Logistics Specialist Rate Training Conducted Aboard George Washington

Story Number: NNS090925-20Release Date: 9/25/2009 5:06:00 PM
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By Blake Vives, Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan, Public Affairs

YOKOSUKA, Japan (NNS) -- U.S. Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Yokosuka postal clerks (PCs) acquired new supply and logistics experience aboard USS George Washington (CVN 73) Sept. 21, in preparation for the rating merger of storekeeper (SK) and PC rates into the new logistics specialist (LS) rate.

The rating merger to LS becomes official Oct. 1.

"As SKs, we deal with a lot of data and a lot of technical codes that are essential to doing the job, and the goal in doing this training is to make sure PCs have the basic knowledge to operate as LSs," said Senior Chief Storekeeper (SW/AW) Adrian Pecadeso.

Pecadeso conducted the PC training aboard George Washington.

"It is my pleasure to do this training," he said. "I am trained as an instructor, and I am glad that I can impart this SK knowledge."

The merger offers many new opportunities to PCs, including better advancement opportunities and a wider selection of duty stations.

"From a personal standpoint for me, being 21 years into the rate of postal clerk, it's kind of a sad occasion to see my rate go away; but on the positive side, it's obviously for the better," said Chief Postal Clerk (SW/AW) Mike Beando. "The rate merger will enhance advancement opportunities. We will have a lot more opportunities to get billets stateside. So, overall it's a great deal - it is just a little sad."

Beando served as a liaison between the George Washington and FISC Yokosuka to arrange for the shore Sailors to receive training aboard the carrier.

"SKs and PCs have similar jobs, and we work with the SKs all of the time. We do a lot of inventories, and we order supplies," he said. "So, the rate merger goes hand in hand with the way the SKs and PCs already function."

This training comes ahead of the first LS advancement exam, which is expected to be administered at the beginning of 2010. Active duty Sailors took their last PC and SK exams this past September.

"I just took the PC3 [postal clerk third class] exam," said PC training class participant FISC Yokosuka Postal Clerk Seaman David Carter. "For Sailors who are taking the new LS exam next March this training is really going to benefit them as far as knowledge and give them a leg up."

Carter said he believes younger PCs may find the transition easier.

"I would think the merger might be tougher for someone who has been in a lot longer," he said. "I have been in just a little over a year so I hope it will be easier for me to make the transition to LS. Overall I think it is going to be ok, especially with this training."

It is anticipated the LS advancement exams will consist of a majority of SK knowledge.

"I definitely think this training is useful," said PC training class participant FISC Yokosuka Postal Clerk Seaman Matthew Carlock. "We do essentially the same jobs but there are a lot of fundamentals that are drastically different and I hope this training will bridge the gap."

According to FISC Yokosuka Regional Postal Manager Dale Pinchart, in addition to this recent class, George Washington also provided FISC the opportunity to assign three PCs to the carrier for training during the most recent underway period.

"The postal clerks were grateful when the George Washington Supply Department invited personnel from local commands to attend this already scheduled training," said Pinchart. "It was beneficial for all those PCs who attended the class to look at the actual supply and logistics forms, publications and to observe the training put to use by SKs."

Pinchart explained FISC Yokosuka is making steady progress toward the completion of equipping PCs with SK knowledge for the merger.

"After the conclusion of this scheduled training we will be about 50 percent complete with the training for all FISC Yokosuka PCs - who are soon to be LSs," he said. "We are working on delivering trainers to FISC Yokosuka sites and detachments throughout the region; our goal is to have everyone go through the training before the end of the year."

U.S. Fleet and Industrial Supply Center(FISC)Yokosuka supports National Defense Strategies by providing around the clock logistics solutions for Navy, Marine Corps, Joint and Allied Forces operating in the 7th Fleet area of operations.

FISC Yokosuka, one of seven supply centers under Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (COMFISCS), s the Western Pacific region's largest
Navy logistics command. The FISC Yokosuka enterprise is comprised of more than 20 detachments, fuel terminals and sites from Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to Guam; from Misawa, Japan to Sydney, Australia.

COMFISCS comprises more than 7,500 military and civilian logistics professionals operating as a single cohesive team providing global logistics services from more than 135 locations worldwide. A component of the Naval Supply Systems Command, headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pa., COMFISCS is part of a worldwide logistics network of more than 25,000 military and civilian personnel providing combat capability through logistics.

For more news from U.S. Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Yokosuka, visit www.navy.mil/local/fiscyokosuka.

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