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Enlisted Early Transition Program Reinstated

5 Things Sailors Need to Know About

In accordance with NAVADMIN 103/14 qualified enlisted Active Component Sailors in targeted ratings can apply for a voluntary early separation up to 24 months prior to their Enlisted Active Obligated Service (EAOS) or Soft EAOS (SEOAS).

The new version of the program is ongoing, quota-controlled, and will help reduce the need for involuntary force management. Early separation will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

1. Sailors may submit requests for early separation to BUPERS-32, via their commanding officer (CO) up to 24 months prior to their EAOS or SEAOS. COs have disapproval authority and need not forward any requests to BUPERS-32 that they do not deem supportable.

2. Each EETP request will be balanced with the needs of the Navy to ensure proper alignment with the current or future fiscal year resources, manning and community health. Available EETP quotas are identified by rating, paygrade, year group and NEC.

Click HERE for a complete list of quotas.

3. Early separation requests will not be approved for the following Sailors:
- With existing Permanent Change of Station orders
- Identified to fill an Individual Augmentee assignment
- In nuclear ratings
- Assigned to a DoD area tour and have not completed the tour requirement, including overseas tour extension incentive programs for which a benefit has been received.

4. Sailors who are approved for EETP will not be eligible for further advancement and should not participate in Navy wide advancement exams or be nominated for any other programs that would lead to advancement. Cancellation of an approved EETP quota will not allow the Sailor to be retroactively eligible for any missed exams or establish eligibility for late exams.

5. Requests for cancellation of an approved EETP separation will be considered on a case-by-case basis by BUPERS-32.