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Got a Question? Call NAVY 311.

Your Navy. Your Needs.

It was midnight in the Indian Ocean with a storm bearing down; poor timing to lose access to the carrier's Intelink website. An information systems technician 3rd class petty officer (IT3) called NAVY 311 to find an expert who could quickly troubleshoot the problem.

The NAVY 311 call center representative immediately documented the issue and referred the IT3's request to the Regional Maintenance Center (RMC) and Intelink Services Management Center (ISMC) help desk. In less than an hour, the ISMC responded directly to the IT3 and resolved the website access issue.

On the other side of the world, the father of a deployed Marine heard on a Sunday news show that his son's unit had taken casualties. He immediately called NAVY 311 to investigate the report. Within 45 minutes, NAVY 311 engaged ChaplainCare, who in turn located the unit's chaplain. The Marine was fine, and he was put in contact with his dad.

Thousands of stories like these characterize NAVY 311. Whether you're afloat or ashore, on duty or off duty, NAVY 311 is there for you 24/7. It's also there for your family, and when you retire.

What exactly is NAVY 311? Quite simply, it's the single entry point into hundreds of help desks, call centers, and support organizations across the Navy. Ask any question about any topic, anytime, from anywhere. Or, call to voice any concerns you might have.
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The NAVY 311 capability is not a new service or program start, but rather a new name for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component of the Navy's Distance Support (DS) capability, which was established in March 2007 by the Chief of Naval Operations.

"With NAVY 311, Sailors have an easy-to-remember point of entry - via phone, email, Web, text, chat - to get on-demand non-tactical, non-emergency information assistance 24/7, classified or unclassified," said Kris Leonard, NAVY 311 project director. "And the NAVY 311 call center is available to the fleet, Sailors and their families, DoD civilians, contractors and the occasional inquisitive citizen."

Over 500,000 people have contacted the NAVY 311 network of participating providers since the beginning of 2013. That means NAVY 311's provider community is servicing over 2,000 cases every day.

NAVY 311 is focused on achieving fleet customer service excellence through modern technology, timely feedback, and increased operational efficiency.

"It's not what you know, but who you know. You get it fixed faster if it goes to the right person the first time," explained Cmdr. Ray Acevedo, Navy Distance Support program manager. "Whatever your need, NAVY 311 is there to help. The problem could be with a hardware system or include services such as personnel, ChaplainCare, logistics, facilities, training and other needs. By removing the burden from the Sailor trying to navigate the shore infrastructure, NAVY 311 connects their problem to the appropriate service provider."

A popular way to engage NAVY 311 is online chat. For example, during Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya, a technician aboard USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) chatted online with a NAVY 311 representative to identify a part number. NAVY 311 contacted the subject matter expert at SPAWAR who assisted the technician in locating the necessary part.

So whatever you need and whenever you need it, just remember NAVY 311. They're standing by to help YOU!

Contacting NAVY 311
PHONE: 1-855-NAVY311 (1-855-628-9311)Toll free
DSN: 510-NAVY311 (510-628-9311)
EMAIL: (unclassified or (classified)
WEB: (unclassified) or (classified)
TEXT: type into the TO line of text message
CHAT: via NAVY 311 website