Bin Laden Buried at Sea

Story Number: NNS110502-22Release Date: 5/2/2011 4:01:00 PM
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By Jim Garamone, American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Osama bin Laden received a Muslim ceremony as he was buried at sea, a senior defense official said in Washington, D.C., May 2.

The religious rites were performed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) in the North Arabian Sea and occurred within 24 hours of the terrorist leader's death, said the official.

"Preparations for at-sea [burial] began at 1:10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and were completed at 2 a.m.," said the official.

The burial followed traditional Muslim burial customs, and bin Laden's body was washed and placed in a white sheet, said the official.

"The body was placed in a weighted bag. A military officer read prepared religious remarks, which were translated into Arabic by a native speaker," the official added.

Afterward, bin Laden's body was placed onto a flat board, which was then elevated upward on one side and the body slid off into the sea.

The deceased terrorist was buried at sea because no country would accept bin Laden's remains, a senior defense official said.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Defense Department officials are sure it was the body of bin Laden. CIA specialists compared photos of the body with known photos of bin Laden and said with 95-percent certainty it was the terrorist leader, a senior intelligence official said.

In addition, bin Laden's wife identified the al-Qaida leader by name while the strike team was still in the compound, said the intelligence official.

CIA and other specialists in the intelligence community "performed the initial DNA analysis matching a virtually 100-percent DNA match of the body against the DNA of several of bin Laden's family members," the official added.

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5/24/2011 9:24:00 AM
The utmost deepest appreciation and many heartfelt THANK YOUs and God Bless to our troops!!! We thank you for the many counts of selflessness you have shown on this tour, and we can't thank you enough! Proud sister whose brother serves on her!

5/11/2011 5:14:00 PM
Bravo! Now the world is a better place. Jörgen/Sweden.

5/10/2011 9:45:00 AM
God Bless all of the sailors and other military personnel aboard the USS Carl Vinson,my grandson is serving on that ship,To the navy seal team 6 great work.Thank you for putting your lives on the line for this great nation.

5/9/2011 10:44:00 AM
Congratulations to the Navy Seal and to the USS Carl Vinson Personnel. You make us sooooo proud. GOD BLESS ALL THE SAILOR AND THE USS CARL VINSON! Go Navy Go. We are very proud parents of a sailor at the USS Carl Vinson.

5/9/2011 1:40:00 AM
My son is on the Carl Vincent and has served his country well. I am so proud of you men and women in the US military. Especially the navy. Great job seal team 6. Son come home safe, come home soon. This is an great time in military history. We shall not be afraid of our enemy ever. God bless the USA. Go Navy!

5/8/2011 2:59:00 PM
the world breathes relieved when jonh wayne does the job... Congratulations

5/6/2011 3:44:00 PM
Way to go Seal Team 6! Although this is the by far the biggest target, there are many more in the war on terror. Keep up the good work Sailors! Come home safely.

5/6/2011 10:41:00 AM
First I'd like to say thank you to SEAL team 6 for getting Bin Laden and to the president for being bold enough to give the orders. I'd like to say that even though Bin Laden was buried at sea because no country would accept his body, I think it was probably a good idea to bury him that way anyways. You wouldn't want anyone building a shrine around his grave or anything like that. Hell, the Nazi leaders weren't given graves either!

5/5/2011 9:38:00 PM
Every True American, is Proud of the Navy Seals and the personel of the Carl Vinson, for their bravery. God Bless them all. A proud navy father. "JUSTICE WAS SERVED"

5/5/2011 4:44:00 PM
May God bless and keep the United States of America safe and free from terrorist and those who wish to destroy our way of life. We are unique. No one like us.. and THANK GOD FOR THIS! You all are awesome. I always encourage those who vote to keep our military strong and mighty. Navy Seals one word to describe you all is OUTSTANDING!

5/5/2011 3:30:00 PM
To all of the warriors of ST6, USS Carl Vinson CVN -70, and to all of the men and women of our arm THANK YOU. As a NAVY vet. my self of Dessert Shield/Dessert Storm from the AIR DEPT. V-2 DIV. WAIST CATAPULTS of the USS Independence CV-62. BRAVO ZULU

5/5/2011 1:27:00 PM
Let's be clear on this: OBAMA did NOT #### Bin Laden. An American soldier, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating on whether or not to PAY, did. Obama just happened to be the one in office when our soldiers finally found Bin Laden and took him out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory! THANK YOU SEAL TEAM 6 AND ALL BRANCHES OF MILITARY FOR YOUR CONTINUED ALLEGIANCE TO THIS GREAT COUNTRY!

5/5/2011 12:29:00 PM
Great Job Seal Team Six and all supporting personnel. Glad to know the those who relieved me on watch are living up to the highest standards of the United States Military. As for the opinion signed by Obama Regime LIES, you have the right and freedom to have your opinion but remember that a lot of brave men and women are serving and dying so you have that right. If you really feel that strongly then why don't you leave this country and go to a country that doesn't give you that right.

5/5/2011 12:06:00 PM
Way to go Team 6, I was a contractor working at LCAB in Norfolk 2 years ago and served in the Navy back in the 70's.

