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About the Women In the Navy (WIN) Initiative

Since being allowed to join the U.S. Navy more than a century ago in 1917, women have profoundly impacted the Navy and created enduring legacies. To honor those trailblazers who have led the way, along with the more than 60,000 women who serve today, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday and Linda Gilday, in coordination with Navy History and Heritage Command, created a Women in the Navy e-book, available online at, as well as a display at their residence, Tingey House. 

This WIN display and book has two purposes: it is a way to honor those ‘first’ women - who served with honor, humility, fortitude and sacrifice in uniform or as a Department of Navy civilian; and secondly, to inspire men and women alike. As a Navy, we celebrate the many accomplishments that women have achieved through hard work, grit and determination.


Foreword from Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike & Linda Gilday

When we moved into Tingey House in late fall of 2019, we had changed the functions of each room, to include a room just off of the dining room, the library. Mike agreed to make the focus on women, and to start a collection of women trailblazers. Luckily two things were available: wall space, and a good acronym: WIN! Women in the Navy was born, and we’ve been excited to learn about and feature so many amazing civilian and military Women in the Navy that are being recognized collectively in this compilation.

This WIN project has two purposes: to collectively honor Navy ‘firsts,’ women - who have been the first in some way: been the first women in their community to do a particular job, or to do it in a unique way. They are women who are still contemporary in their fields today, and those who joined the Navy a decade ago. Each of the women has served with honor and fortitude; they have sacrificed in uniform and in the civilian ranks, and sometimes both! The second primary purpose of this effort is to inspire others, both young schoolchildren and women who’ve already started their naval careers. There is nothing like seeing someone who looks like yourself in a position you aspire to, to know that you can do it too!

WIN history-makers and trailblazers from all parts of the Navy have been honored individually for years, but we didn’t have a collective reference that pulled them together into one document/site/ book/or display. Even the Pentagon doesn’t have a full display of this type for Navy women….yet.

We worked with the Naval History and Heritage Command to create this display and this e-book. Now, with the help of a group we’re calling the ‘WIN Founders Group,’ we are exploring additional ways to grow this project and mentor others. If you know women who’ve contributed to the Navy- we want to know who they are! Send your recommendations to

We know this is a small representation of Navy Women’s accomplishments, but I know you will enjoy reading about them. We have hopes that this group will grow tremendously over the years, and will inspire everyone about the power of diversity.

Pass along the link to others who may want to learn more about this incredible group.

Congratulations to this growing list of trailblazers!

Linda Gilday
March 1, 2022

Check out the collection of biographies at the link
below or download the complete book via button below.


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