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  • We've Moved - Our Website, That Is

    Navy Personnel Command's (NPC) website has a new home - on the cloud. The address for the NPC site is, and once on the page visitors can navigate to their desired pages and save new bookmarks. For more news from Navy Personnel Command, visit
  • Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Data Breach Information

    In April OPM learned of a cybersecurity breach affecting its systems and data that may have compromised the personal information of current and former federal employees. The DON recognizes the seriousness of these breaches and will provide access to timely and accurate information at DON leaders will also communicate with the Navy community through a variety of channels.
  • Navy Career Intermission Program

    With the Career Intermission Program sailors can take up to 3 years off to pursue personal and professional goals. Benefits include: active duty health and dental care for sailors and their families, a monthly stipend, and a PCS to the location of your choice. You can also use the G.I. Bill to continue your education while in the program. If interested check out NAVADMIN 198/13 for program guidelines.
  • Updating Your Family Care Plan

    Service members are responsible for ensuring their family members and dependents are properly cared for during deployments or whenever the service member is unavailable. Sailors must submit a new or updated Family Care Plan upon reporting to a new duty station, when there is a change in caregiver, or a change in personal or family circumstances. To find out more about family care plans view NAVADMIN 281/14.
  • Weekly Wire Rundown: Career Intermission Program, Female Uniform Changes and More

    The Weekly Wire Rundown is a weekly video blog from Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP), highlighting top stories affecting Sailors and their families. See this week's video at Subscribe to the print edition, @USNPeople Weekly Wire, by emailing For more CNP news visit
  • Improved Personal Wi-Fi Service Coming to Navy Lodging, MWR Facilities Worldwide

    NEXCOM and ViaSat are upgrading Wi-Fi services on Navy bases worldwide, June 26. The upgraded Wi-Fi will be located in Navy Lodges, unaccompanied housing, Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) and MWR facilities. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) feature will allow guests free in-room phone calls to and from the U.S. while staying at NGIS or Navy Lodges. Visit
  • Navy Engineer Patents Innovative Data Transfer System

    New invention called Light Information Transmitting Optical System could help the Navy to increase classified systems security for data by sending it correctly in a fast, efficient and reliable manner. LITOS allows for longer distance, higher speed communications without the constraints of wires to transmit information or data. Read more about the system at
  • Navy Installations Going Green With Vehicle Fleets

    Partnering with Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), Navy Installations Command (NIC) is implementing several energy saving initiatives including investments in alternate fuel infrastructure, vehicle monitoring systems, replacement of vehicles with hybrid electric vehicles, and increasing awareness among government vehicle drivers. Get more details at
  • Navy Warns Sailors About the Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs

    The Prescription for Discharge campaign educates Sailors and their families on proper use of prescription drugs and how to avoid health and career risks due to misuse. While legal when taken as prescribed, they are illegal if used improperly and can lead to death. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction contact your local substance abuse rehab program counselor or military treatment facility.
  • Female Uniform Initiatives - 8 Things to Know

    Several female uniform changes are on the way including a "choker" style Service Dress White uniform for officers and chiefs, recently showcased at the U.S. Naval Academy graduation and a Cracker-Jack style Service Dress Blues for E6 and below appearing next year. Other Sailor and Fleet requested design improvements are in the pipeline. Find out the 8 things to know about these changes at
  • Calling all Creatives! Show the Navy What Responsible Drinking Means to You

    The Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Office is hosting a contest for Sailors to submit their ideas for a new poster and slogan for the Keep What You've Earned campaign. All sailors are encouraged to participate and help your shipmates make smart decisions about responsible drinking. Email submissions and questions to by Aug 31. Learn more about the contest by visiting the NADAP webpage.
  • An Honest Talk About PMS: Planned Maintenance System Struggles and How You Can Help

    Experts are revamping the PMS process, but need review and are standing by for feedback from experienced Sailors. There is a milBook page where Sailors can check for latest updates, watch videos, take surveys and open up discussions. It takes 30 seconds to register at and search "Reinvigorating Shipboard PMS." Or Sailors can send feedback through email to
  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding OPM Data Breach