5/5/2011 10:59:00 AM
Great job seal team 6. My mind goes back to the late 70s'and a fellow shipmate, and former navy seal, Stephen Gene Tuller. MM1 Tuller was a boat sailor from the early 70s' on, but was one of the original seal team members that had honed his skills in Vietnam in the 1960s'. I know he would be proud of this mission to "terminate" BinLaden. MM1 Tuller, may you rest in peace. Your shipmate and friend, Rick "Monyo" Meunier MS3 (SS)1977-1981

5/5/2011 9:26:00 AM
To "Jim in Cairns. Pacific" I'm pretty sure not many folks in the two towers were armed, so I'm certain nobody cares much for "sporting" or not. We were nice enough to bury him with more honor than he deserved. To the Unnamed fellow who claims he died of dialysis and not a bullet... it's on camera. More than likely the footage will be shared at some point. Thanks to the quiet professionals, justice is done.

5/5/2011 1:09:00 AM
Thank you to the US Military for fighting for freedom all around the world. The World needs you guys and gals!!! God Bless one of the greatest institutions in this World.

5/5/2011 12:51:00 AM
As a former Coastie, and an active 25 year member of the FDNY EMS, I just want to thank the United States Navy in general and SEAL Team Six in particular. Thank on behalf of my fellow first responders, and for arranging justice to be meted out for the souls of my fallen brothers and sisters. They rest easy tonight from your actions. Thank and God Bless You. Bravo Zulu!

5/4/2011 8:19:00 PM
It was an Arnold Swartzaneger move! I am so proud of the seals 6 team and all wo are serving on the USS Carl Vinson!!!!

5/4/2011 6:23:00 PM
Thank You Brave Men.

5/4/2011 6:17:00 PM
I want to join and congratulate the navy seals team for this action. With all the support of a spanish reservist.

5/4/2011 5:11:00 PM
Thank you to the United States Navy and SEAL Team 6, as well as all members of the Navy "Family." Congratulations on a job "Well Done"! From A Grateful American Citizen

5/4/2011 3:52:00 PM
Great job, team! I still love my United States Navy/Marine Corps TEAM!

5/4/2011 3:25:00 PM
Thank you Navy Seal Team Six for your great accomplishment and all of the military looking out for the USA !!! Everyone come home safe!!! Proud Aunt of a sailor on the USS Enterprise

5/4/2011 1:57:00 PM
SEMPER FORTIS and BRAVO ZULU to all involved including the USS Carl Vinson and Seal Team 6 from a Destroyer Veteran and native New Yorker who is damned proud of his Navy, the men and women who serve in it, and his country! God Bless you all and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

5/4/2011 1:02:00 PM
Thank you Seal Team 6 and the Men and Women of USSA Carl Vinson. Justice is served, an eye for an eye. This horrible evil and coward has been sentenced. God Bless the lives that were lost and the familes that will enduire.

5/4/2011 12:48:00 PM
It was a very tough mission! You guys accomplished it with valor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for removing this evil coward from the earth. bin Laden was given more a more respectful ending than he ever gave another human being. Respectfully, jimd vietnam veteran

5/4/2011 12:32:00 PM
Congratulations on taking out bin Laden! My grandfather taught physics to Navy cadets in WWII, and it's always been my favorite branch of the service! You have the gratitude of freedom loving people not just in the United States, but all over the world! Yet another shining hour for the SEALs! I don't know proper military terminology, but may I give a huge "GO SAILORS!" to the brave men and women of the United States Navy!

5/4/2011 12:31:00 PM
Hoo-Ya Team 6!!! Bravo Zulu my brothers.

5/4/2011 12:00:00 PM

5/4/2011 11:54:00 AM
So glad to see so many supportive messages on here. While my Navy son is busy being my hero, helping out in Japan, I have so much praise and admiration for all of our sailors around the world, and this week even more so for our Navy Seals team. Huge pat on the back for an outstanding achievement. The Navy....making the world a safer place!!

5/4/2011 11:27:00 AM
U.S.Sent The Best Of The Best In To Do A Job And They Did It With Pride.God Bless The NAVY SEALS.

5/4/2011 11:11:00 AM
After a 25 year career, I can think of no one that I served with who would not have fought to be on this mission. Bravo Zulu! to all who were involved.

5/4/2011 10:53:00 AM
Congratulations Navy Seals for your brave work in finding and destroying the most notorius criminal in the world,Thank You,We Got Him!

5/4/2011 10:45:00 AM
It was good to hear they finally got him! It surely was work of many operatives, analytics, and many specialist coronated by swift action of ST6. Great respect for all of you!!!

5/4/2011 10:13:00 AM
Way to Go to the Whole U.S. Navy and SEAL TEAM #6! Sp very proud to have served and to have two sons follow in my footsteps. I miss you Joe.. USS Bulkeley VBSS team.

5/4/2011 9:52:00 AM
Heartfelt thanks to Navy Seal Team 6 for your mission for justice to the USA Congratualations to the Navy and the USS Carl Vinson which my daughter in the Navy proudly serves for having a greater respect for life than Bin Laden himself had. God Bless you all and keep you safe. God Bless the USA. Thank you for all you do Karen Porreca

5/4/2011 9:38:00 AM
Thank you SEALS well done USA. At last another nuttier rid off.

5/4/2011 9:29:00 AM

5/4/2011 9:12:00 AM
Thanks a million times and congrats on a masterful Navy mission truly ACCOMPLISHED!

