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  • Latest Info for Sailors and Families on ISIS List

    In light of the recent incident where the names and addresses of 36 sailors were posted on a website claiming to be friendly to the ISIS cause, The Director of Navy Staff VADM Scott H. Swift released a message stressing the need to focus responsive effort on productive, appropriate and necessary measures. Read the NAVADMIN at
  • Plan for CAP - 4 Things to Know

    Now is the time for command triads to start planning on how to use their Command Advancement Program (CAP) quotas to advance their top Sailors when CAP season begins July 1. To find out the four things commanding officers (CO) should know about CAP go to
  • CNP Weekly Wire Rundown

    The Weekly Wire Rundown is a weekly video blog from the Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel, highlighting top stories affecting Sailors and their families. See this week's video at Subscribe to the print edition, @USNPeople Weekly Wire, by emailing For more CNP news go to
  • High Year Tenure (HYT) Program

    Want to know if you're eligible for High Year Tenure (HYT)? Get the facts at including benefits, resources and how to apply.
  • Verify your OMPF and ESR

    NPC has posted detailed instructions to assist you in reviewing your personnel record. The guide provides a step-by-step inventory of your OMPF and ESR for you to review for completeness and accuracy. The guide is available at Click on "Personnel Records Review."
  • 5 Tips: Sponsorship

    NPC offers a variety of "5 Tips" guides under their Command Careers Counselors page. Once assigned as a sponsor, Sailors need to accept the accept the sponsorship of a prospective gain. Visit and click on "Sponsor Assignment" for more information.
  • On the Minds of the AO Detailers

    Motivated Sailors with great communications skills are needed for challenging RDC and Recruiting Duty positions where you could earn bonus cash and lead Sailors. If interested, contact your Detailer 10-13 months prior to your PRD. For more on Recruiting: For more on RDC:
  • VBSS Boarding Officer Course Restructured

    The Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR) announced the successful implementation of changes to the Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) Boarding Officer course, March 20. You can read the full story at
  • CNO's Navy Leader Development Strategy Advances at Naval War College

    The way ahead for implementing the Navy Leader Development Strategy (NLDS) across the Navy began to take shape March 17-19, during an initial working group meeting at U.S. Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island. See more on NLDS, created to provide a common framework for comprehensive and enduring leader development across all Navy communities, at
  • On the Minds of the AO Detailers

    From the AO Detailers: Motivated Sailors are needed for RDC and recruiting duty, contact your detailer 10-13 months before your PRD; Interested in the Overseas Tour Extension Incentive Program or need to extend your PRD to match your EAOS, submit all personal requests via Form 1306/7 to your detailer 10-12 month before your PRD; ensure all your contact information is up-to-date in CMS/ID.
  • 2015 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) Toolkit

    Commander, Navy Installations Command Headquarters' (CNIC HQ) Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) is proud to present the 3rd edition of the SAAPM Toolkit for Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs), with the goal of providing even more new ideas and resources to enhance SAPR Program awareness and prevention efforts. View the full packet by visiting
  • Four Things to Know about Operations Security and Your Privacy

    Online searches. Public records. Social media. And more. Each presents a unique challenge to protect Operations Security and your privacy. It's always a good time to ensure you're practicing good habits to better protect both. Find out what these tips are in the Navy Live blog at
  • Command Pay/Personnel Administrative Support System (PASS) Coordinator (CPC)

    Did you PCS this year? Turn in your Complete Travel Claim as soon as you check into your new Command! Your CPC will help verify your Claim and forward to PSD. Check out NPC's Pay Pers Support page at for more details.
  • The Board of Inspection and Survey's 'INSURV Insights' Talks Cybersecurity, Zone Inspections and More

    The Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) released the fourth edition of the INUSRV Insights newsletter discussing The Transition to the Optimized Fleet Response Plan, Cybersecurity, Zone Inspections, and IFOM and Ship Capable Scores. For tips from the deck plates, expert advice from a "Crusty Old Salt" and to celebrate victories from within the Fleet go to
  • Saving Stress, the Heart Healthy Way

    March is Heart Health Month, but maintaining a healthy heart should be a daily priority. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which estimates this killer, claims approximately one life every minute. Visit to get the facts on heart health.
  • Post-9/11 GI Bill Instruction Updated, Gives Easy Steps to Transfer Benefits

