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Women's History Month: Capt. Heidi Agle, Capt. Kristy McCallum, Cmdr. Amy McInnis, Lt. Cmdr. Emily Royse and Lt. Cmdr. Crystal Schaefer

Navy leaders and pioneers

"From the Revolutionary War to current conflicts, women have played a crucial role in the security of our nation and the success of the U.S. Navy. Join us as we celebrate Women's History Month by profiling women leaders and pioneers across the Navy."

This is a graphic of Capt. Agle.

Capt. Heidi C. Agle, Commodore, Military Sealift Command Europe and Africa

Q: Why did you decide to join/serve the Navy?

A: I enlisted for the GI Bill (Boot Camp in May 1983) as well as the technical education the Navy offered (Fire Control Technician Second Class upon entry to USNA).

Q: Who have your role models or mentors been that have influenced you or helped to guide you?

A: Command Master Chief from Fire Control "A" School told me "you should do more with your life" and encouraged me to apply to USNA.
Three photo collage of Capt. Agle (L-R) As CHENG; cake cutting ceremony; shaking hands with foreign sailor.

Q: Please tell us a story about someone, perhaps in your family or otherwise, who has influenced you or challenged you to become more than you ever thought you might.

Same as #2.

Q: Please tell us which past assignments are the most memorable to you and why.

A: CDRE of CPR11 -- what a great job!! Roughly 75% OPTEMPO as both DCDRE and CDRE, especially conducting real life Humanitarian Assistance during Operation Tomadachi in Japan stands out. Current job pretty awesome as well -- making a real difference in the Gulf of Guinea, priceless.

Q: What does being a leader in the Navy mean to you?

A: Ensuring my people are given every opportunity to excel, leading by example and always being open to new ideas.