Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Statement

17 May 2021
A video message from CNO Adm. Mike Gilday and Mrs. Linda Gilday for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

VIDEO | 01:58 | CNO and Mrs. Gilday Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Message 2020

Below is the transcript of their remarks:

CNO: Shipmates, CNO Gilday here with my wife Linda. During May, we celebrate the achievements of Asian-Pacific Americans and recognize their countless contributions to the United States Navy and to our Nation.

Linda: Asian and Pacific Islanders are part of the very fabric of our Navy and are a vital component of every command today - whether at sea or on shore - as active, reserve and civilian Sailors.

CNO: Today, there are approximately 27,000 Asian and Pacific Islanders who serve throughout the Fleet on active duty and in our Reserves.  

Linda: These Sailors, and those who have gone before them, have a proud tradition and heritage of service.

CNO: Throughout our Navy’s history, Asian and Pacific Islanders have left an enduring mark on our Navy.  One is Adm. Harry Harris, who was the first American of Japanese descent to lead United States Indo-Pacific Command. Another was Fireman Second Class Telesforo Trinidad, who rescued two shipmates after a boiler exploded aboard USS San Diego in 1915, and was the only Filipino in the Navy to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Linda: And last, but certainly not least, is Lieutenant Susan Ahn Cuddy, a Korean American, who served in the Navy as a member of WAVES and became the Navy’s first woman gunnery officer during World War II.

CNO: To all of our Asian and Pacific Islander Sailors – past, present and future, Thank you! We’ll see you in the Fleet, Shipmates.

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