The CNO PRP encourages a lifelong habit of reading and learning for all Sailors.

Reading, discussing, and understanding the ideas found in the CNO PRP will not only improve our critical thinking skills, but will also help us become better Sailors, citizens, and most importantly, leaders. This list is not intended to limit professional reading or learning in any way, but merely to provide easy access to a few of the many titles that will benefit our service.

This updated reading list is aligned with the Chief of Naval Operations’ tenets and Lines of Effort: Strengthening Naval Power at and from the Sea; Achieving High Velocity Outcomes at Every Level; Strengthening Our Navy Team for the Future; and Expanding and Strengthening our Network of Partners. These LOEs have themes common to all Sailors — Integrity, Accountability, Initiative, and Toughness.

The books are organized by the Lines of Effort, but there are several other categories as well. A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority is included in addition to a section of books — Fundamentals for the Naval Professional — that contains canonical books about warfighting, diplomacy, and strategy.

Digital Editions of many books on both lists are available as e-books through the Navy General Library Program Overdrive Service. Not all titles are available as not all titles are available in a digital edition or are not available through Overdrive.

The Navy General Library Program can be contacted at: