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121 Years of Excellence

MCPON's Birthday Message to the Mess

Happy 121st Birthday Chiefs!

My fellow Chief Petty Officers,

April 1st marks the 121st birthday of the Chief Petty Officer. Throughout the fleet, we will celebrate the leadership, mentorship, and your steadfast determination to lead our Sailors and take care of our Navy families.

Since 1893, our Navy has placed a great charge on Chief Petty Officers. We've been asked to lead and serve our Sailors, no matter the circumstance or situation, and these are surely challenging times. There are many things beyond our control that have the potential to distract us from the tasks at hand. Fortunately, it's in our DNA to embrace these challenges, seek opportunities, and find solutions.

Make no mistake about it, being an effective Chief Petty Officer requires a level of effort that is uncommon. Being a Chief Petty Officer is not for amateurs. I believe with all my heart that your ability to lead and influence our Sailors is absolutely critical to our success; we could even say that it is absolutely critical to our survival. We have the responsibility to walk the walk - lead by example, and take control of what we own. Let us make this, "The Year of Solutions."

As stated in my "Zeroing in on Excellence" letter - I ask all Chief Petty Officers to continue pulling on the rope. Collectively, it's that steady strain that makes the difference. The foundation we build today is what will help us face the challenges of tomorrow.

Thank you so much for all that you do to enhance our excellence.

Happy Birthday, we don't look a day over 100!

Very Respectfully,