    Navy leaders announced March 20 an update to the instruction governing the Post-9/11 GI Bill Educational Assistance Program which outlines specific steps for Sailors to follow to properly transfer their benefits to family members. Get the new guidance information at
  • SURFLANT Training Highlights the Importance of Bystander Intervention

    Commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic (SURFLANT) Sailors participated in a series of peer-led, Bystander Intervention to the Fleet (BI2F) training sessions, which began in mid-February and concludes in early April. BI2F training is required for all active duty and reserve personnel who must complete the training no later than Sept. 30, 2015. Read more at
  • Joint Dental Conference Benefits Dentists, Patients

    Naval Medical Center Portsmouth welcomed the 2014 Hampton Roads Federal Services Dental Continuing Education Conference March 9 - 10. The two-day event drew 160 dentists from the Navy, Air Force, Army, Public Health Service, Coast Guard and Veterans Affairs. See all the details by visiting
  • Navy Nutrition: Avoiding Fad Diets

    As a quick fix, some people turn to fad diets or a miracle pill, but is it really the smart way to go about losing weight? As part of Navy Nutrition Month, it is pertinent that service members attain the correct information about their nutrition and health lifestyle. Get the facts here:
  • New Billet Based Distribution Page Available

    NPC website has launched a new Billet Based Distribution page that includes links to a BBD overview and will feature user guides and other valuable information in the future. Sailors need to remember the CMS/ID process will not change and requisitions advertised will include slightly more information. Read more here: Pages/default2.aspx.
  • Liberty Policy Updated

    MILPERSMAN 1050-290 has been updated and provides Commanding Officers more clarification and authority to manage their Sailors and meet mission requirements. Examples include granting special liberty after extended deployments or time away from homeport, rewarding exceptional performance, or any special circumstance determined by the CO. For more visit
  • Navy Announces April SAAPM 2015 Theme

    Navy leaders announced March 16 the Department of Defense 2015 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) theme of "Eliminate Sexual Assault: Know your part. Do your part." Visit to see more on this story.
  • CNO, CNP Discuss Talent Management During Conversation with a Shipmate

    On this episode of "Conversation with a Shipmate," CNO Adm. Greenert and Chief of Naval Personnel Adm. Moran discuss Navy personnel issues. Modernization of personnel systems, technical training, enriching organizational culture, women in service and potential changes to the Physical Fitness Assessment are all covered. Watch on DTS or online:
  • Navy Tests Expanded Fitness and Child Care Hours

    Beginning next month Navy Installations Command will extend Child Youth Center and MWR Fitness Center hours of operation in several locations as part of a pilot program to provide greater services to support Sailors and their families. View more information by visiting
  • eDIVO Mobile App for U.S. Navy DIVOs and CPOs Now Available

    The Navy launched a new app named eDIVO, designed to provide DIVOs and CPOs with quick access to information and resources all located within one mobile application. The eDIVO app, available for free in both the Apple and Google Play Store, and works disconnected thus enabling use anywhere, whether ashore or afloat. Read more here:
  • Never too Late to Save

    Although Military Saves Week at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay wrapped up Feb. 28, it is never too late to start saving money and becoming financially stable. For more information go to To learn more about ways to save money or to receive financial assistance, visit the Kings Bay FFSC or by calling the financial educator at 912-573-9783.
  • Public Health Center Announces Revitalized ShipShape Program

    The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) announced the launch of the revitalized ShipShape Program, March 9. The ShipShape Program helps participants achieve healthy weight loss and maintain a healthy weight by facilitating changes in eating and exercise habits. Read more about this program by visiting
  • Reserve Component to Active Component Change Program

    Reserve Sailors interested in transitioning to active duty can apply for augmentation to the Active Component online through For all inquiries contact NPC Customer Service Center at (866)-u-ask-npc or email
  • 2015 Spring Intelligence Community Awards

    Navy is seeking nominations for the 2015 Herman Dworkin Award for Maritime Analytic Excellence, the Rear Admiral Edwin T. Layton Leadership Award, the Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor Award for Leadership, and the Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor Award for Excellence in Intelligence Instruction. NAVADMIN 056/15 at has more.
  • SWO Bonus Reauthorized