5/4/2011 9:03:00 AM
Way to go Team 6! Glad to hear that your hands weren't tied, and they turned you loose to do your "job". Thanks to the Navy for not giving the nut radicals out there another "Holy Place" to base their Jihad from! A well deserved BZ! Oh, and Obama had nothing to do with it!

5/4/2011 8:19:00 AM

5/4/2011 7:04:00 AM
This is a LIE! Bin Laden died of kidney dialysis, and the American scum caring about a Muslim burial? Get REAL, they disposed of the body in water because water destroys evidence. All the president and anyone in politics has done is LIE but hey, might as well trust them on this one right you fools? WAKE UP and realize there is a rogue criminal government in the US and they will say ANYTHING to further their agenda. They care NOTHING for people, only for banks and corporations.

5/4/2011 6:51:00 AM
ST6 - The next beer is on me. BZ! BMC,USN(Ret)

5/4/2011 3:23:00 AM
A promise has been kept... and a war will be won. God bless SEAL Team SIX, The US Navy, and The United States of America!

5/4/2011 3:09:00 AM
Fantastic job!! Go the Navy Seals! God bless America.

5/4/2011 12:45:00 AM

5/4/2011 12:45:00 AM
God Bless Seal Team 6. God Bless all the US Military. God Bless all the solders that have given their lives to protect ours.

5/3/2011 10:43:00 PM
Just a note to tell you how proud we are of all you men and women serving us. It was high- lighted this week with the SEALS getting Bin Ladin. Their actions are beyond comment. Thanks SEALS and all others who are out there with you protecting us! With Greatest Respect and Admiration, Harry E. Ellis

5/3/2011 10:19:00 PM
Thank You team 6 go NAVY ( all home safe )

5/3/2011 10:03:00 PM
The baddest force on earth, evil men and women shall not live out their intended day's on this Earth, Now he has to stand before GOD and have the second judgement. I wonder is he sorry right now for what he did? For the next tyrant the same thing will happen. I feel so sorry for his wives and children, my this day forth good examples shall be their choice. GOD PLEASE CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA and Washington's White House Party.

5/3/2011 10:00:00 PM
As an active duty EOD Technician, I served two years as a team member on an east coast SEAL team and even though we joke around and have our rivalries, I can honestly say that I am jealous of the frogmen that carried out this mission. Congrats to the teams on a job well done and thank God not one of our boys was injured. Go Navy!

5/3/2011 9:46:00 PM
A job well done Seal Team 6, your service makes us all proud. My son Rashad is serving in the navy which made me a proud father and now this event has made a nation grateful for the sacrifice our men and women in uniform endure every day. From a proud air force vet to the US Navy and Seal Team 6 I Thank You for a job well done.

5/3/2011 9:45:00 PM
God bless Navy Seal Team 6 , God bless the USA .

5/3/2011 9:45:00 PM
Thanks to all the fine men and women who serve to protect us. From the Luke and the staff at DC Gift Shop.

5/3/2011 9:41:00 PM
Outstanding job Navy! Proud to be a Navy vet, USS ANNAPOLIS SSN760, 1992-97. GO NAVY! Keep up the fight!

5/3/2011 9:32:00 PM it turns out that Bin Laden was unarmed. Not too sporting, hey?

5/3/2011 9:31:00 PM
I am from a family of many generations of military service. I could not be more grateful that our Military dealt so professionally and swiftly with Bin Laden. May there NEVER be another question about whether our troops will be paid for the job they do to keep us safe and secure. God Bless them all!!

5/3/2011 8:19:00 PM
Sorry for being the buzz #### to this party; Here's the fact. In 21 years of active service onboard 8 platforms, I had the honor to take part in ATLEAST 50 burial at sea events. If you read the box of ashes, these were worrior's who had died 4, 8, 12 years ago. They (as will I) sat on a shelf waiting their turn. No option to be committed to the Sea as a complete body. No We have to have our body put in an oven and then the bones crushed before we can be sent to wait our turn to be spread at Sea.

5/3/2011 7:41:00 PM
One great milestone in the war against terrorism was reached, and a grateful country thanks you for your bravery and sacrifice. Bravo Zulu, SEAL Team 6!

5/3/2011 7:23:00 PM
Fine job, Navy Seals and USS Vinson. I don't like celebrating *anyone's* death, but I know the world is better off with this mass murderer dead.

5/3/2011 7:14:00 PM
Bin Laden was killed 1st of may between 1am and 2 am ISLAMABAD time. He was buried at same time but at EST timezone. According to timezone converter it's 34 hours later.

5/3/2011 6:56:00 PM
I applaud the brave Navy SEALS, and everyone who supported them in this operation, for their courage and professionalism. I feel no sympathy for Bin Laden; he brought this upon himself. As the saying goes "live by the sword, die by the sword". However, as someone looking at your country from the outside, please refrain from the histrionics. The Navy report sets the right tone. Remember Wiston Churchill's words "in victory, magnanimity".

5/3/2011 6:28:00 PM
Air Force equals 0 Navy equals 1 Go Navy!!!

5/3/2011 5:21:00 PM
Thank you and God bless you all out there doing what we've all been waiting for.

