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Around The Fleet

A Cautionary Tale:

The aftermath of a night of drinking and driving

Sailors are repeatedly warned of the dangers of drinking and driving. Sitting through briefs, whether it's aboard the ship before a long holiday weekend or before a visit to some exotic foreign port, Sailors are reminded to know their limits and use caution when consuming alcohol.

The following video is a cautionary tale of the consequences three Sailors faced after a night of drinking that led them from Naval Air Station North Island to downtown San Diego.

On a sunny summer day after work, three Sailors from USS Carl Vinson went to Breaker's Beach on Naval Air Station North Island to relax and have a few drinks together. Not only were two of the Sailors were underage, the oldest bought the beer on base for the whole group to share.
Three photo collage: Left: DUI checkpoint training Middle: DUI car crash display Right: DUI prevention sign

When the group had finished drinking, the Sailors decided to drive to a hookah lounge in downtown San Diego to continue the fun.They spent the next few hours drinking, becoming more and more intoxicated.

In a final and costly risk, one underage Sailor decided to drive his car back to base rather than suggest another means of transportation. The drunk underage driver persuaded his friends to go along with driving back to the base with him.
Three photo collage: Left: Virginia Police DUI brief Middle: Sailor displaying 511 card Right: DUI car crash simulation

Once at the base gate, the only member of their party over 21 years old failed to produce his ID for the gate guard due to his level of intoxication. The guard ordered the Sailors to move the car out of the lane and performed multiple tests, including a breathalyzer test. As soon as the Sailor failed, he was taken into custody and all three were escorted back to the ship to face the consequences.

This night could have ended in a deadly tragedy, or could have been prevented all together.
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