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Around The Fleet

In the Jungles of Cambodia

Looking towards the future and remembering the past

As the Seabee 75th Anniversary approaches, Builder Constructionman Glenn Vaca from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 remembers the past and looks towards the future as they help build facilities in the Svay Rieng Province in Cambodia.

"Just to see the looks on these kid's faces when they just see us, just come in to interact with them, it's really fun," said Vaca. "It just felt amazing, just to know that we did something just for them and they're very thankful for it and they noticed it."

Established in March 5, 1942, the Seabees are steeped in tradition and pride. They have deployed to the thickest jungles of South East Asia and the frozen glaciers of Antarctica, building airstrips and support facilities wherever needed.

Coming in I did not know a lot of the history. Just learning a lot about the accomplishments and sacrifices they've made makes me very proud in a sense and very happy to be a part of such a community." -BUCN Glen Vaca

It is this community and camaraderie that motivates Vaca to live up to the Seabee's saying of "Can Do".

"There are just a lot of good people that want to do good things," said Vaca. "When they do good things it makes me want to good things."

NMCB 5 is scheduled to continue its deployment supporting major combat operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in Cambodia and throughout the Western Pacific until spring. So far in Cambodia they have built a maternity ward and bathrooms.