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  • New Navy Standardized FPO Mail Address Format

    Navy Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses for ships, mobile units and ashore FPOs are being converted to an address format compatible with the U.S. Postal Service's (USPS) address system, according to a Nov. 18 NAVADMIN message. More information is available at FPOs and at
  • Modernizing Enlisted Detailing

    Navy Detailers will implement Billet Based Distribution (BBD) to allow leadership to better align Sailors to positions and make better-informed detailing decisions. BBD will replace or modify many old personnel systems allowing for greater flexibility and improve our ability to react to unexpected issues. For info, visit
  • Fix Your Credit Score

    Your credit score can be as haunting as it is helpful to know, and it can determine the course of your financial destiny. The way a credit score affects an individual directly is best demonstrated with interest rates, and Sailors with bad credit often end up paying more for things than people with good credit. For more tips, visit
  • Women Leaders Needed for Shore Special Programs

    Career opportunities for active-duty female Sailors are abundant with the Women Ashore program, Navy detailers said Nov. 12. Current available billets are Instructor Duty at Training Support Center (TSC) Great Lakes, Transient Personnel Units (TPU) and Navy Consolidated Brigs (NAVCONBRIG). For more information, visit
  • Sailors Eligible for Hardship Duty Pay - Tempo

    Eligible Sailors will begin receiving Hardship Duty Pay - Tempo (HDP-T) in their December midmonth paycheck. It is authorized for Sailors and Marines, active duty and reserve, deployed beyond 220 consecutive days as of Sept. 17. Sailors and Marines will receive HDP-T on a prorated daily basis of $16.50, not to exceed a monthly rate of $495. For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit
  • November is Warrior Care Month

    Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus named November 2014 Warrior Care Month in ALNAV message 076/14. Join Navy Wounded Warrior -- Safe Harbor, the Navy's wounded warrior support program, in saluting our seriously wounded, ill and injured shipmates this month. Visit to learn more.
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Flat Rate Per Diem

    To provide an incentive to Sailors and civilians on long-term temporary duty assignment (TDY) to seek out extended-stay lodgings, the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) was changed Nov. 1. For more information, visit
  • Submit Tuition Assistance (TA) Requests Now for Upcoming Winter Courses

    Sailors planning to request TA for courses beginning in December and January should begin the application process as soon as possible to ensure their application has enough processing time and TA funding is available. Have questions? Contact a Navy College Office or the Virtual Education Center for more information.
  • INSURV's Latest Newsletter

    INSURV will now communicate with the Fleet through a light-hearted e-newsletter that includes tips from the inspection process. It provides Sailors with inspection-related information and stories of successful inspections to share valuable insights. Each month, we provide tips from the deck plates and expert advice. This edition focuses on engineering and inspection links:
  • Update to Hardship Pay for Sailors on Extended Deployments

    SECNAV has authorized Hardship Duty Pay Tempo (HDP-T) for Sailors, active and reserve, who are deployed beyond 220 consecutive days. HDP-T will be paid at a rate of $495 per month, prorated daily. MILPERSMAN 7220-075 outlines the procedures and processes for disbursement funds and can be found here:
  • Changes to Senior Enlisted Academy

    The Navy Senior Enlisted Academy is expanding its delivery format to afford every senior chief petty officer the opportunity to attend the SEA prior to selection to master chief petty officer. Its delivery format modified to nine weeks of distance learning online and three week residence. See NAVADMIN 266/14.
  • On the Minds of the MC Detailers

    Do you need to adjust your PRD? Submit your request AT LEAST 12 months prior to PRD so your Detailer has time to process accordingly. Find the Form NAVPERS 1306 here:
  • Video Message to Command PASS Coordinators

    Leadership from Pers-2 has a message to all CPCs across the fleet. Please follow the link:!/video.php?v=10154871770410584&set=vb.116392945583&type=2&theater, and choose your CPCs carefully. CPCs serve a pivotal role in your Commands, and have a direct effect on your Sailors' pay and benefits; equip them with the right tools to perform their job.
  • FTS Aviation Command Retention Bonus

    NAVADMIN 267/14 announces the restoration of the Full Time Support Aviation Command Retention Bonus. Read the message at

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  • 1777 - During the American Revolution, the Continental sloop Ranger, commanded by John Paul Jones, captures the British brig Mary. Two days later, Ranger captures the British brig George. The prizes are then sent to Bordeaux and Nantes.

    1861 - During the Civil War, CSS Sumter evades the steam sloop-of-war Iroquois at Martinique then steams for Europe.

    1914 - The title "Director of Naval Aeronautics" is established to designate the officer in charge of Naval Aviation. Capt. Mark L. Bristol, already serving in that capacity, is ordered to report to the Secretary of the Navy under the new title.

    1940 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt appoints Adm. William D. Leahy, then retired, as the U.S. Ambassador to Vichy France in an attempt to prevent the French fleet and naval bases from falling into German hands. Upon Leahy's return to the U.S. in April 1942, he is recalled to active service as the senior member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    1943 - The U.S. Navy enlisted rating of Ship's Servicemen (SH) is established. Ship's Servicemen manage and operate retail and service activities afloat, along with managing and operating the ship's barber, laundry, and tailor shops.

    1944 - USS Bang (SS 385) sinks Japanese freighter Sakae Maru and transport Amakusa Maru, USS Redfish (SS 395) sinks freighter Hozan Maru, and USS Picuda (SS 382) sinks freighters Fukuju Maru and Shuyo Maru.