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10 Changes Coming to the Navy

SECNAV Focuses on People

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has unveiled a host of initiatives and policy changes aimed at improving quality of life and careers for sailors and Marines. During a speech to Naval Academy midshipmen, Mabus laid out his plans for the future. Here are 10 things Sailors and Marines need to know.

1. SECNAV plans to open all operational billets to women.
2. Base day care centers to open earlier and remain open later.
3. Better co-location policies and joint service co-location policies.
4. Legislation has been proposed that will double paid maternity leave from 6-12 weeks.
5. SECNAV is planning to revamp the physical fitness assessment to include current body fat measuring techniques.
6. Beginning June 1, SECNAV is ending GMT as the Navy knows it. Stopping all DoN-directed GMT on NKO.
7. Legislation has been proposed to expand Career Intermission Program from 40 to 400 billets.
8. Meritorious Advancement Program will expand to include shore-based units.
9. Initiatives are aimed at getting the right people in the right jobs at the right time.
10. The Navy is trending toward uniforms that don't divide Sailors as male and female, but unite them.