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Focus on Service

Service With A Smile

One Sailor's positive attitude goes a long way

Nestled away in the quaint little town of Bath, Maine, Petty Officer 3rd Class Hannah Jones is working furiously in a flurry of unrestrained energy and speed to get her ship's meal out. And yet, her face somehow doesn't show any stress. Instead there's an air of positivity about her.

Sure, things on pre-commissioning unit (PCU) Zumwalt (DDG 1000) are stressful at times, but Jones has a way of taking it away. Just by simply being Petty Officer Jones. The 23-year old, with a small frame bursting at the seams with energy, has a ton of ambition and a bright future.

"I don't like to sit still and just do nothing," said Jones. "I like to go do stuff, I don't want to just sit there."

Jones joined the Navy in 2014 at the age of 21, coming from a life of going to school and working three jobs to pay for college. As anyone can imagine, she didn't have a lot of free time. After talking with her younger brother, who is also a cook, she decided to talk to a recruiter and enlist.

"It's not always about the paycheck," said Jones. "I didn't join the military for the paycheck. I joined it because I get to help our country."

Before enlisting, Jones was your typical 21 year-old, who people would not pinpoint to be in the Navy, nor did anybody think she would even make it through boot camp. Something that Jones takes pride in, saying it was a rewarding feeling.

Keeping a positive attitude can be challenging at times and life has a way of getting in the way. But Jones keeps all that compartmentalized. She leaves her personal problems outside the realm of work and likes to see the glass as half full.

If I'm going off on liberty, I don't bring work with me. I don't talk about it," - Petty Officer Jones.

While some may not see cooking as a glamorous job, Jones has a "big picture" outlook on it. She is able to recognize that she has the ability to make an impact on the entire ship, even from her small, somewhat secluded galley.

"I don't think there's a person on this ship I don't interact with," said Jones. "I interact with, literally, everybody and I've been told how much of an influence my positive energy has on this ship just by a simple smile or a hello or my work ethic.

"If we put a good meal out, you put the crew in a good mood. If I can serve them with a smile, I know they're going to smile back because we're relieving their stress when they sit down on these mess decks to eat and just relax for 10, 15 minutes and I helped relieve their stress in that way," Jones says. "We're the morale of the crew."
Photo collage of PO3 Jones.

It's a good thing her personality is as big as her job. And just as she is doing her part to help shape the Navy; the Navy has also helped shape her too.

"One thing I'll definitely take with me is the work ethic. I am on my feet 18 hours a day, never complain," said Jones. "I go with it because that's what I'm here to do. I'm here to do my job and I'm here to serve this country."

Jones is serving as proof that with a little positivity and hard work, anybody can make a difference; even if they are confined to a galley.