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Around The Fleet

In 1946, Admiral Chester Nimitz, then chief of naval operations, had a vision to create a flight exhibition team in order to raise the public's interest in naval aviation and boost Navy morale.

5 Things to Know: MyNavy Career Center

Your Career

In an effort to make pay and personnel transactions easier, and provide more responsive customer service to Sailors, retirees and dependents, the MyNavy Career Center was launched Sept. 24.

The Men Who Sail Below

Focus on Service

Sweat runs down a soot-covered face, carving a path through the thick field of grime. It gathers and pools before falling in a bead to the metal below. It sizzles as it hits and is gone.

Culture is Family


The grassy hill surrounding the arena is packed full of spectators and family members. The emcee calls out a dancer's name; there's movement in the crowd. The competitor makes it into the arena, throws out his hoops for his sequence. Upon the dancer's cue, the drum starts singing.

Worst Case Scenario

Training and Education

In July 1967, aircraft carrier USS Forrestal (CVA 59) experienced one of the most costly at-sea fires the Navy has seen since World War II.

Colombia Takes Lead in UNITAS LIX, Hosts Multinational Exercise

Around The Fleet

Colombian naval forces recently helmed UNITAS LIX, hosting 11 countries in Cartagena during the annual exercise, held Aug. 31 through Sept. 11.

Chief Pride

Your Career

Being selected as a chief represents the most significant change in an enlisted Sailor's career. Less than 10 percent of all who enter the enlisted ranks will be selected.

From UFC to 'Out to Sea'

Around The Fleet

One thing about the Navy is that every Sailor has a different background. Some come from the city and some from the farm. Some joined right out of high school, while others have been to college.

Farewell to a Legend

History and Heritage

Senator and retired Capt. John S. McCain III, former prisoner of war, passed away Aug. 25 at the age of 81. McCain had been battling an aggressive type of brain tumor known as a glioblastoma since at least the summer of 2017.

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