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  • CNO and MCPON To Host Live All Hands Call

    CNO and MCPON will be having a world-wide all hands call 7 Oct. If you have questions for CNO or MCPON please email You can watch the all hands call live on starting at 1300 EST.
  • Sailors and Marines Authorized Hardship Duty Pay-Tempo

    To compensate Sailors and Marines for extended deployments driven by normal peacetime requirements, Hardship Duty Pay - Tempo (HDP-T) will be paid to Sailors and Marines, active duty and reserve, deployed beyond 220 consecutive days, effective Sept. 17, 2014.
  • Navy Announces Changes to High Year Tenure Policy

    The Navy announced changes to its High Year Tenure (HYT) policy in NAVADMIN 223/14, released Sept. 26. The IRR includes members of Navy Reserve Volunteer Training Units (VTUs) and the Navy Reserve's Active Status Pool (ASP). New rules impacting these members include making LOS limits apply to the IRR and establishing a ceiling for ASP Sailors not serving in the VTU.
  • Navy Personnel Command Assits Sailors Via Social Media

    Experts at Navy Personnel Command are ready to assist Sailors on any personnel-related topic, and the best way to get questions answered is via social media. Visit NPC on Facebook at, and Twitter @USNPeople. These sites not only allow NPC to push information to Sailors, but allow Sailors to provide feedback. Get your latest NPC news by following them on Facebook and Twitter.
  • FMS - 7 Things Sailors Should Know

    This spring, based on Fleet feedback, Navy revised the Final Multiple Score (FMS), the weighted formula used to select Sailors for advancement. The new formula rewards sustained superior performance and increases the role of the command triad in the advancement of Sailors, officials said, Sept. 25.
  • New Brace Restoring Quality of Life and Service

    At Naval Medical Center San Diego, patients who once had to endure extreme lower leg pain and an inability to walk are now up, running and even returning to active duty status. The secret to their success is due in part to the new Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis, or IDEO™, and the staff at NMCSD working to get these service members back on their feet.
  • Naval War College Seeking Papers on Women, Peace, Security

    The U.S. Naval War College is issuing a 'call for papers' in preparation for its third annual Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Conference Series held in Newport, Rhode Island, April 16-17, 2015. Individuals who have an interest or experience in issues pertaining to WPS are encouraged to submit papers. Submission guidelines can be found at
  • Navy Announces Changes to High Year Tenure Policy

    The Navy announced changes to its High Year Tenure (HYT) policy in NAVADMIN 223/14, released Sept. 26. All changes are enumerated in MILPERSMAN (MPM) article 1160-120, the Navy's HYT policy.

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  • 1844 - The Naval Observatory, headed by Lt. Matthew F. Maury, occupies its first permanent quarters in the Foggy Bottom district of Washington, D.C. before it moves nearly 50 years later to its present location north of Georgetown.

    1880 - John Philip Sousa becomes the leader of the United States Marine Band, serving until 1892 when he left to tour with his own civilian concert band. During World War I, he enters the Navy as a lieutenant and serves as musical director at Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

    1942 - USS Roe (DD 418) rescues 17 merchant seamen and two Naval Armed Guard sailors of the freighter SS West Chetac who drifted off the coast of Brazil for eight days after their vessel is sunk by German submarine U 175.

    1955 - USS Forrestal (CVA 59), the first postwar super-carrier, is commissioned. In 1975, Forrestal is redesignated as (CV 59) until 1993 when she is decommissioned.

    1980 - USS Cochrane (DDG-21) rescues 104 Vietnamese refugees 620 miles east of Saigon.

    1990 - USS Independence (CV 62) transits the Strait of Hormuz en route to the Persian Gulf, a first for a carrier since 1974.