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The Power of the Sun

NAVFAC Hawaii is using the sun to heat water

Last year, over 10 million megawatt hours of energy were sold by Hawaii electric utilities and more than 46 million barrels of petroleum were imported for Hawaii's total energy use.

With the highest energy prices in the country and gas averaging $4.17 per gallon, the people at Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Hawaii are finding ways to cut costs both for the Navy and the tax payer.

On top of one of the barracks at Pearl Harbor sits an impressive array of solar panels. Each glass surface reflects Hawaii's bright blue skies and absorbs the sun's rays. This process heats up water for the entire barracks.

The ground water temperature of Hawaii is on average 70 degrees. As this water enters the piping, it is heated and can reach a temperature of 140 degrees.
The use of these solar panels has decreased the amount of energy hours used to heat up water and is also green energy.

As the Hawaiian sun continues to beat down, it is just one more cost-effective and environmentally friendly resource to the Navy and the taxpayer.

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