    During the ongoing investigation into the breach of the Office of Personnel Management's computer networks-including information related to the background investigations of current, former, and prospective Federal government employees-OPM is updating its Frequently Asked Questions feature as new information becomes available. Current questions/answers can be found at
  • Advancement Quotas for Chief Released: 4,170 Sailors Will Put On Anchors

    The active duty FY 2016 E7 selection board convened June 22 to review the records of over 17,600 active duty E6 Sailors to fill about 4,100 quotas for advancement to Chief Petty Officer. Overall advancement opportunity is at 23.64 percent for this cycle, a .45 percentage point drop from last cycle and above the 10-year average of 21.94 percent. View quotas at
  • Sailors Need to Know What is in Their E-Cig Before They Inhale

    E-cigs, and personal vaporizers (PVs) are electronic nicotine delivery systems providing battery-powered doses of nicotine and other additives to the user in an aerosol. Products containing THC are now marketed for e-cigs as "hash oil," "cannabis oil," and "marijuana oil." Use of such products by Navy personnel is illegal and can raise a host of problems including physical and mental.
  • It's Hurricane Season. Are You Ready?

    The National Hurricane Center predicts five hurricanes for the Atlantic region this year. When it comes to planning for this natural disaster, Sailors should ensure their families are familiar with shelter locations, evacuation routes and how to prepare homes in advance of the storm. A critical part of planning for a hurricane is having an evacuation route, should there be a need for family members to flee a storm.
  • Free Domestic and International Flights with Space-A Travel

    The Space Available Travel, or Space-A, program offers active and reserve duty service members, DoD civilians and their families' non-commercial flights to destinations around the world. Service members may use this program for free subject to the program rules and regulations. To view information on how to use Space-A Travel, visit the Air Mobility Command's website at
  • Viewing Your Profile Sheet Just Got Easier

    The Navy Advancement Center introduced a new feature that automatically emails you when your profile sheet is updated. You can access the profile sheet link through the NKO Portal where you can also register for the email notifications. This service allows you to stay informed of all profile updates and advancement status changes. To access your profile sheet or sign up for notifications go to
  • Weekly Wire Rundown: Meritorious Advancement Program, Lower NWU Requirement

    The Weekly Wire Rundown is a weekly video blog from Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP), highlighting top stories affecting Sailors and their families. See this week's video at Subscribe to the print edition, @USNPeople Weekly Wire, by emailing For more CNP news visit
  • COOL Helps Put Your Navy Skills to Use after Service

    Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online, or Navy COOL, is a way for you to use your Navy training and experience for future employment opportunities. Navy COOL provides sailors the chance to earn certifications and licenses that can assist in finding civilian jobs. Most credentials can be covered by the GI Bill, or funded through the Navy COOL office. Visit for more details.
  • 5 Things to Know About the Meritorious Advancement Program

    As part of the Navy's on-going talent management initiatives and to empower the command triad to advance their top performing Sailors, the Command Advancement Program (CAP) is being changed in name and scope to the expanded Meritorious Advancement Program (MAP). Read about the 5 things you should know about MAP, announced in NAVADMIN 141/15, at
  • Before You PCS Be Sure to Prepare for the Move Right Away

    Peak PCS season is on its way and a lot of sailors are heading to new commands. Whether your move is days, weeks or months away, make a check list of things you need to do. Budget in advance, contact your transportation office, and find out what the military will cover and if you will need to pay out of pocket. Make your life easier by contacting your sponsor and visiting as soon as you get your orders.
  • "Keep What You've Earned" Campaign Promotes Safe Drinking

    Heavy drinking can lead to a lack of control and end in jail time, discharge, injury or death for you or an innocent bystander. A dumb decision takes seconds to make but the effects can last a lifetime. "Keep What You've Earned" encourages sailors to drink responsibly by focusing on the accomplishments they've made. Plan ahead before you drink. Save your life or someone else's. Visit NPC website for more.
  • DTMO Announces Integrated Lodging Pilot Program; Military, Civilian Travelers Impacted

    Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), the Navy's Defense Travel System (DTS) program management office, announced Navy military and civilian personnel in certain locations in the United States are taking part in a Defense Department (DoD) integrated Lodging Program Pilot. Read more about the pilot program at
  • Department of the Navy Talent Management Initiatives

    Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus recently announced the implementation of multiple DON initiatives that will "promote a healthy, agile and innovative organization capable of attracting, growing and keeping the talent needed to address the national security challenges of the future." Read more of the ALNAV at
  • Summer is Coming; Think Safety

    From Memorial Day through Labor Day we enjoy all types of warm weather events, but summer is also a critical time for injuries. More mishaps occur during these 101 days than they do in the whole year. In 2014 there were 22 summer fatalities between the Navy and Marine Corps. Anybody not accustomed to heat is at risk for heat related illness. That is why safety is so important. For more go to
  • Weekly Wire Rundown: Preventing Identity Theft, New and Improved TAP, and More

    The Weekly Wire Rundown is a weekly video blog from Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP), highlighting top stories affecting Sailors and their families. See this week's video at Subscribe to the print edition, @USNPeople Weekly Wire, by emailing For more CNP news visit
  • Book Discounted Getaway Vacations with the Armed Forces Vacation Club

    Have you ever dreamed of taking a vacation far from the worries of day to day life? The question is how do you fit an extravagant vacation into a military family budget? Armed Forces Vacation Club works in conjunction with Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) to offer vacation deals to service members and their families as low as $350 for 7 days to locations all over the world. Check them out at
  • Blue Star Museum Offers Free Admission to Active Duty Service Members

    More than 2,000 museums are participating in the 6th Annual Blue Star Museum Program. Each year from Memorial Day through Labor Day, Blue Star Museums around the nation open their doors free of charge to service members and their families. Even if active duty service members are on deployment or out to sea, your family can still participate. Visit to find a museum near you.
  • Use Your Leave Now or Be Prepared To Lose It October 1

    Since 2008 Sailors have been allowed to carry over up to 75 days of leave each fiscal year. At the end of fiscal year 2015 leave carry over will reduce to 60 days. Service members' LES may have an incorrect use/lose leave balance; DFAS is reprogramming pay systems to account for the 60 day leave carry over by June 2015. Sailors should check their LES and talk with their CPC to help understand the use/lose balance.
  • Sailors Compete for GMT Video Honors

    The Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) is sponsoring a competition for a new General Military Training (GMT) video on hazing beginning April 27 through July 31. The contest is open to all active duty and reserve Sailors. Detailed contest rules, submission instructions, information, format requirements, technical and legal requirements for entries can be found on the NETC website at

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This Day in Naval History - Jul 04 History RSS

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  • 1776 - The Second Continental Congress unanimously adopts the Declaration of Independence, which announces the colonies' separation from Great Britain.

    1777 - The crew aboard the sloop of war Ranger hoist the first Stars and Stripes flag on board a Continental warship at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The ship is commanded by Capt. John Paul Jones.

    1801 - President Thomas Jefferson holds the first Presidential Review of U.S. Marine Band and Marines at the White House, Washington, District of Columbia.

    1863 - During the Civil War, the Confederates surrender Vicksburg, Miss., following a lengthy bombardment and siege by Union naval and land forces. The surrender gives the Union control of the Mississippi River. President Abraham Lincoln writes, ''The Father of Waters again goes unvexed to the sea.''

    1944 - USS David W. Taylor (DD 551) and USS Riddle (DE 185) sink Japanese submarine (I 10) while attempting an evacuation mission to Saipan, 100 miles east-northeast of her destination.

    1991 - USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) is commissioned at the waterfront of downtown Norfolk, Va. The guided-missile destroyer is the lead ship of her class and named for the former Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Arleigh Burke, who attends the ships commissioning ceremony.

    1992 - USS George Washington (CVN 73) is commissioned at Norfolk, Va. The ships sponsor is First Lady Barbara Bush. The sixth carrier in the Nimitz-class of supercarriers, it is the fourth warship to be named after the first president of the United States. The GW is currently homeported at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan.

    1994 - USS Squall (PC 7) is commissioned at St. Louis, Mo. The seventh Cyclone-class patrol craft is currently homeported at Naval Support Activity Bahrain.