5/3/2011 5:19:00 PM
Our country owes the Navy, Navy Seal 6, and all the Military that serve our GREAT country a debt of gratitude for all your service in keeping us safe and free. My heart swells with pride knowing my son serves on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson. LET'S GO NAVY,AND LET'S GO U.S.A. NO ONE WILL MESS AROUND WITH US! Proud Navy Mom in Pennsylvania

5/3/2011 5:00:00 PM
Navy Seals - Many Thanks on behalf of Thousands of Innocent Victims of Terrorism from around the World. Dr. Rajeev Peeka, Bangor, U.K

5/3/2011 4:59:00 PM
Evil did not triumph on May 1st becasue GOOD MEN rendered justice. America is still the best country and God Bless the Navy Seals. Gotta love them!

5/3/2011 4:59:00 PM
Given the international - i.e. non US - interest in the fate of Bin Laden, might another, more secular approach have been useful? Like hanging on to the body? Any proofs are now highly questionable, and the tone and detail of the above text are not entirely explicit. It seems as if this has been done, with the best of intentions, to appease the Islamic world. Don't forget that 9/11 claimed many non-religious and non-US victims. The value of truth might have been higher.

5/3/2011 4:58:00 PM
Congratulations to all the American forces on a well planned and executed operation. We in the UK are right behind you in the fight for justice and peace.

5/3/2011 4:56:00 PM
This is just too convenient isn't it. Dropped at sea within 24h of death, according to Muslim tradition? This in time for election? There are no coincidences. His death is fake, the people blamed for 9/11 are muppets for the US government and US election is a theatre. US has been a Wall street government since 1928 and will always be that! Stop lying to the people!!

5/3/2011 4:54:00 PM
from everyone in Sheffield England A VERY BIG THANK YOU

5/3/2011 4:53:00 PM
"Wanted, dead or alive!" Well done, Navy Seals!

5/3/2011 4:46:00 PM
Well done to the seals you actions have shown the world what freedom is and how far we free nations will go to protect that freedom from myself in the uk thankyou

5/3/2011 4:46:00 PM
As a Brit, I am proud of the US Navy for dispatching this evil guy, I was in london the other week and saw the sad memorial to the innocent people killed in the 7/7 bombings, and I remember weeping watching the attacks on the Twin Towers, thinking of the little girls abord the hijacked plane. Finally of Admiral Flagg, and his wife (who I identify with as namesakes). When you think of all these things, I am proud of you America, and you fine Service, and President..God Bless You America!

5/3/2011 4:44:00 PM
We salute the SEALs and the USS Carl Vinson crew for a superb job and service to our country. Thank you for bringing a sense of closure to us all, especially the families of the victims of 9/11. Your bravery and the sacrifices you make to be on the frontlines are always remembered and deeply appreciated. With deep gratitude and humility...

5/3/2011 4:40:00 PM
When you wanty to get things done - call the Navy!! God bless all our sailors, officers, airmen, and Seals. You have done us a great service.

5/3/2011 4:28:00 PM
I also add Bravo Zulu salute to Seal Team Six and Special Opd Helio crews and Intel community * USS Vinson whose team work paid off with this historical victoy. God bless USA and USN and all our armed force, Keep the faith and keep alert

5/3/2011 4:25:00 PM
Many, many thanks for the dispassionate, appropriate and professional conduct re: this insane, hateful terrorist. I hope, somehow, the crew feels the respect and appreciation from literally hundreds of millions of Americans. And, too, billions from around the world. BTW, this note comes from someone who is not related to, or even really knows, any combat veterans. Just a peace-loving dude in Santa Monica, who would like his voice to be heard.

5/3/2011 4:19:00 PM
thank God no injuries to our brave men. so proud of our military.

5/3/2011 4:17:00 PM
I was a proud sailor onboard the USS Carl Vinson from 1985-1988. Thanks to the crew of CVN-70 and also to Seal Team 6 on the job well done.

5/3/2011 4:08:00 PM
Hooray for President Obama!

5/3/2011 4:05:00 PM
God Bless America!

5/3/2011 3:45:00 PM
Thank you and thank God for your courage in getting Bin Laden and having the burial ceremony in his relgion..I know they don't give our men the same courtesy, but then again thats what makes us great..You will all be in my heart and prayers for your duty, especially my granddaugher, Katelyn Staley aboard the USS Carl Vinson. Love you sailor and the Seal 6 team and the rest of the sailors onboard the USS Carl Vinson.

5/3/2011 3:20:00 PM
I thank the Lord for our wonderful Navy SEALS and all who were involved in this amazing and successful "mission accomplished"! I pray the Lord will continue to bless, protect, guide and keep you in His care. We love and admire your expertise and professionalism and your courage! You are our heroes! Thank you so much!!!

5/3/2011 3:13:00 PM
Suggest the Navy retire the Rattlesake Jack and present it to this SEAL Team which has performed the duty for which the jack was hoisted. And the Navy should now return to flying the Jack of the Union for which it goes in harms way.

5/3/2011 3:05:00 PM
You can bet Osama never worried about proper burial rites for his thousands of victims. I'm sure the crew of the Vison treated his remains with much more respect than he treated anyone in life.

5/3/2011 2:46:00 PM
Congratulations to the Navy SEALs, the U.S. Navy, and President Obama. Americans should be proud of our military for everything they do for our country. We should also be proud of the Navy SEALs for all their constant training and their ability to carry out their mission. We have no idea all the sacrifices they go thru to be able to do this!!!! Proud to be an American,a Navy Mom and Proud of all our branches of Military.

