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Around The Fleet

Forging Ahead:

From First Class to the Deck Plates

Being a leader is a never ending process of growth and development. In the 124 years of the chief petty officer rank, good leadership is one key to molding good Sailors.

On a quiet morning in Virginia Beach, Virginia, over a dozen senior enlisted Sailors from USS Oak Hill gathered to learn how they can be better leaders, not just for the Sailors they lead, but for each other.

Command master chiefs assigned to U.S. Fleet Forces Command Fleet CPO Training Team (FCPOTT) with nearly 60 years combined experience have a simple job, assist the chief's mess fleet-wide identify the strengths and weaknesses of not just individuals, but the mess overall.

"We provide a one day seminar for any chief's mess or first class mess that requests us," said Command Master Chief Lawrence Linton, a Norfolk-based facilitator. "We talk about issues they have and assist them in figuring out their own solutions."
Three photo collage: USS Oak Hill chiefs; CMC Linton; Oak Sailors

They covered the tried and true guiding principles of a chief petty officer, from the visible leaders on the deck plates to the content of their character, loyalty and heritage of the past 124 years of the Navy chief.

"This class was actually really great," said Chief Hospital Corpsman Edna Carmona. "I loved the interaction that was going on and going over a lot of topics that I've learned in the past, but this is a nice refresher."

I'm getting new ideas and new ways to make sure I'm taking care of my Sailors, but also taking care of myself so I have the leadership tools that I need." - HMC Edna Carmona

The goal of the Command Fleet CPO Training Team is to not only make combat effective Sailors, but to ensure the future legacy of chief petty officers continues. These one-day training sessions are available to every Chief's Mess and First Class Mess around the fleet at no cost to the command.

U.S. Pacific Fleet and Fleet Forces Command sponsor the training with teams located in Norfolk, San Diego and Hawaii, each consisting of two facilitators.

For more information about the Fleet CPO Training Team visit their Facebook page at