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Advancements and Promotions

FY19 FTS and SELRES E-8 and E-9 Board Convenes - Quotas Released

The fiscal year 2019 Full Time Support (FTS) and SELRES senior chief and master chief selection board convened March 5 in Millington, Tennessee.

Advancement opportunity for E-8 and E-9 FTS increased from last cycle with advancement opportunity to E-8 increasing by 1.10 percentage points to 9.0%, and E-9 advancement opportunity increased by 14.43 percentage points to 29.09%

For SELRES, advancement opportunity was above the 5-year average in paygrades E-8 and E-9. This cycle continues to demonstrate stabilization and improvement in advancement opportunity for Reserve Sailors at the senior paygrades.

SELRES advancement opportunity and quotas by pay grade are:

E-8 advancement opportunity increased from 9.92 percent last cycle to 11.30 percent (+1.38 percentage point change) this cycle, with 189 quotas.

E-9 advancement opportunity decreased incrementally from last cycle 11.45 percent to 11.31 percent (-0.14 percentage point change) this cycle, with 45 quotas.

Click here for the E-8/E-9 FTS quota list.

Click here for the E-8/E-9 Reserve quota list.