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Dollars and Sense

The Department of the Navy submitted its FY2014 budget

Navy Feature Photo

Navy Feature Photo

The Navy unveiled its piece of the 2014 Presidential budget April 10. This graphic is a snapshot of the anticipated costs in these priority areas. This is important to Sailors because how the Navy chooses to spend taxpayer dollars is the Navy Sailors are serving in today and tomorrow.

Military Personnel requested: $45.4 billion

This includes active and reserve basic pays, housing allowances, and other special pays among other things. The anticipated FY14 active end strength is 323,600, an increase of 900 Sailors to reduce manning gaps at sea and improve sea/shore flow. This is also targeted to help improve Navy cyber capabilities while taking the Navy Reserve end strength to 59,100. The critical Navy civilian workforce would grow from 188,714 to 190,373.

Operations and Maintenance requested: $48.5 billion

This includes the costs associated with the daily operations of the ships and aircraft that make up our Navy, just under $2 billion in training and education for Sailors, and the base operations and support Sailors and their families depend on for quality of life.

Procurement Funds requested: $43.5 billion

This includes the Navy's ships, aircraft and weapons that not only Sailors serving today will use to defend our country, but also their children, (and sometimes grandchildren) who chose to serve in the Navy.

Research and Development requested: $16 billion

As the Navy purchases the platforms for today's and future generations to serve aboard, the Research and Development costs are focused on designing and arming these platforms with the technologies that will ensure Sailors continue to have the most advanced technology on the battlefield at their disposal.

Infrastructure Funds requested: $2.3B

This area includes the Military Construction projects that are critical to maintaining and updating the base support facilities from which our fleet depends. This area also includes continued Base Realignment and Closure costs and costs associated with maintaining family housing.

All of this is a reflection of the CNO's tenets of: Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready. It also is a reflection of the Secretary of the Navy's priorities of People, Platforms, Power, and Partnerships. Navy leaders remain committed to taking care of our Sailors, civilians and their families; being good stewards of taxpayer dollars through smart investments; striving for efficiency while developing alternative sources of energy, and building partnerships which helps build capacity around the world.