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TGPS Leads to a Better Future

Don't just TAP out

So you're separating or retiring from the Navy; leaving behind an occupation and an identity and preparing to embark on a new adventure.

Graphic for Transition GPS.

Graphic for Transition GPS.

The Navy, Department of Defense, Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Affairs and a host of lawmakers joined forces to set Sailors up for success. Don't just tap out, plan your transition.

Transition Assistance Program Components

"We have all heard about the TAP (Transition Assistance Program) class that was offered to Sailors on their way out of the Navy. Now, an improved version of the program includes the Transition Goals, Plan and Success (TGPS) core curriculum," said Lynette Teall, Fort Meade Fleet and Family Support Center's transition program assistant.

TAP components now consist of pre-separation counseling, TGPS seminar, TGPS career tracks, and Capstone. Capstone is a transition program culminating activity that verifies the Service member meets the common readiness standards (CRS) and the Service member has a viable plan for transition. Capstone also connects service members with external agencies that can offer additional assistance to ensure a successful transition to civilian life.

Fleet and Family Support Centers, career counselors and business agencies are committed to working together to make separation a smooth and complete process and not a startling bump in the road.

"Sailors can opt to take TGPS at any point in their career," said Teall. "However, when you are nearing the end of your career, it is mandatory."

Another TAP component is the track program. Three separate tracks which focus on providing Service members with a targeted set of value-added, individually-tailored training programs and services in order to equip them with the skills they need to successfully pursue their post military service goals are also available to eligible service members based on their CRS. A Service member may attend additional tracks if desired and supported by unit operational requirements.

Track one: Entrepreneurial Track

The Small Business Association hosts 'Operation Boots to Business' for Sailors who wish to go from service to start up business. During Boots to Business, an SBA representative will give an overview of business fundamentals and discuss classifications of businesses and how to write a business plan. Sailors then have the opportunity to attend an additional instructor-led, 8-week online course offered by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University. The 2-day intensive workshop combined with the additional 8-week course will offer participants the blueprints for a successful company from established experts in their field. For a brief overview of "Operation Boots to Business" and a list of other SBA workshops offered for veterans, like Operation Endure and Grow or V-WISE visit

Track two: Higher Education

The Higher Education Track lists and compares academic institutions for undergraduate or graduate degree studies that best fit your personal requirements and professional criteria.

Maybe you're considering a new career in a field unrelated to your military service? From firefighting to teaching, hull tech to home designs or boatswain to ballerina? The Higher Education Track may be right for you.

This track offers a Career Interest Assessment tool (O*NET Interest Profiler or Kuder Journey), one-on-one counseling with a higher education institution advisor or counselor and a comparison of academic institutions to help you pick the best path to personal success.
The Higher Education Track also highlights many scholarships offered for military personnel such as the Ralph W. Shrader Diversity Scholarship, Armed Forces Communication and Electronic Association and the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund.

At the end of this two-day track, participants will have prepared and submitted an Education Application, which will include an application to an institution or an acceptance letter if you're already enrolled.

Track Three: Technical Track

In some fields, certification is more valuable than a degree. For Sailors in hands-on industries the Technical Track may be ideal. This track helps develop personal technical career goals, identify required credentials, sift through technical training opportunities, and understand market demands and salary expectations. This track will identify some technical training schools and certification programs such as Navy COOL and USMAP that will offer options transferring Navy skills already earned.

Spouses may be able to attend

Another change to the program is spouses of eligible separating service members are eligible, at the discretion of the member and the spouse, for certain counseling including job placement, counseling, and information on survivor benefits. Spouses of eligible separating Service members are encouraged to attend the TGPS seminar. This is on a space available basis.

For more information about Transition GPS Schedules, workshops and podcasts visit and your local Fleet and Family Support Center.