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Around The Fleet

The New Navy Standardized Addressing Format

Four things you need to know

The Navy is changing mailing addresses for ships, afloat units, and ashore FPOs to improve service, reduce costs and get mail to service members more efficiently. The modifications will ultimately make the military mail system more compatible with the U.S. Postal Services management system. Here's what you need to know.

1. No more nine digit zip codes
The new Navy Standardized Addressing format only requires the use of a five-digit zip code, more like standard mail. The USPS process will automatically generate a barcode with any additional digits that are required for delivery. This change will eliminate undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail currently being returned to sender.

2. New virtual boxes
A new four digit virtual box number will be added to the standard addressing format. This number will be unique to each service member and will aid in getting your mail to you and not someone else.

3. Faster delivery!
With the new format, the Postal Service is anticipating reducing transit time by 7 to 21 days for letter mail and publications. That makes it more likely that you'll receive the August issue of Sports Illustrated in the mail before Thanksgiving!

4. Less Expensive
The new Navy Standardized Addressing format is expected to save Navy postal operators $1.2 million annually in labor and transportation costs.

5. Any Questions?
Visit your base/command post office or talk to a postal clerk or read the NAVADMIN on the Navy Personnel Command website.