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Career Intermission Program

5 Things You Need to Know

Since the Navy's Career Intermission Program inception in 2009, 70 Sailors, men and women, officers and enlisted, across a variety of communities have taken advantage of the program to pursue personal and professional goals.

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Interested in participating? Here are five things you need to know to take advantage of the program:

1. Sailors use the Career Intermission Program for a variety of reasons, including to start a family or take care of family members, complete educational goals, or to achieve personal goals (such as hiking the Appalachian Trail or doing humanitarian aid work in a foreign country.)

2. Sailors receive many benefits during their time on the program to include retaining active duty health and dental care for themselves and their dependents, receiving a monthly stipend pay, and a permanent change of station (PCS) to the location of your choice. Sailors are also eligible to use the G.I. Bill while participating in the program.

3. Sailors can choose to leave active duty for up to three years. For each month a Sailor takes off, two months are required to be served upon return to active duty.

4. During the intermission, Sailors are required to muster monthly via email, are exempt from mobilization, are exempt from promotion consideration and time on intermission is not counted for retirement eligibility.

5. To return to active duty, Sailors must meet all physical readiness conditions and security qualifications. A Sailor's date of rank/time in grade is adjusted to account for his or her intermission time and a "Non-Observed" (NOB) Fitness Report or Evaluation will be issued to cover the period of participation.

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