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Advancements and Promotions

FY19 FTS/SELRES Quotas Released

Navy released the Full Time Support (FTS) and Selective Reserve (SELRES) quotas for the chief petty officer selection board that convened May 21.

There are a total of 262 FTS E-7 quotas with advancement opportunity in all rates. Opportunity for chief this cycle is 25.61 percent compared to 20.56 percent last cycle and is above the 10-year average of 18.78 percent.

For SELRES E-7, advancement opportunity increased from 15.12 last cycle to 17.32 percent with 448 quotas, and was at the 5-year average.

This cycle concludes this year's advancement opportunity for senior paygrades in the Navy Reserve, and as with E-8 and E-9 advancements, demonstrated increased and stable opportunity for senior enlisted ranks.

Overall Selected Reserve (SELRES) Quotas

Overall Full Time Support (FTS) Quotas.