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Career Waypoints Update

Career Waypoints (C-WAY) is the program through which Sailors apply for their reenlistment approval.

Since coming online in June, there's been a lot of information published on the ins and outs of the program, but many Sailors are finding that getting a quota is as simple as verifying their information with their career counselor, and receiving approval with one click of a mouse.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Molly Greendeer, assigned to Naval Station Norfolk said she thinks C-WAY offers Sailors more options for their future in the Navy.

"I did not have any experience with PTS, but the big difference I saw was the conversion choices. With PTS if you didn't get selected in rate and you chose to ride it out until your last look, that was it for you and you were separated," said Greendeer. "With C-Way you're not only given the choice to stay Navy in rate, but also given the choice to convert to another rate if yours is overmanned."

Since the program began, first class petty officers in participating ratings received approval on their first request. Now (since Feb. 1) all Sailors in open ratings will be approved instantly.

"In the past, applications get processed through a rack and stack that could take up to 6 weeks," said Capt. Karan Schriver, the head of enlisted plans and policy at the Bureau of Naval Personnel.

Schriver said since C-WAY has been instituted, it's been much easier for Sailors to get a quota and on a quicker timeline. One of the early enhancements was the auto-generation of pre-populated reenlistment requests when Sailors entered their C-WAY reenlistment window.

"These enhancements save career counselors and Sailors a lot of time and also save on administrative workload," said Schriver. "The majority of Sailors receive approval on their first request. In fact, the overall final disapproval rate has been less than one percent since the introduction of Career Navigator."

Sailors can also plan on having more control when the "Sailor Portal" is launched later this year. Once in place, Sailors will be able to see their application before it's submitted, and if information needs updating, they can inform their career counselor to make the necessary changes.

"It's really important to maintain your own records," said Petty Officer 1st Class Joshua Skiles, a career counselor at Fort George G. Meade, Md. "Your previous evals, PRT scores and clearance information are all part of the application, so it's important to keep up with that stuff and make sure you're doing well [in those areas]."

Although rating categories can change month to month, it's important that Sailors approaching their C-WAY window monitor their rating outlook. Sailors who know they're in a closed rating should look at their conversion options early, which may include transition to the Reserves. Some Sailors may need to retake the AFCT (in-service version of the ASVAB) to help them qualify for a wider range of conversion options.

"It's your career," said Skiles. "If you're in your window, you need to be right next to your career counselor doing the application and actively seeking your quota."

To find out more about Career Waypoints, talk to your command career counselor or visit and click the Career Waypoints link on the left side of the page.