5/3/2011 2:45:00 PM
thanks Team 6 God bless you and all the staff of the navy that every day, defending our freedom at risk of their lives

5/3/2011 2:42:00 PM
Thank you to all our military forces, thank you for you sacrifices, Special thanks to the NAVY SEALS!!! GOD BLESS!!! you and your families!

5/3/2011 2:41:00 PM
Thank You Navy Seals for a job courageously done.

5/3/2011 2:35:00 PM
That's MY Navy! I'm so proud of you men and women still serving. And for those Seals - Well done!!

5/3/2011 2:11:00 PM
Congratulations to the Navy Seals Team 6 for your braveyand heroism. Thank-you for your fortitude and strenghth as you defend these United States. I also send a congratulations to the Commander and personnel on the The USS Carl Vinson, of which my sailor daughter is a part. Thank you for handling the last days events in an orderly fashion. BGIngram, USA

5/3/2011 1:33:00 PM
Amazing Job! We are so proud of all who were needed to do this job.Most of all to the Navy Seals in the operation and to all on the USS Carl Vinson.My husband and I are proud Parents of a Navy Officer in service.God Bless you all! God bless the U.S.A.

5/3/2011 1:06:00 PM
Job well done !! As an American I proud of our resolve, as a Navy veteran I'm proud of the our men and women in uniform. As for OUR Seals JOB WELL DONE ~~ GOD BLESS you and your families ~~ smooth seas and strong winds by with you !!!! SK2 Kelhart

5/3/2011 1:05:00 PM
congrats team 6, my family and I stand proud of the mission and those that made it possible.

5/3/2011 12:41:00 PM
Congratulations, u are real heroes. I really wish that one day every government in the world could have the courage to protect his people as u do. Thank u.

5/3/2011 12:31:00 PM
To all a job well done!!!!

5/3/2011 12:14:00 PM
From this Proud Navy Mom, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. Let's remember that Obama wasn't the one to #### Bin Laden, it was our fine Navy Six! Hats off to the Navy Six and the Carl Vinson!

5/3/2011 12:13:00 PM
Didn't take an act like burying Bin Laden at sea where he can have something other than a Martyr's tomb for radical Muslims to worship him. He was treated in accordance with Islamic burial practices and was given a dignified ceremony. As a retired Navy man, and American, I wouldn't have it any other way. We our Commander in Chief said, "We got him," and that's what matters most. The fact that we didn't defile his body only shows the outstanding character of our Nation and our Navy.

5/3/2011 11:33:00 AM
Thank you, United States Navy. Keep up the great work. So proud of, and thankful for the job you do.

5/3/2011 11:20:00 AM
Rick - that's what makes us better than them. We don't videotape beheadings or drag bodies through the streets, and we don't tolerate the tiny minority who commit these crimes. Hat's off to those involved for pulling off the mission of a lifetime!

5/3/2011 11:16:00 AM
Great job guys. USA! USA! USA!

5/3/2011 11:12:00 AM
Thank god for the Navy, and their elite boys in the SEALs! I cannot wait to enlist, and this just makes me feel even more excited about doing so!

5/3/2011 11:09:00 AM
While I find it difficult to believe any consideration would be given to this animal's "religion" during bruial at sea, it is good he's now history. We also have to remember bin Laden and his hijackers of 9/11/2001 were not from Iraq or Afghanistan, but Saudi Arabia.

5/3/2011 11:05:00 AM
From a Viet Nam Marine's heart a big thank you for a job well done! This courageous event will go down in not only United States history but in the history of the world. Shall it serve as the supreme example and goal for the free world's military forces. OORAH!

5/3/2011 10:43:00 AM
I am so proud of all of you men and women out on the ship! My prayers are with all of you. Shaun I love you and I can't wait for you to come home and meet our little girl! Stay safe and stay strong!

5/3/2011 10:12:00 AM
THANK YOU Seal Team 6 and your supporting teams and families! You are the "quiet professionals" but your sacrifices and actions speak volumes to the core of our American values. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

5/3/2011 10:08:00 AM
Thank you to SEAL team 6, for doing what you did. That took alot of courage to do it. Hearing something like that makes me proud to be a Navy Vet. I was a bubblehead, but ecstatic that the manhunt for this coward is finally over, GO NAVY!!!!!!!!

5/3/2011 9:59:00 AM
Congratulation to the USS CARL VINSON and the Navy Seal Team 6! Proud to be a sister of someone who serves on the USS Carl Vinson. I miss you and love you. Great job, i pray for everyone's safe trip home. Be blessed and Thank you. Shawmeka Hill-Stokes, Suffolk, VA

5/3/2011 9:40:00 AM
Way to go Navy! There are 4 generations of Navy in my family and we could not be more proud of you all. All of our servicemen and women, you are AWESOME! My son was aboard the USS Carl Vinson for a brief time so this really brings it close to home for us. Navy Seal Team Six God bless you all and we will be praying for you!

5/3/2011 9:39:00 AM
From a retired aussie navy Vet, Bravo Zulu Seal Team Six. If you ever get some R and R down under I would like to buy you guy`s a beer. thankyou

5/3/2011 9:30:00 AM
As a retired Navy veteran, I say to my brethren, a well deserved "HOOYAH!!". JUSTICE SERVED..."Sonic out".

