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  • Greenert Explains Value of Presence, Danger of Cuts

    Presence remains the mandate of the Navy and the service must operate forward "when and where it matters," the chief naval officer testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee here today. Get more information by visiting
  • DoD Launches Child Care Website to Ease Moving Transitions

    As military families move frequently and face a host of concerns, finding child care can be one of the greatest challenges, Barbara Thompson, director of military community and policy's office of family policy/children and youth/special needs, said. Read the full story at
  • Game On: Virtual Trainer Takes Serious Approach to Electronic Warfare

    Missiles are launched at a Navy ship, and Sailors must decide in a matter of seconds how to keep from getting hit. A serious game sponsored by the Office of Naval Research is receiving accolades for preparing Sailors for exactly this scenario. To read more visit
  • New Study Will Help Researchers Change Face of Military Training

    The Office of Naval Research (ONR) this week launched a study that could lead to breakthroughs in creating the next-generation of avatars, robots and other human surrogates for military training. For more information go to
  • Personnel Exchange Program (PEP)

    Looking for an exciting experience that will take you to new places? Get all the details on the Personnel Exchange Program at
  • CNP to Hold Worldwide All-Hands Call

    The Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) is scheduled to speak with Sailors around the world in an all-hands call broadcasting and streaming online live Feb. 3 at 1 p.m. EST. Get all of the details at
  • Navy Wounded Warrior (NWW) -- Safe Harbor

    Did you know? Navy Wounded Warrior (NWW)--Safe Harbor will support you and your shipmates when the unexpected occurs. NWW assists those who are seriously ill and injured, in addition to those wounded in combat. Learn more at or call 855-NAVY WWP.
  • Sailor Career Toolbox

    The Navy's Sailor Career Toolbox allows Sailors to manage personnel and career information, enhance professional and personnel growth and explore career opportunities. Get step-by-step user information at
  • SECNAV Establishes Task Force Innovation

    Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Ray Mabus announced the establishment of Task Force Innovation (TFI) within the Department of the Navy Jan. 22. Get the full story at
  • Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) Talks Supply and Habitability

    The Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) recently released the third edition of its bi-monthly newsletter focusing on supply and habitability and the goods from 2014. INSURV's electronic newsletters provide tips from the deck plates, highlight successful inspections and good things happening in the Fleet with relation to inspections or trials. Learn more at
  • Establishment of the Naval Strategy Subspecialty

    The Navy announced the nomination of approximately 300 unrestricted line officers Jan. 15 for a newly established naval strategy subspecialty designation. The new subspecialty code 2300 or 2301 is being assigned to select unrestricted line officers based on experience obtained in specific strategist assignments or education received in advanced studies programs. NAVADMIN 011-15 details the requirements.
  • TRICARE Patients Must Attest to Health Care Coverage

    As tax season begins, Defense Department officials want to remind TRICARE beneficiaries of changes in the tax laws, which require all Americans to have health care insurance or potentially pay a tax penalty. For more information visit
  • Navy's Language, Regional Expertise and Culture Program

    Foreign language proficiency, regional expertise, and cultural capabilities are skills that are essential to DoD and Navy missions. The Navy's Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (LREC) program offers training opportunities to sailors who want to advance their career. To learn more go to
  • First-Term Assignment Policy

    First-term sailors can get the facts about the First-Term Assignment policy in MILPERSMAN 1306-126. View the policy form at
  • Plain Talk: Accurate Pay and Personnel Records

    NPC's series of Plain Talk articles has been updated with a User's Guide to Accurate Personnel/Pay Transactions and Sailors' Personnel Records. The article explains how to use the various tools and resources available to ensure accuracy in pay/personnel transactions and records. View the Plain Talk series at
  • CNP Talks Advancement, Deployment and Diversity With NBVC Sailors

    Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) Vice Adm. William Moran and Fleet Master Chief April Beldo visited Naval Base Ventura County, Jan. 20, talking with Seabees and the aviation community about advancement opportunities, uniform changes and deployment schedules. To learn more visit
  • Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE) offers free college tuition

    Sailors assigned to Type 2 or 4 duty may be eligible to participate in NCPACE, which offers college courses with tuition funded at 100%. Sailors are responsible only for the cost of textbooks and related materials. NCPACE courses do not impact Sailors' annual tuition assistance funding limits. Contact a Navy College Office for more information.
  • Command Operations Report Due March 1, File electronically.

