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USNS Comfort Community Relations

Making Smiles Through Generations

USNS Comfort's primary mission is to provide an afloat, mobile, acute surgical medical facility to the U.S. military that is flexible, capable and uniquely adaptable to support expeditionary warfare.

Reduced and Full Operating Status/Crew:
* When not deployed, Comfort is kept in reduced operating status in Norfolk where a small crew of civil service mariners and Navy medical personnel maintain the ship in a high state of readiness.
* When activated, Comfort can transition to full operating status in five days.
* Comfort is operated, navigated and maintained by a crew of civil service mariners working for the U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command.
* Comfort's Medical Treatment Facility is crewed and maintained by medical personnel from the Navy's Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.
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Embarked Medical Treatment Facility Capabilities:
* Comfort has one of the largest trauma facilities in the United States.
* The hospital has a full spectrum of surgical and medical services including four X-rays, one CAT scan unit, a dental suite, an optometry and lens laboratory, a physical therapy center, a pharmacy, an invasive angiography suite and two oxygen-producing plants. Comfort also maintains up to 5,000 units of blood.
* Patients arrive aboard primarily by helicopter and sometimes by small boat.
* Patients are assessed for medical treatment in casualty receiving and routed to surgery or other services depending on their medical condition.
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