5/3/2011 9:20:00 AM
To TEAM 6, BRAVO ZULU for a job well done. The entire Great State of Texas are proud of YOU!

5/3/2011 9:04:00 AM
Go NAVY. Proud of the U.S. Navy SEALS for all that you accomplish. Proud Dad of two of my sons, currently serving in the U.S. Navy. Owen aboard USS Iwo Jima (LHD7) and Kyle aboard USS Wyoming (SSBN 742) God Bless America.

5/3/2011 8:51:00 AM
"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

5/3/2011 8:48:00 AM
Thank You NAVY!!! From an Air force Viet Nam Vet. And a Navy dad of 18 years. Great job!!!

5/3/2011 8:33:00 AM
GOD BLESS THE USA AND THE UNITED STATES NAVY. I am a proud mother of a boatswain mate in the U.S. Navy and he and his dad andd I are so very proud that this creature that they called Bin Laden has finally been killed. He does not deserve to be called a human being nor a man. We are thrilled that this creature can not hurt any more innocent people. Our pride has been accentuated 100% in the USA. Our faith in the USA uplifted. GOD bless all of the soldiers who had any invoilvemnt in this.

5/3/2011 8:21:00 AM
I am so proud to be an American. Thank you Navy Seals and all of the excellent crew aboard the Vinson. My son-in-law is on the carrier and I am as proud of him as any mother can be. Bin Laden buried at sea and from the Vinson, what a way to end a mission. Cant wait till all of you are back on land. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. GO NAVY!

5/3/2011 7:53:00 AM
"...Oh. say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave." Yes. AMEN.

5/3/2011 7:47:00 AM
BRAVO ZULU...Former destroyer sailor ..Uss charles j Badger , Uss Hazelwood dd531 , Uss Beatty dd 756 .

5/3/2011 7:43:00 AM
Thanks a lot for protecting our democracies. Congrats for the Navy Seal team. God Bless America and all the US Navy.

5/3/2011 7:16:00 AM

5/3/2011 7:15:00 AM

5/3/2011 7:14:00 AM
The actions carried out by our brothers in DEVGRU and the collaborative effort utilized by our joint forces have exemplified the utmost professionalism, dedication, and true American goals which we all should live by. Bravo Zulu to all involved. The world may breathe a sigh of relief and peace, knowing vengeance was exacted and the world's most notorious man now belongs to Davy Jones. God Bless, A fellow patriot and sailor, Petty Officer Edward Hurley, USS KEARSARGE(LHD-3), USN

5/3/2011 5:50:00 AM
Honour to the SEAL's!

5/3/2011 5:15:00 AM
beware of the enemy unknown he will be replaced just as yasser arafat was. Education is the key to peace educate our enemies children and they might look at the world like we do. a few dollars now will be better than billions down the trackl.

5/3/2011 2:45:00 AM
GOD Bless YOU ALL ! YOU ROCK !!! Obama CANT take credit for This .Its ALL your's !! My American Hero's !!

5/3/2011 2:05:00 AM
My sincerest congratulations to the Navy Seal team and others involved in the heroic mission that brought about the final demise of Osama Bin Laden. I am so proud of all our service men and women who serve our great country. May God Bless You All.

5/3/2011 1:59:00 AM
It is up to God to judge the actions of Bin Laden, but it was up to SEAL Team 6 to arrange the meeting.... Hoo Yah!

5/3/2011 1:46:00 AM
Thank you!!!!

5/3/2011 1:35:00 AM
As an ally of the USA I am honored to hear about the terrorist who no longer poses a threat to worldwide peace and security. Will Steven Seagal play the lead role in the movie?

5/3/2011 1:21:00 AM
My husband is on U.S.S. Carl Vinson right now. Makes me a little proud his ship was chosen to do this decent procedure; at the same time I'm afraid the Al-Qaida will not forgive the U.S. the death of their leader. Anyway, good job Navy!!!

5/3/2011 1:13:00 AM
Thank you to all of you who risk your lives daily to keep us safe! Heroes of America for all of history!

5/3/2011 12:57:00 AM
Thank you Navy Seals; Thank you personnel on the Carl Vinson. We are so proud of you all and we recognise and appreciate your sacrifice.

5/3/2011 12:40:00 AM
Go Navy! To the SEAL Six, crew of the Vinson, and all other support personnel I am so proud of you all. American and the world is safer without this person. U S Navy Retired

5/3/2011 12:25:00 AM
God Bless America! God Bless our brave men and women! We are so proud of you Navy SEALS! We love you MJ!

5/3/2011 12:21:00 AM
When Uncle Sam has a tough job, the US Navy gets the call. "There is nothing the Navy cannot do." - attributed to Jack Fisher, RN.

5/3/2011 12:17:00 AM
My son is on that ship, son I am so proud to be your dad. We should rally behind our troops and pray for their safe return. Not sure if I am okay with the world knowing the whereabouts of the Vincent, I am hoping they come home soon. Go Navy!!! yet still, So proud to be an American, and my son chose to serve!!!

5/3/2011 12:15:00 AM

5/3/2011 12:07:00 AM
US Navy Seals. When you care enough to send the Very Best. Thank you all.

5/2/2011 11:49:00 PM
Finally time for some peace. -Navy vet B.T.