    It's time to write your CNO-mandated Command Operations Report (COR) in order to meet the March 1 deadline. To make it easier for commands to fully comply with OPNAV 5750.12K, you can file yours electronically. For more details, see the Naval History and Heritage Command website here:
  • Women in Ships (WIS)

    Now more than ever, the opportunity for women to serve at sea is available. The Women In Ships Coordinator is responsible for administrative management of the rack allocation for operational units. Visit for more information.
  • 2015 Military Pay Charts

    The 2015 Military Pay Charts have been released and reflect the one percent raise for basic pay, basic allowance for housing, basic allowance for subsistence and the cost of living allowance rates for all pay grades O-6 and below, from the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act that President Barack Obama signed into law Dec. 19. For more information go to
  • Joint Services Transcript (JST) request process changing

    JST requests have been streamlined by moving the processing from the Virtual Education Center (VEC) to JST Operations in Pensacola, Fla. Navy Voluntary Education retains JST program management responsibilities. As of 15 DEC 2014, Sailors should send JST requests to, fax to (850) 473-6013 / DSN 753-6013 or visit the website at
  • New Program Offers Hometown Media Recognition for Sailors and Civilians of the Year

    The Navy honors thousands of Sailors and Navy civilians with Sailor, Junior Sailor, Bluejacket and Civilian of the Year honors. Through a new program, the Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO) stands ready to help Navy commands share these stories and photos with each honoree's hometown media. For more information, visit
  • 2015 Naval Leader Planning Guide released

    The Center for Personal and Professional Development has released the 2015 edition of the Naval Leader Planning Guide (NLPG). Commands can download the PDF from Navy Knowledge Online under the Leadership tab and are authorized to print it locally. For questions, email
  • Changes to Senior Enlisted Academy

    The Navy Senior Enlisted Academy is expanding its delivery format to afford every senior chief petty officer the opportunity to attend the SEA prior to selection to master chief petty officer. Its delivery format modified to nine weeks of distance learning online and three week residence. See NAVADMIN 266/14.

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  • 1944 - The Marshall Island Invasion begins with US Marine and Army troops landing at Kwajalein and Majuro atolls and then on Roi and Namur the following day. Vice Adm. Raymond A. Spruance, Task Force 50, commands the overall operation, while the landing force is under the command of Marine Maj. Gen. Holland M. Smith.

    1944 - USS Guest (DD 472) and USS Hudson (DD 475) sink the Japanese submarine I-171 off the Bismarck Archipelago. Also on this date, USS Trigger (SS 237) sinks the Japanese minelayer Nasami and damages a destroyer in the Central Pacific area, while USS Tullibee (SS 284) sinks the Japanese auxiliary netlayer Miro Maru north-northwest of Saipan

    1945 - USS Boarfish (SS 327) attacks Japanese HI 88 convoy and sinks freighter Enki Maru 50 miles southeast of Tourance, French Indochina. She also damages a cargo ship that runs aground and 14th Air Force aircraft destroys it the next day.

    1961 - Lt. Cmdr. Samuel Lee Gravely, Jr. becomes first African-American to command a combat ship, USS Falgout (DER 324). By 1976, he attains the rank of vice admiral.

    1968 - The main phase of the Tet Offensive begins as Communist Vietnamese troops attack military and civilian command and control centers throughout South Vietnam, attempting to incite an uprising in the general populace that will topple the Saigon government.

    1981 - The era of Enlisted Naval Aviators comes to a close when the last enlisted pilot, Master Chief Robert K. Jones, retires after 38 years of naval service.