us to think about ways to reduce energy consumption. Energy is a key combat enabler, and we all need to look for ways to increase combat capability and enhance mission readiness through efficient energy use. To learn how your energy decisions impact operations, and get tips on how to save, follow @NavalEnergy on Twitter or visit
  • Aviation Training Changes for CRUDES

    The MOB-A team at ATG Mayport has recently incorporated major changes to their training and evaluation procedures by obtaining two helicopters that were going out of service. The helicopters were stripped down and are now craned on and off the ships going through the Aviation portion of their Basic Phase in order to increase the effectiveness of the training by making it is as realistic as possible.
  • Command Pass Coordinators - Vital Admin Connection

    Command Pass Coordinators (CPC) are the vital link between Sailors, Commands and Personnel Support Detachments (PSD), but accurate records begin and end with the individual service member. The Pay and Personnel Administrative Support System program created more than 30 SOPs to help Sailors perform their day-to-day personnel activities like travel claims and updating records. For more info on CPCs visit
  • CNP Weekly Wire Rundown: Fitness Tips for PFA and More

    The Weekly Wire Rundown is a weekly video blog from the Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP), highlighting top stories affecting Sailors and their families. See this week's video at Subscribe to the print edition, @USNPeople Weekly Wire, by emailing For more CNP news, visit
  • Ready Then, Ready Now, Ready Always -- A Moment in the Life of America's Navy

    In March 1917, as the U.S. nears entry into the World War, the Navy's need for clerical assistance is immense. Shore stations, overwhelmed by preparations for war, ask for assistance. SECNAV Josephus Daniels responds by opening the door to service for women as yeomen. For more on the Navy's birthday, visit

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Story Number: NNS020723-19  Release Date: 7/23/2002 15:18:00

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  • 1821 - Lt. Robert F. Stockton sails aboard USS Alligator from Boston to West Africa, to suppress the African slave trade and select and acquire territory to resettle former slaves in their native continent. The land eventually purchased by Stockton and Dr. Eli Ayers of the American Colonization Society becomes the Republic of Liberia.

    1943 - TBF and F4F aircraft from VC-9 based onboard USS Card (CVE 11) attack four German submarines -- U-460, U-264, U-422, and U-455 -- north of the Azores. Also on this date, PV 1 aircraft from VB-128 sink German submarine U-336 southwest of Iceland.

    1943 - Aircraft from USS Ranger (CV 4) attack convoys in the harbor of Bod, Norway during Operation Leader, sinking German tankers, steamships, and freight barges. This mission is the only Navy carrier operation in northern European waters during World War II. USS Corry (DD 463) provided escort support.

    1976 - USS Jonas Ingram (DD 938) rescues seven survivors of a Finnish motor craft that sank in the Baltic Sea.

    1991 - USS Arkansas (CGN 41), USNS Sioux (T-ATF 171), USS Aubrey Fitch (FFG 34) and Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 6 (HS 6) rescue personnel on merchant ships in three different rescue operations in the Arabian Sea.

    1998 - U.S. and Algerian navies conduct the first bilateral exercise - a search and rescue operation involving USS Mitscher (DDG 57) -- since Algerian independence in 1962.