5/2/2011 11:42:00 PM
From Sea To Shining Sea! Kudos Personified To All Our Silent Warriors.

5/2/2011 11:41:00 PM
BZ , Seal team 6!!!!!!!

5/2/2011 11:29:00 PM
To all the brave men and women who were part of this operation, thank you and God bless you. To all the brave service members who serve daily, God bless you. To the baddest military team in the galaxy, SEAL Team SIX!! God bless you all and God bless America!

5/2/2011 11:13:00 PM
God bless the men who performed this heroic task on killing Bin Laden. Thank you for keeping us safe and putting your life on the line for Democracy and freedom. I for one will never take any of your jobs for granted and will never forget the difficult jobs and decisions all of you make everyday for my families well being. Again, thank you and God Bless our armed services.

5/2/2011 11:12:00 PM
Bin Laden got better than he deserved! Show the world his death picture! My grandson survived a year in Afghanistan in 2009. My 24 year old uncle died 4 months before WWII ended, is buried in Luxembourg. THANK YOU NAVY SEALS! Love our military! God bless you and God bless the USA!

5/2/2011 10:52:00 PM
From an Army wife and mom - GO NAVY!

5/2/2011 10:45:00 PM
My son is on this ship! I hope he got to witness it! God Speed USS Carl Vinson!!!!

5/2/2011 10:39:00 PM
As a 5th grade teacher of American History I am constantly looking to historic figures as role models for my students. The current choices of sports heroes, hollywood stars, singers and reality show participants is enough to nausiate anyone. The actions of Navy Seal Team Six was heroic, selfless, brave and 100% All-American. You exemplify the role model I want my students following. Thank you for keeping us safe. God Bless you and keep you safe.

5/2/2011 10:37:00 PM
Congratulations to the Seals, the U.S. Navy, and the Commander in Chief for the tenacity, courage, and duty to hunt down this murderer. Americans are justly proud of their military for carrying out this important mission. Thank you.

5/2/2011 10:35:00 PM

5/2/2011 10:29:00 PM
Way to go Mates. Makes me proud to be Navy Vet. Tin Can Sailor and a New Yorker. Wish I was 20 again to help out.

5/2/2011 10:29:00 PM

5/2/2011 10:19:00 PM
Thank you! I am so proud to be an American, and I want to thank each of you for your hard work, courage, and dedication to our Country. God Bless you all!

5/2/2011 10:15:00 PM
All the credit belongs to the courageous Navy Seals who exhibited their extreme talent and training and brought down the most evil man and mastermind of 9-11. Thank God for our military and the U. S. Navy!!!!! By the way, my son is a sailor on the USS Carl Vinson and his Mother is so very proud of him and his service to our great nation!!

5/2/2011 10:10:00 PM
Why is AFPS telling this story? He was buried at sea aboard Vinson. SEALs "sealed" the deal. Once again Navy media is missing the story. At least the rest of the Navy is doing their job.

5/2/2011 10:10:00 PM
Thanks to the men and women who put their lives on the line to ensure the freedom and safty of all Americans. We are forever in your debt. God Bless you all as you continue your mission.

5/2/2011 10:00:00 PM
May all those who participated in this operation be given the gratitude of all Americans and may this operation live in the American history books forever. God bless each and every one of you. All Americans thank you for a job well done.

5/2/2011 10:00:00 PM
Congratulations to the SEAL team that sent osama bin laden to the hell.Nice job, guys!!!

5/2/2011 9:59:00 PM
The only thing that would have this better was if the USS New York was available.

5/2/2011 9:54:00 PM
This operation shows that given enough patience, the right motivation and the right information what we Americans are capable of. It may have taken ten years to find and dispense justice to this fellow but cool heads prevailed and we got him just like we got Saddam Hussein! Alot of hard work by many patriotic Americans went into this flawless operation. Bravo Zulu to the CIA, NSA, the aircrews that flew the helicopters and especially Seal Team SIX that rapelled into the compound, a GREAT JOB!

5/2/2011 9:45:00 PM
I want to say thank you. Thank you for doing the hardest job any one can do day in and day out. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for fighting for millions of people you have never met. Thank you for being a proud American. Thank you SEAL team 6 for avenging my friends that died right out of high school fighting for the same reason you do. There is no medal or accommodation that can accurately honor the risk you took/take and achievement, but I hope a Nation's gratitude helps. THANK YOU!

5/2/2011 9:45:00 PM
Im so proud to be an american..this savage ruin so many lives got of too easy..but he sould have suffered like we all did..his death brings some peace but will never bring my fellow americans tears will always flow for these innocent people who were only doing what we americans do..Live to be free..I love my counrty..I love the United States of America!

5/2/2011 9:44:00 PM
Thank you Navy Seals. Job well done. Im grateful for your safe return and not being harmed in this dangerous mission. Mission accomplished. God Bless USA and our military

5/2/2011 9:43:00 PM
A sincere and heartfelt Thank You to the very brave Navy Seals and Special Forces Soldiers for this accomplishment. It is sadly, something this collective country has needed to hear and see happen. The Special Ops team deserve the CMA for a brave act well done.. justice served swift and precise. God Bless each one of you.

5/2/2011 9:34:00 PM
As the son of a WWII sailor on the USS Saratoga, I was so pleased to learn that Navy SEALS put at least one bullet in Osama bin Laden's head. Go Navy!

