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Talking with Sailors

MCPON's message to you

Shipmates, I'm excited to have this opportunity with All Hands Magazine Online to communicate with you through a video blog rather than a written article.

As my guidance for the 'zeroing in on excellence' initiative states, I believe in "clear, unambiguous and personal communication throughout the chain of command." We must be able to communicate the right message, to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way.

In today's world of advanced technology, we can communicate through various means such as emailing, texting, tweeting, posting on social media sites, and blogging - just to name a few. While all of these are viable tools that I will use to help leverage my communication with you, your families and the American public, nothing can beat face-to-face communication. Unfortunately, I cannot be all places at all times. That is why it is important to ensure face-to-face communication happens on a regular basis each day, both up and down the chain of command.

It's easy to send an email when communicating with a group, but routine, daily, face-to-face interaction during quarters for muster, instruction and inspection or personal/professional development training is a vital part of mentoring and developing Sailors into bold, accountable and confident leaders. This personal interaction allows for leadership by example, builds group morale and cohesion, and more importantly, it builds trust. We need to have trust and confidence in each other in order to successfully carry out our missions and effectively support the CNO's Sailing Directions and tenets of: Warfighting First, Operate Forward and Be Ready.

By-and-large we are doing great things in our Navy, but we should always look for ways to improve and keep our Navy as the world's preeminent maritime force. Shipmates, thank you for all that you do every day, and hopefully I'll be seeing you in the fleet.