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5 Things To Know About Enlisted Women in Submarines

Deadline April 15, 2015

The window is open and female Sailors across the Navy are applying to make history. Applications for conversions into all Submarine Force ratings are being accepted today!

April 15th is the deadline for the first round of selections for training and assignment onboard submarines. The initial plan for integrating enlisted female Sailors of ranks E1-E8 includes opening all submarine ratings and Navy enlisted classification codes to enlisted women in Fiscal Year 2015 for service onboard the Ohio-class guided-missile submarines (SSGN) starting in 2016, followed by Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarines (SSBN) and Virginia-class attack submarines (SSN).

Here are five things female enlisted Sailors should know about this opportunity:

1. This is a historic opportunity and an option for women that did not exist even five months ago. The Submarine Force is an all-volunteer force and is looking for top quality Sailors interested in taking on a new challenge. This is a rating conversion similar to other conversions except that Women may apply from any rating in the Navy ** to serve in any rating on a submarine. Even if you would not otherwise be allowed to convert out of your current rating, you can apply for this program. (**Note: Nuclear trained Sailors serving/previously served on surface units are not eligible to apply.)

2. The first 14 crews to be integrated operate in a two crew rotation with patrol/deployment lengths averaging three to four months followed by three to four months of training in homeport. Every Sailor gets a bunk onboard Ohio Class Submarines (No hot-racking). Shore duty opportunities may exist for many Sailors to remain in the same homeport.

3. We are looking for LEADERS. The first female enlisted Sailors will be Chief Petty Officers (E7/8) who will bring all of their experience and leadership with them to immediately impact the Chiefs Mess and the ship. To support hitting the decks at full speed, Chiefs may apply from five ratings - Yeoman (YN or PS), Culinary Specialist (CS), Logistics Specialist (LS), Information Systems Technician - Submarines (ITS) and Hospital Corpsman/Independent Duty Corpsman (HM/IDC).

4. The team will be built with Sailors of all Ranks and Ratings. Sailors from all communities are encouraged to apply. Submarine ratings open for conversion are YN, CS, LS, ITS, Sonar Technician (STS), Fire Control Technician (FT), Machinist Mate - Auxiliary (MM-A), Machinist Mate - Weapons (MM-W), Missile Technician (MT), Electronics Technician - Navigation (ET-Nav), and Electronics Technician - Communications (ET-Comms). Female Nuclear Trained Sailors will also be selected during the Nuclear Training Pipeline or while serving as a Junior Staff Instructor.

5. All the information you need is at the Naval Personnel Command Website on the Community Managers page. Here you will find the NAVADMIN Messages announcing the new opportunities, a brief on the Submarine Force, point of contact information as well as a sample application to download.

This is just the first opportunity. This program will last for eight to 10 years to begin the integration of the Submarine Force. Submarines and the crews that serve on them are the world's best today. ARE YOU THE FUTURE OF THE FORCE? APPLY TODAY!