5/2/2011 9:28:00 PM
Hat's off to our Navy SEALS! I am a Navy family. Thank's to God no American casulties while capturing that individual. Prayers to all service personnel.

5/2/2011 9:15:00 PM
Hey Guys.........Thanks for all you did for us, you are true heroes in our hearts. We can sleep safe knowing you guys are out there watching over us. Thank you.

5/2/2011 9:09:00 PM
Thank you to all the Navy Seals who were involved in the capture and demise of the most hated individual on the planet. AMERICA SALUTES YOU!! You guys ROCK!! The only easy day was yesterday. HOOYAH!! Sincerely, An Air Force Mom

5/2/2011 9:06:00 PM
way to go carl vinson and all aboard!!! we are moved and you should be honored for giving bin laden the burial he didnt deserve. navy seals we are forever gratefull from a mother and father of a sailor whos daughter did her duty on the nimitz in the gulf. we honor you all!!!

5/2/2011 8:58:00 PM
We are so proud of the Carl Vinson and Sara Schmid serving on your ship.

5/2/2011 8:56:00 PM
Navy Lakehurst is proud of you all!

5/2/2011 8:53:00 PM
A big American THANK YOU to the Navy Seals who accomplished their mission!!!!! from a Ranger mom.

5/2/2011 8:43:00 PM
I am so proud of my Chief and the crew onboard the USS Carl Vinson. Victory for our nation makes the sacrifice we endure worth while. God Bless our Military and the friends and families that support them.

5/2/2011 8:43:00 PM
Thank you for doing a great job.

5/2/2011 8:36:00 PM

5/2/2011 8:26:00 PM
Thank you Thank you. Our Armed Forces deserve nothing but the highest praise. Let's hope they ALL come home soon.

5/2/2011 8:12:00 PM
thanks to all that helped capture and #### BIN LADEN. Justice has finally been served. I have two sons in the navy. GO NAVY

5/2/2011 8:09:00 PM
Thank you to the Navy and the Navy SEAL team. You are so brave. I am so thankful to you that words don't seem to be enough. You are the muscle and bravery of this country. You make me so proud. My son is Navy and I'm a very proud to part of this great team even if from afar. God Bless all of you!

5/2/2011 8:08:00 PM
We will honor SEAL Team 6 this week at our week-long 22nd annual US Veterans Reunion in Melbourne, Florida, culminating this Saturday in presentation of the Colors before keynote speaker H. Ross Perot. We would be proud to have SEAL Team 6 or their representative(s) present so we can publicly recognize the gallantry of these heroic gentlemen and their entire support team.

5/2/2011 7:55:00 PM
How in the hell is the us going to spend time and money to burry this guy after all he did? In what universe does he deserve any recognition at all of his death?

5/2/2011 7:55:00 PM

5/2/2011 7:36:00 PM
Thank you.

5/2/2011 7:34:00 PM
Thank you to all our military! We are so proud of you!

5/2/2011 7:31:00 PM
Thank you to all our military!!! God has surely blessed us with men and women like you!!! My son is in the Navy and was onboard the a very proud american!!!!!! Thank you again and God Bless you all.

5/2/2011 7:31:00 PM
As the proud mother of a Navy man MM1 John J Hogrewe, deployed on the USS Cleveland, heartfelt thanks to our Navy, for making the world a little bit safer. We love you all and are very proud of the hard work that is required to keep this country and the world safe.

5/2/2011 7:28:00 PM
Thanks To The Navy seals For Such excellent service To There Country,And For The rest of the world,from canada To all of You And Thank you For Risking your lives,For all,as well as The Great President of United States,President Obama.Unsurpassed In excellentcy,Thank You .

5/2/2011 7:25:00 PM
Thanks to everyone who had a hand in this job. Job Well Done...

5/2/2011 7:24:00 PM
Go SEALS! Many thanks the all the brave military personnel who protect our freedom.

5/2/2011 7:19:00 PM
Great job to our seals and to the USS CARL VINSON. Proud to be a Mom whose son serves on her. GO NAVY.

5/2/2011 6:03:00 PM
Thank you Navy SEALS!!!!

5/2/2011 5:36:00 PM
Heartfelt THANKS and HONOR to the Navy Seals who bravely and successfully completed this most important and highly dangerous mission. Your skill and dedication are the heart of America's security. As the daughter of a SeaBee, I am proud to stand in the shadow of your excellence and celebrate your brave important deed. The world is safer and all on the team should be aware that an extremely proud America stands in awe of you. Thank you, Gentlemen. You make us proud. May GOD continue to bless you.

5/2/2011 5:30:00 PM
My deepest thanks to Navy Seal Team Six and all others involved with the recent demise of Osama Bin Laden, surely one of the most evil persons in history. The news indicates that there were no US casualties and I hope this is true and all hands returned safely. God Bless to all. Peace to all and their families.

5/2/2011 5:28:00 PM
Congratulations to the Navy, the personnel of the Carl Vinson and Navy SEAL Team 6 for the accomplishments of 1 May 2011!

5/2/2011 5:20:00 PM

5/2/2011 4:14:00 PM

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USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) conducts flight operations while underway in the Arabian Gulf.
Official U.S. Navy file photo.
April 5, 2011
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