    Navy has reauthorized the Revised Surface Warfare Officer Critical Skills Retention Bonus (RSWOCSRB) in NAVADMIN 057/15 allowing contracts to again be written. Authority for the bonus lapsed in December due to staffing delays in coordinating the approval for reauthorization. Go to for further details.
  • Standard Operating Procedures Available to Assist Personnel Actions

    The Pay and Personnel Administrative Support System (PASS) program has created more than 30 standard operating procedures (SOP) to help Sailors perform their day-to-day personnel activities like travel claims and updating records Navy administrators said recently. Visit for more details.
  • SPAWAR FRD Improves Shipboard Combat Readiness

    Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) integrated a system of systems operability testing (SOT) capability for combatant ships onboard USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54), which just completed an availability and sea trial period utilizing the new SOT combat readiness testing, Mar. 6.
  • Commands; Wants to Recognize Your Reserve Sailors

    If you have a Reserve Sailor serving with your command, wants to know! Submit a story with photo or photo with deep cutline to your Public Affairs Officer or PA shop telling us what that Sailor does and how they support their Navy when mobilized. Be sure to include hometown and high school name/year of graduation and use #NR100.
  • Year of the Military Diver Celebration

    The following are celebrations and anniversaries for 2015: Year of the Military Diver (#YOTMD) 100th Anniversary of the Mark V 70th Anniversary of the Navy base in Panama City, Florida 40th Anniversary of Women in Navy Diving 35th Anniversary of the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center
  • Leave Use or Lose Carry Over

    Since 2008 Sailors have been allowed to carryover up to 75 days of leave each fiscal year as authorized by Congress. That authorization will end at the end of fiscal year 2015 after which leave carryover will revert to 60 days. In general, any leave balance in excess of 60 days on September 30, 2015 will be lost. Talk with the Command Pass Coordinator (CPC) for help understanding your correct use/lose balance.
  • Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE) offers free college tuition

    Sailors assigned to Type 2 or 4 duty may be eligible to participate in NCPACE, which offers college courses with tuition funded at 100%. Sailors are responsible only for the cost of textbooks and related materials. NCPACE courses do not impact Sailors' annual tuition assistance funding limits. Contact a Navy College Office for more information.
  • Joint Services Transcript (JST) request process changing

    JST requests have been streamlined by moving the processing from the Virtual Education Center (VEC) to JST Operations in Pensacola, Fla. Navy Voluntary Education retains JST program management responsibilities. As of 15 DEC 2014, Sailors should send JST requests to, fax to (850) 473-6013 / DSN 753-6013 or visit the website at
  • New Program Offers Hometown Media Recognition for Sailors and Civilians of the Year

    The Navy honors thousands of Sailors and Navy civilians with Sailor, Junior Sailor, Bluejacket and Civilian of the Year honors. Through a new program, the Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO) stands ready to help Navy commands share these stories and photos with each honoree's hometown media. For more information, visit
  • Changes to Senior Enlisted Academy

    The Navy Senior Enlisted Academy is expanding its delivery format to afford every senior chief petty officer the opportunity to attend the SEA prior to selection to master chief petty officer. Its delivery format modified to nine weeks of distance learning online and three week residence. See NAVADMIN 266/14.

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  • 1814 - British frigates HMS Phoebe and HMS Cherub capture the frigate USS Essex, commanded by Capt. David Porter, off Valparaiso, Chile after blockading the ship for six weeks.

    1944 - Submarines USS Barb (SS 220) and USS Silversides (SS 236) sink Japanese cargo freighter Fukusei Maru off Rasa Island and Japanese cargo ship Kairyu Maru off Manokwari, New Guinea, respectively.

    1944 - USS Sitkoh Bay (CVE 86) is commissioned. She later supports the Iwo Jima and Okinawa campaigns during World War II and serves during the Korean War.

    1953 - USS Philippine Sea (CV 47), USS Princeton (CV 37), and USS Oriskany (CV 34) launch 216 sorties against a North Korean supply depot during the Korean War.

    1991 - The first US Navy carrier battle groups return to CONUS following action during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) battle group returns to Norfolk, Va., and the USS Saratoga (CV 60) battle group returns to Mayport, Fla.