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Around The Fleet

The Final Test

COMPTUEX aboard USS George H.W. Bush

Composite training unit exercise, or COMPTUEX, is the last task between a ship's crew and finally setting sail for deployment.

The 3-week-long assessment is the final test in a myriad of pre-deployment exercises. COMPTUEX consists of an 18-day schedule of drills and evaluations in line with a three-day Final Battle Problem. This final evolution is focused around bringing the carrier and its air wing together so they are able to cooperate seamlessly.

COMPTUEX emulates many real-world scenarios including medical emergency drills, propulsion plant drills, live-fire drills, general quarters drills, straits transits, and inspections. It is the final test to ensure the ship is battle ready.

Follow USS George H.W. Bush as they complete the final evolution before deploying.