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The Record Breaker

Midshipman Keenan Reynolds

Keenan Reynolds wanted to be a quarterback. Other colleges showed interest in him for other positions, but Reynolds wasn't budging. The Navy gave Keenan what he wanted, and in return Keenan has pushed Navy Football into the mainstream.

As a 5-foot-10 freshman, Reynolds was a starting quarterback for the Navy. What he did for the next four years was set NCAA records. This is on top of being a full time student and an active duty military member.

As if that wasn't enough, he has set the Football Bowl Subdivision record for career rushing touchdowns with 83, needs only two more touchdowns to become the overall NCAA Division I leader and he's also less than 40 passing yards away from becoming the first quarterback in the history of Navy football to have over 1,000 yards rushing and passing in two different seasons.

To say Reynolds and the Navy football team have had a spectacular year so far would be an understatement.
But the Naval Academy isn't like other colleges. There's lots of responsibility, time management and expectations to perform as a Sailor. Even, if you are a football star.
USNA football quarterback Keenan Reynolds photos

USNA football quarterback Keenan Reynolds photos

"We have to stand duty, we have military obligations, we gotta wear uniforms to class, we have a heavier class load than a normal student," said Reynolds. "We don't always get the same freedoms as a normal college student but that's something that we all knew coming in and the sacrifice that we made for the greater good."

While Reynolds may not have all the typical college freedoms that other college seniors enjoy, like not having room inspections or curfews, playing for the Naval Academy does have its benefits.

The Naval Academy is one of the top schools in the country, and Keenan is not only getting a free education, but he is being paid an active duty salary. But that benefit comes at the price of 15 hour days, tough classes, and the knowledge that he is about to go from being a leader in football, to being a leader in the Navy as a cyber security officer.
USNA football quarterback Keenan Reynolds photos

USNA football quarterback Keenan Reynolds photos

"Cyber is the next frontier," Reynolds said. "We don't know enough about cyber warfare. We know about airplanes. We know about war. We know about guns. We know about bullets. But we know just a little bit about the capability of cyber networks."

Reynolds said the Navy and football actually play off of each other very well. Quick decision making, leadership and responsibility are important both on and off the field, and he will be applying some of the lessons he's learned being a quarterback to being an officer.
While his football career will be done shortly, it's pretty safe to say Reynolds left his mark in the Naval Academy's history.

The impact Reynolds has had on Navy football could be long lasting. Needless to say, Navy coaches recruit off Reynolds. They try to show recruits that there are far more important things at Navy than football, yet that doesn't mean football can't succeed.

"It's kind of a surreal feeling to know that a year from now I'll be in the real world, working a real job, not in school anymore, not playing football," said Reynolds. "I'm just trying to enjoy the ride as it is."
Army vs. Navy graphic

Army vs. Navy graphic