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Focus on Service

Quartermaster Leading the Way

Focus on Service - QMC(SW/AW) Jessica Pulido

With no clear idea of where life was taking her, Jessica Pulido joined the Navy. Now as a Chief Quartermaster and the senior quartermaster of Waterfront Readiness for the US Naval Academy, Pulido has no trouble navigating her path, and setting a course for others.

As a prior signalman, cross rating to quartermaster as a first class was a challenge. With no prior hands-on training in her new rate, Pulido said it was very hard for her to guide her junior Sailors.

"It was very frustrating not being able to grasp the quartermaster rate, but thankfully, at my last command I got the hands-on I needed," said Pulido.

Undeterred, Pulido forged ahead, getting more involved in her shop and mastering her new rate. She stepped up to lead her division, and was selected for Chief.

Now as the senior quartermaster at Waterfront Readiness, she is training the Navy and Marine Corps' future officers.

"It feels great to be an early influence in the lives of these future leaders," said Pulido. "The training the midshipmen receive will better prepare them for their future commands."

In July, she will enter her fifteenth year of military service. Pulido said it has been her family and her experiences leading Sailors that have kept her moving forward and enjoying the Navy.

"What motivates me is my family," she remarked. "My family and being able to instill something, and leave a mark with the junior guys; teaching them, getting them on the right path."

And along the way, solidifying her own.
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Navy Photo