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MCPON to make Senior Enlisted Academy mandatory for E-9

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Mike Steven's philosophy of "Zeroing in on Excellence" makes home-growing the Navy's own leaders a top priority.

That's why starting with year group 2016, all senior chief petty officers will be required to complete the Senior Enlisted Academy in Newport, R. I., to be eligible for advancement to master chief.

"We owe it to our Sailors to provide opportunities to increase their leadership capabilities," said Stevens. "I'm under no illusion that the SEA in and by itself will not make you a better leader. It's the combined effort of everything we have at our disposal and most importantly, taking advantage of these opportunities that over time will make us better leaders."

The Senior Enlisted Academy is the Navy's only professional military institute for senior enlisted. MCPON said his goal is to make the program mandatory by 2019.

Senior Navy leadership is on board with MCPON's plans. The funding for the program is slated to come from the Naval War College, with participants completing a nine-week online portion prior to reporting for a three-week residency in Newport.

"If a Sailor was to ask for two weeks of leave during a three-year period, I'm confident that would be available. I ask that the same consideration be given to attend the SEA."

This means that senior chiefs will no longer be able to seek funding for the academy during a permanent-change-of-station move. All senior chiefs will have to attend the academy on temporary-assigned-duty orders, and before attending, will have to complete the required 70-hours of online professional military education on Navy Knowledge Online.

The details of this initiative were released Feb. 7 to fleet and force master chiefs throughout the Navy, with a fleet-wide NAVADMIN expected in March.

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